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The Photograph: Composition and Color DesignUred out by spending a few minutes with google and shooting a couple rolls of film If you re going to spend money on a book about photography it makes sense to get a book that s filled with not as easily found information Especially when it presents it really wellIt contains tons of pictures and diagrams and the text uses to them to explicate concepts of design However The Editor Failed To Ensure That The Diagram References In editor failed to ensure that the diagram references in text always match up with the correct diagram For example on page 18 the three diagrams are labelled G H and J Then on page 21 the author refers to diagram I which doesn t exist and clearly means to reference diagram J This isn t all that big of a deal but when you couple it with the fact that you re already having to often flip between pages to find which diagram is being referenced it s pretty annoying whenever it happensI d still recommend this book whole heartedly but I d also recommend having a pen nearby to make the occasional correction And while I m recommending things I d also recommend the new Vampire Weekend album and Left Hand s Polestar Pilsner as being the perfect summer combination This book has surpassed my expectations It is in perfect condition and was considerably cheaper than other copies of the same book advertised on your website Thank you for prompt delivery tooThe content of this book provides a most comprehensive explanation of understanding how to use colour and shape when composing a photograph Most other books oh photography do not put the emphasis on composition in the detail The photographs offer very good examples of what to look forThose people who have had an art training may not feel the need to place emphasis on composition when taking photographs but there has always been taking photographs but there has always been a I was reuired to have this textbook for college during my commercial photography coursesIt was very helpful to have and was so much better than buying a used one that made have had pages missing of info wrote over from a previous owner or somethingThe book is very well made and sturdy and has a wealth of information on composing your photos and all the many various ways of composition stylesI still have these textbooks from college and can refer back to them any time if need beThis was a much better price to buy them at than through my college bookstore. Greater depth and at a higher level than most any book available to date He also covers a number of techniues to enhance expressiveness in a photograph to support the photographer's intentions These in depth lessons are beautifully illustrated with than 600 images from Mante's own portfolio plus over 160 diagrams The Photograph is a uniue book that is sure to become an invaluable reference for anyone involved in photography from the hobbyist to the professional; for both the digital and analog photographer; and for those practicing studying criticizing or administering in the visual art.

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Photographer s Eye is regularly compared with this Harald Mante title They are Top Two Books I two books I read on photo composition and in my opinion are both compulsory reading for anyone who is interested in making better photosLet me first touch on what robbed The Photograph of the one star that would make it perfect With no disrespect to the translator the text is a little clumsy and at times hard to follow I had to reread many passages sometimes relying on imagination to grasp what the author intended to mean The countless reference to diagrams and photographic images did help with the extrapolating process One good thing that came out of this was the attention this book demanded of the reader making many important lessons stickNow on to what makes this title so good In two words EVERYTHING ELSELike Freeman s The Photographer s Eye Mante s The Photograph is filled with diagrams and photographs Half or of every page is dedicated to images as a book on photography I d expect nothing less The book starts with the uark of a photograph the Point then to Lines and Shapes before moving on to Colors tones and hues contrast and harmony The building blocks of a photograph are meticulously examined and elucidated over 190 pages I paused at the end of chapters to mentally review the contents because the material is so rich and of such considerable depth A een student would benefit much from taking the mental gestation a step further by going out and making some photos based on the lessons in each chapterIn summary The Photograph does read like academic text Not surprisingly considering Mante s history in teaching That said whatever dryness usually associated with academia is diffused by the myriad of practical examples Also it May Seem A Little Repetitive At Times But The Subtle seem a little repetitive at times but the subtle do make the coverage on the subject uite comprehensive If it s any concern I can safely say that the book is not boring Far from it I d recommend reading The Photographer s Eye by Michael Freeman first then followed by The Photograph by Harald Mante Everything said in the other reviews is spot on Though Photograph is the largest word on the cover this book is about design I m very glad that I purchased it To me the basics exposure aperture shutter speed ISO depth of Field Etc That So Many etc that so many focus on can be uickly fig. Lone is not sufficient to create outstanding images Beyond the technical aspects the crucial elements that determine the uality and strength of a photograph are the content of the image and its organization within the image frame This is where the art of photography comes into play Truly creative photography is based upon nowledge and mastery of design and of how the viewer perceives images The creative photographer can exploit this nowledge and push image making in new directions Mante explores the principles of line shape point color contrast composition and design in significantly. ,
I agree with some reviews that say that this book can be difficult to read flipping back and forth between pages but I still think it is of the best and forth between pages but I still think it is one of the on photography that I ve read in a
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ll be to it a lot I m sure I don t often write reviews but this book is really good There are so many books out there on camera techniue and how to understand your cameraThis book is different in that from the outset it suggests a balance between good design and good subject It doesn t help with the latter but regarding design it really breaks it downStarting with the point it progresses towards multiple points visual lines as opposed to material lines shapes colours contrasts etc I found the images throughout to be striking and very useful My advice would probably be Read Digest Experiment with what you ve read then Progress He explains how we perceive and therefore why you should do it the same way Having said that though he does of course say there are no rules just guidelines You have to now rules to break them Now I can see thatIt s been noted that some of the diagrams maybe don t match up and he refers to images on previous pages so you have to flick backwards and forwards I actually found this to be engaging There are a lot of ah ha ind of moments in this book You won t be disappointedI d also recommend books by David DuChemin and Michael Freeman Search for books on photographic composition and you ll get an enormous list of mostly middling pap titles aimed mainly for snap shooting your family and vacation Whittle away the apparently reuisite but entirely superfluous and often freshness dated material on cameras printers Mante has been the master in teaching photo composition since the 70s applying the theories of Bauhaus founder Itten to blackThe Photograph is his latest book and the sum of his works in teaching and photographing While the copy occasionally tends to be a bit too explanatory he is a German professor the photos are spendid A great way to understand what makes a great picture vsa nice picture Together with Michael Freeman s book series The photographer s Eye The photographer s mind etc these books are the ideal collection for the enthusiastic photographer who wants to understand photo composition and design It s really not coincidental that Michael Freeman s The. Harald Mante one of the most distinguished teachers of the photographic arts in Germany and an internationally recognized master of photography brings his teaching to us in the English language for the first time in than 30 years In The Photograph Mante explains the elements that are essential to achieving the highest level of visual design in photographs This book is geared toward the serious intermediate and advanced photographer who strives to create outstanding images While a deep understanding of photographic techniues is reuired in order to master photography technical The Oxford New Greek Dictionary knowledge