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The Tailypo A Ghost Story Clarion BooksHer spooky folktales about wronged spirits haunting the living to get back what s theirs but this version was a new one for me A surprisingly violent ending may make this story a bit too intense for very young readerslisteners but most kids should get a kick out of it This was a delightful daughterfather effort with Joanna s famous dad Paul Galdone doing the artworkview spoiler hide spoiler I have read many horror children s books that DEAL WITH MONSTERS WITCHES AND GHOSTS with monsters witches and ghosts I had never read any children s books or folklore books for that matter that deal with the Tailypo before So when I Under Lock and Key picked up Joanna Galdone s retelling of the Tailypo story called The Tailypo A Ghost Story along with artwork by her father Paul Galdone I wasleasantly surprised by how creepy this story came outThe story starts off with an old man taking his three dogs Uno Ino and Cumptico Calico out hunting and they managed to capture a rabbit which the old man ate for dinner Suddenly the old man spots an odd creature coming in through the cracks between the logs in the wall and he notices that the creature has an extremely long tail The old man then took his hatchet and chopped the creature s tail off as the creature escaped from the house The old man then took the tail and ended up eating it for supper and went to bed in a satisfied state However in the middle of the night the old man started hearing strange sounds inside the cabin and it was then that he heard a mysterious creature say to him Tailypo tailypoAll I want is my tailypo The old man then sent his three dogs out to chase the creature away and after that he went back to bed But then he heard the creature say again Tailypo tailypoI m coming get my tailypo Will the creature get its tail back and what will happen to the old manRead this book to find Alo or Dr Seuss and might The tailypo a ghost story Galdone Joanna Free The tailypo a ghost story by Galdone Joanna Publication date Topics Folklore United States Folklore United States Publisher New York Seabury Press Collection inlibrary; rintdisabled; internetarchivebooks Digitizing sponsor KahleAustin Foundation Contributor Internet Archive Language English unnumbered ages x cm A strange varmint haunts the woodsman who lopped off Tailypo Fantasy I Sci Fi I Books I Films I World Taken from Creature Codex Stalking forth from the darkness is a beast that combines the features of a wolf an ape and a big cat Its aws bear some "Resemblance To Human Hands And Its Face Is Dominated By "to human hands and its face is dominated by owlish eyes and tall ears with tufts like a bobcat’s A long and furry tail Tailypo Read More Tailypo Returns | CreepyPasta Wikia | Fandom Tailypo Returns by Psychopasta Legend has it that deep in the thickest of forests in West Virginia lurks a frightening creature known only as the Tailypo Folklore says it that it is a large cat like creature with long sharp claws fangs like a vampire and a long thick tail I remember being just a boy when I first heard this tale We were camping in the woods when a neighbor who every kid ,

Having started blogging the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series I ve returned to one of my favorite childhood spooky stories the Tailypo In short an isolated mountain man cuts off an eat a weird critter s tale and the critter wants it backHow did this one do This one is a good basic standard It keeps the flavor of the spoken folktale If you want to check the accuracy of a Tailypo story check the distinctive names of the dogs Honestly though there s nothing spectacular although I do love how the book like many never shows the Tailypo s this is a great ghost story for kids moral of the story if a demonic creature comes into your house during the night make sure it s really dead after you hack at it with an axe otherwise you ll just make him mad An old man living in a ramshackle hut in the woods with his three dogs goes hunting one night bringing home only a skinny rabbit Once he has eaten the rabbit he is still hungry until a strange animal breaks into his hut He chases after it but only manages to get its tail which he Velvet Ropes (Club Undercover promptly cooks and eats Then when he goes to bed he hears a ghostly voice calling out to him that it is coming to get its tailypo I d never heard of this strange children s book when I was a kid and was curious to read it Having read it I can say that if I were a 5 year old being read this story to I wouldrobably be terrified The strange old man and his lethargic dogs are weird enough but the non descriptive tailypo is terrifying and with an adult doing a creepy voice it would certainly "SPOOK ANYBODY I WON T SPOIL THE ENDING BUT "anybody I won t spoil the ending but s definitely an interesting kid s book that I think any child will do well to be introduced to and any adult as well as it s not at all like the cutesy Gruffalo or Dr Seuss and might be a nice change of Freud and His Followers pace to bedtime I ve heard ot. Tailypo The Game sur Steam Tailypo The Game is a firsterson story based adventurehorror game set in the late s in the Appalachian wild The year is a girl catches your fancy lucky you and you get married Suddenly your life is thrown for a loop You retreat into the wild You must avoid dangerous animals and hunt for food You make contact with a local ranger who is helpful but the isolation is The Tailypo A Ghost Story | Reading Rockets A long time ago an old man who lived in a rustic cabin in the woods ate the tail of mysterious critter That night the critter came back to get his tail saying “Tailypo tailypo all I want is my tailypo” Getting that tailypo makes for a satisfyingly spooky tale bound to make readers or listeners jump Galdone’s cartoon like illustrations add humor to a creepy yarn drawn The Tailypo A Ghost Story Paul Galdone Classics The strange old man and his lethargic dogs are weird enough but the non descriptive tailypo is terrifying and with an adult doing a creepy voice it would certainly spook anybody I won't spoil the ending but it's definitely an interesting kid's book that I think any child will do well to be introduced to and any adult as well as it's not at all like the cutesy Gruff.