Bed By Tao LinS he want me to think these are fictional or himself i know bed is probably realistically a combination of all of those fictional or himself i know bed is probably realistically a combination of all of those which is what i liked most about reading it Oh my lord this book sucks What a seless pretentious waste of time Tao Lin I read your bookI liked it for the most part It made me want to write which a certain kind of fiction always does It reminded me of my own life at times As a fellow Floridian ex pat of roughly the same age the Denny s references resonated I don t know if they resonated the same way for people not from Florida I guess it doesn t matterI liked the stories in the following orderSuburban Teenage Wasteland BluesCull the Steel Heart Melt the Ice one Love the Weak Thing Say Nothing of Consolation but Irrelevance Disaster and Nonexistence Have no Hope or Hate Nothing Ruin Yourself Exclusively Completely and Whenever Tao Lin gets at some. With the homeless of New York City and go to the same Japanese restaurant in Manhattan three times in two sleepless days all while yearning constantly for love a bette.

characters Bed By Tao Lin

I ve read every book tao lin Has Published And Have Decided Bed Exemplifies published and have decided bed exemplifies s at the core of everything like this is his thesis statement as an author actually immediately after writing that i decided No Definitely Not Any Of definitely not any of books could be his thesis statements that s part of his appeal to me though these stories feel like anthems for self condemned ed ly lonely who tentatively hope for something better whatever that something may be despite a general lack of evidence from the as my buddy camus likes to say benign indifference of the worldthe sometimes paragraph length sentences in bed feel deliberately paced to involve the reader in the thought processes of their characters which results in this kind of nsettling meta sensation ie am i reading about fictional characters am i reading tao lin s thoughts am i reading what tao lin wants me to think his thoughts are and doe. College students recent graduates and their parents work at Denny's volunteer at a public library in suburban Florida attend satanic skapunk concerts eat Chinese food. .

Of those ncomforatble thoughts we have sometimes and it makes you wonder If He Has Those he has those himself or he just knows s all so well But he you wonder IF HE HAS THOSE THOUGHTS HIMSELF he has those thoughts himself he just knows s all so well But he makes you laugh and reflect and all of those good things books should do I think I ve reached my threshold with hipster lit I optimistically continue to read books about people my age in New York and in this case Florida who are miserable but it never resonates in any sort of way that I feel is particularly literary Myself Among Others useful or interesting I am likely missing huge symbolic meaning there were a number of recurring themes and objects including toy poodles but overall it felt like faux depth As I finishedp I thought to myself this guy would get along swimmingly with Miranda July they have the exact same voice except he s less funny And lo and behold when turned the book over to read the accolades from various authors she was one of the. R kind of love or something better than love things which much like the Lock Ness Monster they know probably do not exist but are rud to exist and therefore good enoug. .