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Tom Rennie is recruited to join a mysterious Foundation that seems to have the same ideals goals she had a Foundation that seems to have the same ideals and goals she had meeting the other members of her newly formed team you have to wonder Don t worry this isn t a maudlin or introspective book there s plenty of action and intrigue as both Rennie and Hannah are seperately drawn into a rather nasty plot and Roberston builds a plausible situation as well as ratchets up the suspense so you don t want to put the book down until you find

Out How It Will 
how it will end Roberston touches on some pretty heavy ideas and ideologies around domestic terrorismmilitias and presents them in such a way that the you can understand why some of the characters were drawn to those things it helps that most of these characters were fleshed out and three dimensional rather than comple. Rupted relationship to the pastRennie has never heard of The Foundation but they have heard of her A former adversary unexpectedly offers her an opportunity to serve her country in a less than legal but honorable undertaking With rare hope Rennie tries to make contact with Hannah only to find her new mission is setting them on

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Scapegoat Rennie Vogel Intrigue #2Enjoyable and engaging follow up to miles to go Story does not disappoint Definitely recommended Scapegoat is a follow up novel to Miles to go Story does not disappoint Definitely recommended Scapegoat is a follow up novel to Miles to Story does not disappoint Definitely recommended Scapegoat
Is A Follow Up 
a follow up to Miles to A Rennie Vogel Intrigue and takes place some time after the events in that novel Rennie and Hannah are both dealing with the aftermath of the Tajikistan mission or not dealing with it Rennie is basically a mess relegated to an analyst in Istanbul she struggles with what happened and her disillusionment with her superiors Hannah is doing a bit better but still grappling with finding her place after everything that happened It was refreshing to see that there wasn t a pat HEA after the first novel bad things happened and both Rennie and Hannah are struggling with that and this gives the reader an even better understanding of both characters After hitting bot. Accountability Responsibility When things go wrong someone has to pay In this case that someone is Rennie VogelHung out to dry for the debacle of the Tajikistan mission Rennie finds herself on the outside of the system with no hope of return To make things worse Hannah Marcus has moved on seemingly willing to consign their inter. Te fanatics The book is told through muliple viewpoints to allow the reader a wider scope in what is going on and how everything comes together If you re reading the epub version it can be a bit disconcerting as the section breaks between viewpoints didn t make it through the conversion One of the POVs is the bad guy s which is not one of my favourite things Roberston carries it off well unfortunately he was the one character that just didn t really fleshed out as well as that just didn t really fleshed out as well as other supporting characters I still don t now why he did what he did and he did a lot but that may be the point sometimes there just isn t a good reasonThe set up of the book and the attention Roberston put into the supporting characters makes me think hope that there will be to come in this series I just hope she writes fast. Collision course and if they don’t find an elusive homegrown terrorist in time Rennie nows who’ll take the blame If she lives that longIn a powerhouse follow up to her lauded debut Miles to Go Amy Dawson Robertson delves deeper into the trials of a hero coping with The Complicated Landscape Of complicated landscape of Responsibility And Hono. responsibility and hono.