(PDF) The Surgeons Fatherhood Surprise

Ut I have to say That I Never Really Felt never really felt chemistry between Jack and Alison They two nice characters who #had their share of difficulties but I don t think I was ver fully invested in #their share of difficulties but I don t think I was Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript ever fully invested in I knew they d get their happynding because this is a Harleuin novel so their motional uncertainty didn t really ffect me I may Infamous even have been interested in what was happening to characters introduced in previous books in this series than to Jack and Alison s situation I did like their sons though I ve very muchnjoyed this series and plan to continue it The cover makes me laugh because while it has the correct number of kids they aren t the correct gender The kids in this story are both boys and that child on the right of the cover is definitely a girl About the story Meh This could have been better but the charact. Hree year old boyJack returns to his Cornish hometown of Penhally Bay with little Freddie where he finds his life inextricably tangled with that of single mom practice nurse Alison Myers fiercely independent she is determi. Miniseries Brides of Penhally Bay 39 liked The Book But It Lacked The Relationship book but it lacked the relationship the patents and children They didn t Walled even seemto acknowledgeach other children i got this book form the book club and i like it a lot i read the second of the booksthis book is about the dad who did not now he was the surgeon in London had very thinghe could think of and the doc was in demand for his great work well he and his gfbroke up and then she got pregnat and did not tell him well the boy she got pregnat and did

tell him well the boy with mom and then did not now he had a dad till one day his mom died and he was by himselfand wam the doc a dad and does not now what to do the boy freddie does not talkso when he goes home help is on the way but with out other problems he can and will find true love I liked this book and it certainly kept me ngaged A renowned plastic surgeon and one of London's most ligible bachelors Jack Tremayne lives the VIP life he works hard and plays hard But Jack's world is turned upside down when he learns that he is the single father of a ,
Ers were The Surgeon s Fatherhood SupriseStart with I was disappointed with the cover The story revolves around two little boys But the cover shows one boy and one girl I love to look at the covers to imagine what the characters look like I had to stop reading when this was noticeable I did come back to finish But the cover was a big decision on my star system hereThe story revolves around two people who are both single parents She is a nurse at his father s office He is a plastic surgeon for the local hospital He became a single father when his son s mother died leaving a three year old son Now he must step up and do the best FOR HIS SON HE STUMBLES ACROSS his son He stumbles across old friend who is also raising her son on her own Now the story is about how they respond to the sparks that is growing between the two of them. Ned not to fall for the gorgeous doctor's charmAlison might just be the answer to Jack's prayers she's fantastic with Freddieand has captured Jack's heart Soon he begins to wonder if family life might just suit him after

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The Surgeons Fatherhood Surprise
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