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Fit in and was unsound Read and you will wonder how map was pinkNote that the book contains highly offensive language I love the will wonder how the map was pinkNote that the book contains highly offensive language I love the by HE Bates Always beautifully written often with an emotionally sad feeling throughout his serious stories These are usually at a slower pace than many of today s authors but if you like emotional moving tales with lovely indepth descriptions that paint a vivid picture in your mind then this book and many of his novels will delight you This is a great book by George Orwell At the beginning he writes about the attitudes of the British towards the natives of Burma in almost an amusing way as if they were caricatures but then the book gets deeper and becomes really sad and a is chilling indictment of the British Raj in Burma and their utter snobbery and racism At that time black lives didn t matter a ot to the Raj Institutionalised racism by the colonials provides both the context and the driving force for most of the characters Our hero if that s the right word at least puts up some token resistance When push comes to shove though he is also found to be wantingOrwell s own experiences in Burma add authenticity to his description of some pretty vapid lifestylesI m torn between four and five stars so my rating errs on the generous side. Ittle man in his hopeless struggle against bourgeois respectability Keep the Aspidistra Flying is a sort of comedy in which minor poet Gordon Comstock engages briefly with romantic dreams before realizing that salvation is to be found not in escape from his life but engagement with it. ,

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Burmese Days, Keep the Aspidistra Flying, Coming Up for AirBurmese Days paints a very grim picture of colonial life in the early 20th century Orwell obviously dislikes his British compatriots they are shown to be lazy in the early 20th century Orwell dislikes his fellow British compatriots they are shown to be lazy racist and immoral However his opinion of the Burmese is not much better leading one to suppose that his time with the Indian Imperial Police must have been very miserableThis is very much a book with no heroes each character is flawed The main protagonist is Flory a timber merchant He lives a fairly peaceful if dissolute life but when a young English woman appears in the town he hopes to encourage her into marriage He casts aside his Burmese mistress without a thought an action that will come back to haunt him Elizabeth s guardians have Flory in mind as a suitor but he in turn is painfully cast aside when the aristocratic Verrell arrivesThroughout the book Orwell describes the Lack Of Respect Shown To The Native People Much Of of respect shown to the native people Much of language used in the dialogue is to the modern reader shocking but understandable However I was much less comfortable with his general descriptions The butler at the club is described as having liuid yellow irised eyes like those of a dog and a woman is described as simianThe narrative flows at a good pace and there are some episodes of real excitement Burmese Days offers a vivid George Orwell was a novelist unlike any other fiercely devoted to presenting the truth as he saw it The three novels in this collection date from the s before his political satires Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty Four made him world famous Compelling works in their own right they are. Nd unsentimental picture of a lost era A book written By One Of The Finest one of the finest of anytime What s there no to love about a snapshot of Burma in the last days of British Rule Exuisitely written Orwell invokes the spell of the orient well he has put his personal experiences in Burma s to good use An excellent author giving value for money The main characters of the saga are beautifully drawn It captured my attention to the very last page Orwell is one of my favourite authors was always ahead of his time as this book reveals Read 1984 for example This book relates to his time as a policeman in Burma how the experience changed his life The topic is relevant today as it revolves around racism authority the police Although written in c1932 so the format seems dated the message it conveys is for today Loved it I haved visited Burma MYANMAR AND AFTER READING THIS WANT TO GO BACK and after reading this want to go back posits that there is a very short period in everyone s life when one s character is fixed forever Given the semi autobiographical nature of this work it would come as no surprise to anyone that Orwell himself drifted to the emotional Left in the face of such staggering racism and snobbery However given his schooling the period could have started soonerA desperately sad story of snobbery However given his schooling the period could have started soonerA desperately sad story of outsider who didn All studies of men at odds with their surroundings In Burmese Days the darkest of the three a frustrated expatriate finds himself trapped between the decadence of his own people and the corruption of the natives they claim to rule Coming Up for Airdramatizes the frustration of every .