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I first heard of Raphael Lemkin from Samantha Power s book A Problem from Hell Lemkin whose parents perished in the holocaust spent the remainder of his life tirelessly

towards outlawing genocide through the Nations In fact he s the one who coined the term genocide At the time many argued that it was a violation of State s sovereignty to bring countries to ustice for their transgressions against their own citizens In 1915 #the world stood idly by while Turkey slaughtered over a million #world stood idly by while Turkey slaughtered over a million an act which had a profound impact on Lemkin State sovereignty should be used for the common good such as building roads not as something to hide behind Even after the holocaust many countries thought the Nuremberg ruling was sufficient but the ruling only included acts committed in times of war or aggression In 1950 Lemkin was successful in getting at least 20 countries to Ceramic Extruding Inspiration Techniue join in outlawing genocide the minimum reuired for the law to go into effectIt wasn t until 1988 that the US actually signed on to the Convention outlawing genocide As I learned from Power many feared the broad definition could be applied to the Jim Crow laws of the South It was becoming somewhat of an embarrassment since the Soviet Union ratified in 1954Totally Unofficial was aoy to read especially in the beginning as Lemkin writes of his escape from the Nazis as they invade Poland Lemkin was living in Warsaw at the time It s heart breaking at times too Lemkin leaves his parents knowing full well what what lies ahead for them It s also funny as Lemkin has a uniue writing style and often can what what lies ahead for them It s also funny as Lemkin has a uniue writing style and often can the humor in the most dire situation It s an unfinished work Lemkin died before he had a chance to finish which is a real shame However Lemkin s legacy definitely lives on No one with a broad concern for the human condition could remain unmoved and without deep gratitude for the achievement this book represents It offers the very touch and smell of the soil in which Rapha. The never before published autobiography of Raphael Lemkin a giant among twentieth century ethical thinkers Among the greatest intellectual heroes of modern times Raphael Lemkin lived an extraordinary life of struggle and hardship yet altered international law and redefined the worlds understanding of group rights He invented the

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El Lemkin s central concept germinated and conveys the calculating insistent unrelenting personal initiative it took for him to keep it aliveBut beyond all that I was struck by the irony that when addressing anything but genocide and the law Lemkin s writing seemed to take wing as in his descriptions of childhood his depictions of nature suggesting to me that he sacrificed a profound literary creativity in order fulfill the mission he set for himself Raphael Lemkin was a regular visitor to my parent s home when I Was Growing Up He Was growing up He was grand uncle I remember him well and my parents and their friends speaking about him and his work both when he was and wasn t around eually after he died all too young So I knew well the story of his life and work After his death all of his papers and books etc from his apartment in NYC lay preciously guarded under my train table in the basement of our family home in Hempstead NY all except one his autobiography was held by a rather unconscionable and greedy Mr Gabriel who wanted to find a buyer for the autobiography which he had custody of Though having seen all of his other papers now in several archives donated by my father Robert Raymond Lemkin DDS when they were in our home for 15 decades I had never seen the manuscript of his autobiography It took all these many years for someone to lovingly learn to read his handwriting understand his revisions and put it in a logical order and complete a few parts that were only in outline The #book was a treasure for me to read Raphael never talked about his boyhood early adulthood nor escape from Poland I #was a treasure for me to read Raphael never talked about his boyhood early adulthood nor escape from Poland I sure because it was too painful and brought up the 49 family members lost to the Holocaust despite his pleas for others to flee with him As persons here and elsewhere have noted he devoted his life to one thing using law and the power of morality to fight against the dark side of humanity against crimes against humanity against wars and against the term of his coin. Oncept and word genocide and propelled the idea into international legal status An uncommonly creative pioneer in ethical thought he twice was nominated for the Nobel Peace PrizeAlthough Lemkin died alone and in poverty he left behind a model for a life of activism a legacy of major contributions to international law andnot leastan.  Totally Unofficial: The Autobiography of Raphael LemkinAge genocide He was a lonely and poor man
always fought on against great and the obstacles of power and entrenched notions of international law and the interests of nations He could have had a normal life but he chose the one he did because he felt he could choose no other and we are all the richer for that however there is still a VERY long way to go to see his dreams ultimately realized Long an obscure figure except to the family and the few who knew him his time now seems to have arrived Many books and films have been made others I know of are in production Courses are taught on Genocide and some universities even have programs dedicated to its study Personally he taught me how one person could make a difference in the World and that one should first consider themselves a citizen of the World before thinking of unimportant things like nationality or clan religion speaker of this or that language etc Too many say what can I one person do I think my uncle Raphael answered that with the way he led his life I really enjoyed reading this book and it rings true #to the man I knew and heard from and about so many times at my family home and #the man I knew and heard from and about so many times at my family home and others I was touched with the sensitivity he portrayed his innocent pre war years living in the Pale as well as the descriptions of his worries strategies doubts and hopes to see his dream realized It even was partly by the time he died Sadly it was not until many years after his death that the USA finally signed onto the Genocide Treaty of the United Nations which he wrote and unofficially Haunted The UN To Persuade the UN to persuade to sign on to it at the UN and ratify it in their own homelands My thanks to the editor who so wonderfully made this unfinished manuscript a reality I would suggest this book highly to anyone concerned about the issues that Raphael Lemkin devoted his life to and for anyone who wants to know how one person can make a difference in the Worldif only of us would try Peter R Lemkin. Unpublished autobiography Presented here for the first time is his own account of his life from his boyhood on a small farm in Poland with his Jewish parents to his perilous escape from Nazi Europe through his arrival in the United States and rise to influence as an academic thinker and revered lawyer of international criminal law. .