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Ne that suits my reading style The book is not great in language #flow or structure per se I often found the connections between chapterstopics a #or structure per se I often found the connections between chapterstopics a forced And some portions of the book did take some tones I personally do not like but overall I gathered a lot of information from it For xample I came to know how working late night was legally prohibited for women in Karnataka up until as late as 2002 when BPOs started blooming and it was amended And another Similar Archaic Law Existed archaic law xisted 2007 in Delhi that made it illegal to mploy women in any place where liuor was served Even today strictly by law women are not allowed to work in liuor serving place beyond 830pm in Mumbai The book gave me varied perspectives of different domains old and new and all from the horses mouth This is what I really liked abo. There a female model of achievement as distinct from a male oneThese and other similar uestions are xplored in Unbound Indian Women Work through a series of interviews conducted by the author with women from all walks of life and from different parts of the country Icons like Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Chairman "and Managing Director of Biocon Ltd and Meena Ganesh former CEO of TESCO Hindustan Service Centre rub shoulders "Managing Director of Biocon Ltd and Meena Ganesh former CEO of TESCO Hindustan Service Centre rub shoulders Rachel the hair designer and Sumat. The writing is asy to understand and can be asily Passed Off As An Easy Read But What Enthralls The off as an asy read but what nthralls the is the admirable research put through to chronicle the life and times of the 21st century working women Cutting across classes social structures and industries the book makes you look at the new age working women with new found respect I picked up this book on my latest visit to Crossword out of sheer #Curiosity The Topic Is Too #The topic is too to my heart and I have never ver read any book of this kind before I had not heard of the author ither So for me it was simply about checking out what all

were women in India doing what were they saying about their work I was not disappointed there I am glad I bought and read itIt is a very light and uick read and styled like an article in a newspapermagazi. ‘The capability of the individual matters Not the gender As a woman you need to have the confidence that your gender cannot hold you back’ Meena Ganesh former CEO of TESCO Hindustan Service CentreHow does an item girl tackle sexual harassment at her work place Why does a highly paid woman software ngineer pay a dowry Breast pumps and BlackBerry phones do they go together When a woman focuses on her career does she lose out as a wife and a mother Is. ,
Ut the book For xample DJing apparently there are not than half A Dozen Women In dozen women in field Things like 50% of hotel management students are not than half a dozen women in that field Things like 50% of hotel management students are but only a handful of them become a chef as the nvironment is very aggressive and high dodes of foul language and snap orders and #commands is part of veryday life in a #is part of veryday life in a s kitchen was unknown to meReal life stories are always very inspirational for they give you the knowledge that you re not alone and also the hope that is is very much possible I always like talking to other women and getting to know what they think about their life work gender issues Math Basics 6 etc But I only do that with a handful of relativesfriends So I felt great that this book was written and I got a chance to know these working women and their stories For that alone I say kudos to the author. Hi the call centremployee who comes from a family of domestic helps Women ngineers discuss insidious gender discrimination and working mothers speak of the difficulties of balancing motherhood and workThe stories in this book are of real women who spoke out candidly about their concerns their families their love lives and marriages their victories and defeats Together they provide a valuable guide to the brave new world of today’s women professional. ,

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Unbound by Gita Aravamudan
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