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The Summer Without MenNt discourse The Summer Without Men is much shorter than Hustvedt s previous novels and feels very much as if it s intended to shorter than Hustvedt s previous novels and feels very much as if it s intended to Green Eyed Envy read in one sitting there are no chapters and Mia often lapses into stream of consciousness prose She breaks the narrative to address theeader directly digresses into The A-List Diet Fitness Plan ruminations on various philosophical theories and literary techniues changes the way she describes what s happening sometimes it s a traditional first person here s what happened story with dialogue and so on at other times Mia merely sketches a brief outline of events and occasionally she jumps into the future or summons up an old memory in the middle of whatever s happening in the here and now It sometimes feels like a strange mixture and I can understand how someeaders might be put off by parts of it such as Mia s occasional and very frank The Amethyst Road references to sex and sexuality Mia isn t always likeable but personally I think this is intentional her sometimes pretentious tone and tendency to hysteria are part of what makes the character feel like aeal person My main problem with the narrative was differentiating the groups of characters particularly the teenage girls It s not that I don t think Hustvedt is capable of developing their characters it s just that the brevity of the book doesn t eally allow it I thought this was a perfectly formed little story I was a bit disappointed by the ending but I expected and understood it and Mia was a fantastic character but altogether it lacked substance compared to Hustvedt s other novels It s difficult to imagine what I d have made of it if I hadn t ead anything by the author before and I m glad I didn t come to this book first because I think my The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families reaction might have been negative I don t think anyoneeading this should expect it all to be neatly wrapped up at the end it s as though you When I Grow Up, I'm Going to Play for the Nebraska Cornhuskers re observing a slice ofeal life so not everything gets esolved view spoilerwe never discover who Mr Nobody is and although Lola eceives an almost miraculous financial windfall the uestion of how stable her Die Zarin relationship with Peteeally is emains hide spoiler Polymathic chicklit with a PhD something I d been hoping to find for ten years Some time ago I had concluded it just didn t get published as there wasn t enough of an audience I
never ead Siri Hustvedt before that her books were yet Will Gallows and the Snake-Bellied Troll run of the mill English language literary fiction Theest of her work does still sound that way to me TBH But a few weeks ago I idly clicked on Nosferatu reviews for this book and among the negative ones it was criticised by chickliteaders for being too pretentious and by literary eaders for being too superficial And also how was it a Summer Without Men if she Uoted Male Writers And Philosophers male writers and philosophers the timeThis tale of Mia an academic and poet on a break from her marriage sounded very promisingWe have such chicklit cliches such as a young 4 and 12 starsThis is a mature novel that s very aware of itself as being a novel though the fictional narrator is writing her own story It s also both and less than a novel with discourses than plot which the narrator herself points out than halfway through and going against what we ve been taught about fiction it s telling than showing and it all works As Francine Prose writes in Reading. 90 jährigen Mutter die im Heim lebt Mia schreibt sich ihre Wut über ihren untreuen I started this book with the feeling that I WOULD ENJOY IT A LOT I DIDN T enjoy it a lot I didn t It not a bad novel and I certainly see how many people enjoy it but the problem for me was that the characters felt like they weren t fleshed out enough I didn t get a connection to Mia as the main character I thought the widows has potential to be interesting but too little attention was paid to them to make me truly connect I thought that the young girls in the poetry class were the ones that were characterised the best and I would ve liked to see even of that Heck if the novel had been about the girls taking a poetry class and their teacher I probably would have loved this novel But as it stands it seems kind of directionless Neither here nor there eally It brings in too many people without giving us enough of them to truly connect The neighbours for example are included in the story but not nearly enough for me to care about what happens to them Frankly they could probably have been emoved and I wouldn t bat an eye And I don t know The most telling thing for me is that I found myself wanting a novel about the poetry class maybe exploring the girls lives and then also Mia s background as the teacher and I wanted this novel than the novel I was eading I probably never would have The Jive Talker read this if it hadn t been for the other Siri Hustvedt books I veead What I Loved and The Sorrows of an American I ve got to admit that the title and premise didn t eally appeal to me sounding as they do like highbrow chick lit The basic outline of the story is this Mia a poet in her fifties has a nervous BREAKDOWN WHEN HER SCIENTIST HUSBAND TELLS when her scientist husband tells he wants a pause in their marriage in order for him to start an affair with a younger colleague After ecovering she moves to the town she grew up in to be close to her elderly mother and teach a poetry class to a group of 12 and 13 year old girls and she also befriends her next door neighbours a young couple with two children If I didn t know better I d have thought this sounded like a Wolfgang rather saccharine affair Whileeading it I did often wonder how many Publishing Women: Salons, the Presses, and the Counter-Reformation in Sixteenth-Century Italy readers had picked it up expecting something fluffy and been baffled by the freuent discussion of philosophy literature and madness it contains But having loved the uality of Hustvedt s writing so much particularly in the brilliant What I Loved I was pretty sure I would enjoy it nevertheless This is a moving deliberately sentimental story with wry humour than its predecessors and a very individual narrator Mia seems incrediblyeal she isn t afraid to show her anger there s a lot of capitalisation such as you might find in a personal diary which made me Wurr 3 (Wurr realise how infreuently you see this in fiction her bitterness at her husband deserting her after she has played such an importantole in his career her jealousy of the Pause her Кракатит real feelings about the young girls she teaches she s often critical of them and their work at one point even branding one of the girls moronic Alongside Mia s own story subplots emerge her neighbour Lola s husband Pete appears worryingly volatile and angry one of her students Alice is the target of cruel bullying by the other girls Mia herselfeceives mysterious emails from a Mr Nobody which begin as childish abuse but eventually turn into intellige. Die New Yorker Dichterin Mia hat eine Krise und verbringt den Sommer in der Nähe ihrer. ,
Like a Writer using an an ALICE MUNRO STORY AS AN EXAMPLE Munro story as an example are many occasions in literature in which telling is far effective than showing Such is the case with this novelAt first I wondered at the wisdom of a cover and title that seems almost chick lit ish but now I m thinking it s intentional though it s far far from what people think of as chick lit Perhaps the author means to turn its sometime conventions a wandering husband a book group though it s of older women and a poetry workshop though of pubescent girls on its head while implying very very subtly that it can be art though it s considered narrow by critics just as Jane Austen was And while she makes a case for narrow art eally a case for all kinds of art this slim novel is much than narrow impressively encompassing uite a lot 35 starsSingle moments those moments you Das überforderte Gehirn: Mit Steinzeitwerkzeug in der Hightech-Welt re having a conversation with someone and you get lost within the jumble of words because your mind wraps itself around only a few phrases gingerly separating them from theest Suddenly these words hang in moments around you sticking to your tongue like wet cotton candy enfolding into word clouds Forget the conversation you only hear those succulent words as they nourish your brain s appetite While eading this book I had uite a few of these single concentrated moments when I wanted to disappear into the syntactical universe of some word orderings And then a conversational moment a differently styled narration enters and takes my word cloud away Then again I guess this is what happens when a fifty something year old woman is abandoned by a husband who wants a pause This is what happens when this woman has had a brother in law who is mentally ill and with whom she shares oneness This is what happens when a woman has to enter a mental ward when she sees the women around her falter and die when she has to face old age in its wrinkled eye and when she goes from being a professor at a eputable university like Columbia to teaching poetry to high school teenagers who bully each other and have boy problems normal teenage baggage I guess Single moments are those moments you see her pause to consider life her life Hustevedt is a talented writer who writes with brevity voice and wit If you can follow the many parallel narratives taking place within a single first person you can follow the many parallel narratives taking place within a single first person of view you will have a blast If not you will be a bit disappointed Out of the many passages I enjoyed insufflating if I were to pinpoint my single moment it would be this one Some of us are fated to live in a box from which there is only temporary Ivy Vines Visions release We of the damned up spirits of the thwarted feelings of the blocked hearts and the pent up thoughts we who long to blast out flood forth in a torrent ofage or joy or even madness but there is nowhere for us to go nowhere in the world because no one will have us as we are and there is nothing to do except to embrace the secret pleasures of our sublimations the arc of a sentence the kiss of a hyme the image that forms on paper or canvas the inner cantata the cloistered embroidery the dark and dreaming needlepoint from hell or heaven or purgatory of none of those three but there must be some sound and fury from us some clashing cymbals in the void Who would deny us the mere pantomime of frenzy. Hemann und auch sonst eine Menge vom Herzen und allmählich entdeckt sie sich wieder ne.