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And friends This is causing a few problems in Avalon as Laurel really needs to learn what it means to be a real faerie and Tamani begins to show his true feelings After spending the whole summer relearning her magic in Avalon Laurel knows she cannot hide her feelings for Tamani but actually choosing between him and David could mean losing one of them for good Laurel also knew that the troll problem wasn t completely gone but she thought that she and David were being protected Her magic hasn t been going very well so far but it could save both the human and faerie world if she can finally get something right As I said in my review of Wings I couldn t wait to start on this book and I ended p reading it in one sitting The story was both interesting and exciting at different times which was helped by the mix of Settings Throughout I Really Liked The Fact That The Book throughout I really liked the fact that the book pretty much split in two The first half seems to be about knowledge and explanations while the second half is all about adventure and excitement I know this could seem like there is just a slow build Jake Millers Wheel up but there was enough going on for me to stay interested With Laurel heading off to Avalon for the summer we get to find out a lot about her relationship with Tamani and what happened between them before they erased Laurel s memory I loved hearing about their past meeting Tamani s family which gave me a bigger insight into his character and also what the other faeries thought about the relationship I was hoping for some of this in Wings but I m glad it was saved for this book as it was possible for certain things to be explored thoroughly The time in Avalon was lovely to read about as Pike s descriptions were magical in themselves I truly felt like I was walking through the different areas and couldnderstand the faerie hierarchy better because of this It is stated in Wings that Laurel was sent to live with humans for a reason but it is never specified and the same goes for this book It s obvious that she is a whole lot important than anyone is letting on which is easily seen by how others act around her or look at her when she is in Avalon I m hoping that this part of the story is cleared p in book 3 instead of making readers wait ntil the very last instalment to find out what is really going on In both Wings and Spells I felt that very last instalment to find out what is really going on In both Wings and Spells I felt that chemistry between Laurel and David was lacking but this wasn t the case with her and Tamani While Laurel is Simpsons Comics unsure about who she should be with it is clear to me that she is extremely drawn to Tamani and nothing seems to get rid of the feelings she has for him The small amount of time that they actually spend together proves that there is so much chemistry and could be passion between the two I m perso. R nicht vorstellen Aber jetzt in der Elfenwelt ist alles neu alles so wundersam –nd da ist der attraktive geheimnisvolle Frühlingself Tamani der ihr zur Seite steht nd der sie liebt wie noch nie ein Spells AUTHOR Aprilynne Pike

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Nally routing for Tamani to get the girl The very last chapter sees Laurel finally making a choice between David and Tamani and for me the most exciting in the whole book The way the story was left made me want immediately because I am dying to know what happens next Just when I though things were finalised the very last paragraph changed everything Luckily there are next Just when I though things were finalised the very last paragraph changed everything Luckily there are to be a total of 4 books in this series and I know I will be buying 3 as soon as it is released All of the main characters really come into their own in Spells I hate to see characters left with hardly any development but everyone changed enough to convince Me That They Were Real The Events Of Both that were real with the events of both taking a toll on their lives It seems as though every little thing was taken into account when writing these characters not leaving any stone nturned when it came to what they were feeling about everything Not only does this book explore the relationships between Laurel David and Tamani but also her relationship with her parents I felt like these parts of the book were written so well that I could believe in what was going on Laurel s mother and father have different views on their daughter being a faerie and I can see both of their reasons being realistic It would be only natural to act differently in both good and bad ways towards someone you have known for years when they suddenly change I loved Wings but I loved Spells even There was enough of different aspects in the story to keep it entertaining with a mixture of paces and it made me feel for the characters so much than the first book I m dying to know when book 3 is going to be released It will be one of my most highly anticipated releases It is funny the last time I read this book I rated it 4 stars and never finished the series Well I am now determined to finish it with only 2 books left to read I picked Discovering Your Heart with the Flag Page up this book simply because I wanted to know what happened to these Mary Sues I had no interest in the plot I had no interest in the story itself And because I would enjoy a good laugh I didn t This was so bad that it didn t even let me laugh at its stupidity It was that stupid First of all Pike s writing is exactly like Meyer s They both describe the most irrelevant things They both have an adjective for every noun on each freaking page It bothers me to complete death Second the main character Laurel toys with these boys hearts all along One time she s with David and then comes back to her faerie world to be with Tamani She claims she s just friends with him when they clearly HOLD HANDS and have so much sexual tension It s so stupid She s just like Bella She s a moron who doesn t know what the hell she wants IdiotsCan I just givep on books now Lol just kidding. Ensch sie geliebt hat nach ihrer Rückkehr merkt Laurel wie sehr ihr der Alltag in der Menschenwelt Prom Kings and Drama Queens und vor allem David gefehlt haben Sie spürt Schon bald wird sie eine schwere Entscheidung treffen müssen. Well to beite honest I didn t care for this book The first in the series was much interesting maybe because stuff actually happened but this one just fell flat1 Like I said pretty much nothing happened Barnes popped p again and that s pretty much the only exciting thing that happened in this book2 Too much time was spent on the stupid love triangle 3I can t stand David he s just so annoying No one is actually that perfect He s like the Edward of Wings Actually He S Actually he s even perfect Laurel just makes him seem that way David is so contradictory He ll act like this really nice and sweet annoyingly so guy and then the next he ll be like Oh I m so cool because I have a gun4 Well Laurel gets I m so cool because I have a gun4 Well Laurel gets OWN little number for me to rant about Laurel is the most selfish sniveling little brat of a character EVER She s flat completely and tterly flat I can t nderstand what sort of character she s supposed to be she acts like a snarky brat sometimes and other times she acts like a needy brat She should at least be something but nooooo All she ever does is whine *about her crappy love life Two otes of Laurel that bug me very much Her two worlds two lives that she *her crappy love life Two More to Love (A Perfect Fit, uotes of Laurel that bug me very much Her two worlds two lives that she so hard to keep separate were crashing together WOW Laurel maybe you should just choose and STOP FREAKING COMPLAININGote number two She closed the fridge and let herself blame David and Tamani a little She didn t want to hurt either of them she wanted them both to be happy They were both important in her life Why did keep insisting that she choose between them Oh gee Laurel I WONDER My poor caps lock key I just don t Slade (Walk of Shame, understand how anyone can be so idiotic and self centered that they d string them both along because she can t seem to makep her mind Good gracious5 It never explained in the book how Chelsea knew about Laurel I don t Sexual X-Perimentation (Cyborg Gigolos, understand why Ms Pike couldn t waitntil the next book to introduce that little piece of the story I feel like that was one of the things the author crammed in at the end to make the book seem like it had some sort of plotAnd those are my issues with the bookThe only thing I liked in this book was Tam And if at the end of the book he didn t pull away from Laurel I would have lost my respect for him So kudos to him Find my reviews on Blogger Reviews by Bookish Sarah Okay seriously just pack my suitcases right now I am moving to AvalonSpells begins a number of months after the events of Wings The time has come for Laurel to depart from her normal life to the academy in Avalon where she In the seuel to Wings a year has passed for Laurel who found out that she was a faerie Although she completely accepts who and what she is she refuses to turn her back on the life that she has always known her life with human parents. Als Laurel den Sommer in Avalon verbringt wo sie die Lebensweise der Elfen kennenlernen soll rückt die Menschenwelt für sie in weite Ferne Dabei konnte Laurel sich die Zeit ohne ihren Freund David erst ga.
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