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UghIf I could describe this book in one word it would be Laborious If I were allowed space which apparently I am I would go on I were allowed space which apparently I am I would go on say that in addition to being deathly slow and horrifically boring it is also a little brilliant a little impressive and if you have the patience to look for it than a little interesting There s a LOT in here James wanted this novel to be the antidote to the Jane "Austen Romance He Wanted " romance He wanted show life as it is money as a burden marriage as a trap and people as egotistic petty manipulative and kindIf I told you how disappointing the ending is though you wouldn t want to read it so I won t mention that If you have the patience it s worth reading but not nless you read it closely I recommend a Norton Critical Edition Henry James The Portrait of a Lady is considered to be one of the first American novels to make full Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers use of social and psychological realism as European authors such as Flaubert Balzac and George Eliot were already practicing in their works Considered to be his biggest accomplishment along with The Ambassadors Portrait added Isabel Archer to the company of great fictional heroines as the likes of Elizabeth Bennet Becky Sharp and Jane Eyre and in a century marked bynsatisfied bourgeois wives and adultery in fiction Madame Bovary and Anna Karenina come to mind it was a breath of fresh air to accompany and delve into James protagonist s thoughts and inner feelingsStarting with a very slow pace the narrative contains long and elaborate descriptions It feels James is painting a richly detailed picture for every scene As we ar Ugh ech the elitism that breeds in readers We think we re such nicey cosy bookworms and wouldn t harm a fly but we seethe we do Of course readers of books just naturally look down on those who don t read at all In fact I ve been reading a lot of Anthony Trollope s books recently and the stories characters and writing is so much superior to this that I just can t get into Regarded by many critics as James's masterpiece this superbly crafted novel presents Isabel Archer a young American heiress newly arri. T Frothy is a word "That Comes To Mind Also " comes to mind also he paid by the word like Dickens I finished the book finally It was a chore I did not find James portrayal of a woman s personality convincing That even though I did not find James portrayal of a woman s personality convincing That even though had the financial power which was the reason why her husband had married her she would still allow herself to be physically and emotionally abused and humiliated It seemed to *be a very conventional view of a woman that eventually she would *a very conventional view of a woman that eventually she would in to her Lord and Master A woman with an ounce of independence she did have an ounce maybe even two at the beginning would not be the sad creature she was at the end Marriages were made in light of money and status in those times in this book SPOILER ALERT Read at your own riskMy first time to read a book by Henry JamesReading The Portrait of a Lady said to be his finest novel is like getting your workout at a gymAfter a day s work you are tired You are already zapped of energy You feel like going to a bar and have a couple of beer listening to a funky live band or the crooning of a lovely young lady Or you want to go to a nearby mall and sit in the comfort of a dark movie house Probably sleep to rest for a couple of hours if the movie turns out to be boringBut you decide to go as you planned at the start of the day Your gym bag is in your car You drag your heavy feet to the parking lot To the gym You know you have to do it your friend has been telling you that Henry James is good but you imagine the taste of cold beer Present Pasts uenching your thirst or the soft seat inside the theater or the pretty songbird wearing a plunging neckline or showing her slim smooth legs there areick reads waiting for you like Ray Bradbury s Farenheit 451 or that Flowers for Argenon by Daniel Keyes But you know your body needs exercise You are becoming fatter heavier and your waistline is expanding You resisted the ick but empty lure of beer or sleep at the movie house Your heart is telling you that Henry James. Ved in Europe Spirited and independent Isabel is determined to make her own decisions in James' penetrating psychological and social

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The Portrait of a LadyIs an author to read Like a zombie you continued sleepwalking to the gymAfter changing to your gym attire You step on the treadmill The solitude of working out In the gym you rarely talk to anyone Henry James sed a style that was distinctively his wordy yet illuminating You are by anyone Henry James sed a style that was distinctively his wordy yet illuminating You are
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Most of your don t care about Henry James You begin to walk Warm p After a couple of minutes you increase the speed Chug Chug Chug It goes on and on His storytelling went on and on His characters came from New York to England went to Paris then to Rome and then went back to England and finally went back to Rome After the treadmill you lift some weights as you also need to tone some muscles His characters were varied There was Isabel Archer fighting for her independence by refusing marriage proposals like there was not tomorrow but in the end she found with the wrong man conceited two timer treacherous and condescending Some muscles are not supposed to be exercised right after a neighboring one They could be contradicting each other and not only you will not get the maximum benefit from your workout but you are in the danger of having an injury like some pulled muscles Isabel s cousin Ralph Touchett is the conscience of the novel telling by instinct whether the person character is good or bad He is sick but he is the only character that has the purest heartYou came to the gym gloomy and dragged your feet as you did not have the energy even to go A Letter To Pakistan up a couple of stairs Some people agonize reading this kind of 19th century Victorian English But when you came out to go back to your car you felt energized and refreshed You felt triumphant that Isabel Archer was going back to Rome for Pansy not necessarily for Oswald But she decided whatever her heart was telling her In the end it was all that mattered independence She followed her heart a personal triumph In the end you did not regret going to the gym In the end I am happy I read a Henry James. Nsight Simultaneous release with the Viking hardcover Now a major motion picture starring Nicole Kidman John Malkovich and Meryl Stree.