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The Western Scar: The Theme of the Been-To in West African Fiction dSe literary fiction imprint Chatto Windus over here it looks like the book s aimed at readers who approach it the way Iid a beach read with a current affairs angleIt s very loosely based on Emma a little so on Clueless but there are enough ifferences that that s fairly irrelevant Malika is a wealthy married airhead snob in her late thirties She s been tasked With Finding A New Bride finding a new bride her recently ivorced accountant cousin Jonkers by his mother the eually shallow Aunty Pussy and the cousin has very The Mother I Carry: A Memoir of Healing from Emotional Abuse different ideas about his type of woman compared with his social climbing soap watching relativesTwo of these four stars come from the cultural interest in the book though with the caveat that Ion t have the knowledge to see just where accuracy stops and comic exaggeration begings Every page has a tickertape of news at the top from features and human interest often related to the book s themes like Caterers make hay in pre Muharram wedding rush Malika s matchmaking attempts are part of that rush woman Anthology of Articles on African Linguistics and Literature divorces man for notining out The Writing Workshop daily and Lahoris use over 1 million flowersaily to serious headlines security threat causes plunge in foreign investments 17600 families flee as troops backed by warplanes storm south Waziristan in hunt for Al aeda terrorists strike 3 law enforcement facilities in Lahore kill at least 18 And there s a tension between increased westernization and increased conservatism eg custom of arranged marriages eroded by new media age v college imposes ban on jeans after receiving threats from extremistsIt s mostly bad news about Pakistan the wars and terrorism restriction and extreme poverty that people hear about in the west unless they go looking for or have connections via family or close friends Tender Hooks shows another side to the country rarely heard of in our mainstream media one that still coexists closely with in our mainstream media one that still coexists closely with news headlines and the book is not afraid to use humour Recent Agricultural Engineering debates about stereotyping in African literature appear to argue that it s something like this which could balance the picture there showing there s to life than conflict and povertyA minor cliche of war reporting and some charity appeals is that many women still care about fashion and beauty and that these items can boost morale one I remember first hearing explaineduring the former Yugoslav conflict in the 90s also an explanation of the accepted Second World War favourites of lipstick and nylons or fake seams painted on legs It s tempting to see Moni Mohsin s characters in that light But they feel very confident in their way of life Malika feels like she s being rudely interrupted At the beginning perhaps Malika and her family perhaps Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse don t have a much greater sense of living in a conflict area than Iid in the 80s and 90s when there were sometimes IRA bombs in Britain there is some background risk and a lot of worrying but through the book the tension escalates I feel frightened myself going to the bazaar in case some mad weirdo but through the book the tension escalates I feel frightened myself going to the bazaar in case some mad weirdo and shoots me for buying western food like chips or wearing western clothes like pop socks Maybe pop socks underwent some ironic hipster revival when I wasn t looking but oh how How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture differently both these items would be regarded by her western euivalent There is though one incident in which the troubles impingeirectly on Malika s world by than hearsay and news view spoilerThe scene was believable written and I could relate to the way she was frightened yet by reflex couldn t help not give things to a mugger it s not ill advised heroism so much as natural instinctive stroppiness hide spoiler This has nothing at all in common with any Jane Austen book any way you look at it It was a piece of flimflam trash light fiction to read on the beach if that is your sort of thing It wasn t mineTwo stars because on a scale of An Alien Heat dreadfulness it was only somewhat boring pretentious rubbish where because it was set in Pakistan the foreignness of it was probably meant to add to it from a cultural perspective Itid but not in a good way too many stereotypical people and situations It wasn t one star unreadable nor was it good enough for a three star meh ok It was one of those read it and forgot it books. Though even as it makes you cry with laughter it makes you wince at the gulf between our heroine's glitteringly shallow life and the country that is falling apart The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society day byay around her Louboutin clad feet Moni Mohsin already a huge bestseller in India has been hailed as a modern ay Jane Austen and compared to Nancy Mitford and Helen Fielding Duty Free is social satire at its biting bes. Tender HooksUty Free Moni MohsinIf the idea of a book styled along the line of Gone With The Wind or the movie Clueless but set in modern ay Pakistan intrigues you then this line of Gone With The Wind or the movie Clueless but set in modern Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings day Pakistan intrigues you then this be the book for you We have a social climbing heroine shallow as theay is long but with a heart of gold uninterested in the horrors abounding in her country but uite willing in her own selfish way to help her family Especially when her family can create the havoc she thinks her Aunt Pussy can create Aunt Pussy has begged our heroine no name was used in the book for our fema Having not read Social Butterfly Duty Free was tou absolutely hilarious read As you know na I tou very much like South Asian fiction that touches the social Mapping wild gardens: The symbolic conquest of South Africa (African literatures in English) demographics of the strata we are living in and so this one was a treat to read uick funny and yet relatable Bus if course it had nothing too with literature shiterature or intellectual type things in it of course I knew it when I Gramatica de baza a limbii romane d picked it up since I needed something light after my previous recent reads So it has pumped me up for another couple of heavy reads starting from tomorrow onlySo between you me and the four walls Duty Free gets full points in wit hilarity and satire inescribing Pakistani elite and the happenings of their part of the world This is my first Pakistani chick lit and it oddly really reminded me of The Wag s Diary This is because the main character Butterfly is a stuck up fashion loving spa hopping lady She thinks the most important things in life are status and money However Suggestive Inuiry into the Hermetic Mystery with a Dissertation on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers Being an Attempt Towards the Recovery of the Ancient Experiment of Nature despite this she still ends up being somewhat loveable and it s hard not to like herSheoes College University Budgeting: College And University Budgeting dismiss things like bombs and the Taliban mainly upset not because of the lives that have been lost but because she can no longer go to hotels etc well that s until she gets herself caught in a scary situation The plot in the book is basically to find her cousin Jonkers a suitable bride from a good background She has been enlisted by her Aunt Pussy I couldn t help but grin every time I read her name immature too this Auntie Pussy is a pretty formidable character I wouldn t want to come against her I should also mention the way the book is written It s purposely written in bad English and misspelled It s easy to get on with but personally I m not a fan of when books mess with spellinggrammar in books Not sure why as I m pretty crap at both of them It just annoys meUltimately this book is about Butterfly realizing what really matters in life and most fans of chick lit will be pretty happy with it And although it s not hilarious it Integrating Cleveland Baseball did raise a smile from time to time I m generally a uiet person who sticks to serious philosophical stuff And I REALLYon t like chick lits except for when I m ravenous for a book and there s nothing good to read But this book Oh God I found myself laughing embarrassingly loudly and in public mind you throughout the course of this book Being a grammar Nazi I was REALLY pleasantly surprised when I idn t find the misspellings annoying at all Probably because I ve encountered women like Butterfly in real life as well Actually I think I ve encountered someone like eve I got this book from Read It Forward a great score I m normally pretty wary of Jane Austen knockoffs but this loose retelling #of the Emma story is enough of a eparture from the original that I wasn t constantly comparing the two And # the Emma story is enough of a Grassroots Leviathan departure from the original that I wasn t constantly comparing the two And s still similar enough that you get a thrill recognizing parallel plot points and characters The story is a cultural satire set in modernay Lahore Pakistan The unnamed narrator is charged by her aunt with finding her cousin Jonkers a wife The narrator and her family excluding her bore husband and son are obsessed with wealth and class standing and are Voices and Veils determined that the the potential bride come from a good bagground As she goes about her search we follow her from lavish weddings to kitty parties to a brutal encounter with a street thief at the market Because the book is written as a series ofiary entries I think we also get a peek into the narrator s inner life from her musing on how to eal with your servants to political upheaval and terrorismI enjoyed Mohsin s writing Although some readers may find the narrator s Jane Austen's Emma transported to the outrageous social melee of 21st century LahoreOur plucky heroine's cousin Jonkers has been umped by his low class slutty secretary and our heroine has been charged with finding him a suitable wife a rich fair beautiful old family type uickly But between you me and the four walls who wants to marry poor plain hapless JonkersAs our heroine social cli. ,

Lawed English with its malapropisms and political incorrectness istracting IT MADE ME LAUGH AND EXPLORING A PLACE AND made me laugh And exploring a place and that I know little about Lahore Pakistan make me feel as if I learned something by the end of the book as well One criticism of the book that many readers have voiced is that the narrator is a tad unlikeable criticism of the book that many readers have voiced is that the narrator is a tad unlikeable it s true For much of the book she s materialistic pig headed and seems to only be out for herself But bits of character shine through though overbearing she s clearly Love in Bloom devoted to her son and by the end of the book you can sense at least a small shift in her priorities There s nothing worse that a character whooesn t grow and change and that s a mistake Mohsin avoided here Brilliant satire Set in Lahore Pakistan this novel is laugh out loud funny brilliant social commentary and provides a sobering look at life in a place where suicide bombers and fundamental extremists affect every African Native Literature: Or, Proverbs, Tales, Fables and Historical Fragments in the Kanuri or Bornu Language day The narrator speaks a language all her own with mangled analogies malapropisms and misspellings all to brilliant effect Highly recommended I can t wait to read from this author Duty Free originally released as Tender Hooks is a follow up to Moni Mohsin s The Diary of a Social Butterfly Honestly I had not read The Diary of a Social Butterfly I picked up its seuel on a whim And after reading the first page I was bewildered because the author had written it in a style that was full of malaprops Now if you look up for the meaning of malaprop in aictionary it says The unintentional misuse of a word by confusion with one that sounds similar But once you start this book you will realise that Mohsin has intentionally filled the narration with misspellings and used a language that is a cross between English Urdu But that my The Alcohol Bible dear friend is the most enjoyable part of this novelundoubtedly At the beginning it is a bitifficult to understand but as you start getting the hang of it you will clearly fall for it hook line sinker So meet Butterfly our unnamed heroine who is the uintessential privileged class with an absolute preoccupation for Hermetic Alchemy Science and Practice The Golden Dawn Alchemy Series 2 designer labels in Lahore Pakistan This novel is in the form ofiary entries something which reminds you Of Bridget Jones But Let Bridget Jones but let assure you that the similarity ends here narrating the peppered happenings of her life from her bore Oxen read Oxford educated husband to the overblown kitty parties wedding season to the fierce competition in her social life She receives the charge like she is emotionally manipulated from her Aunt Pussy to uickly find a suitable read rich fair beautiful old family type match for her hapless cousin Jonkers who is not exactly marriage material plain shy already IELTS Academic and General Task 2 How to Write at a Band 9 Level divorced which is ironic since Butterfly s own marriage is on the rocks However taking all this in her stride Butterfly shinnies her way through theangerous territories ie the Pakistani wedding circuit in search of the right girl from the right bagground What ensues is a series of humorous upshots as she encounters a Smith educated lesbian fundamentalist parents BWWM drug smuggling families as a potential brides in laws To top it all our protagonist has to look out for backstabbing frenemies errant maidservants beardo weirdos suicide bombers who are out to spoil her matrimonial mission Read complete review atpoojareviewerblogspotin201209ten I wouldn t go so far as saying it is an amazing satire on high society life in Pak or that it offers a brilliant social commentary But it endeavors too one thing and Morning by Morning: How We Home-Schooled Our African-American Sons to the Ivy League does it amazingly well that is to make you laugh A laugh riot and I loved it Inoing so the author has twisted and turned phrases and eveloped her own brand of English Your likingnot liking it would epend on whether you take to the language or notActual rating 45 stars Back when chicklit began in the 90s with Bridget Jones it was humour and it laughed at the characters as well as with them Tender Hooks aka Duty Free is firmly in that tradition I wouldn t bother with Anglo American chicklit but this is set in Lahore Pakistan and it looked like it might give a BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *1 (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *1: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Secret Baby Romance Contemporary Romance) different angle on culture and genre There s really uite a lot of material in the novel about politics and the UK publisher is Random Hou. Mbs her way through weddings sheddings GTs get togethers of course and ladies' lunches trying to find a suitable girl from the right bagground sheiscovers to her Prophetic Activism dismay that her cousin has his own ideas about his perfect mate And secretly she may even agreeFull of wit and wickedness and as clever as its heroine is clueless Duty Free is aelightful romp through Pakistani high society.