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L Theo Michelle and Big Daddy Jake No luck wanted a longer epilogue wanted to luck Wanted a longer epilogue Wanted to JP s entire family safe and happy in BowenMost memorable scenes Beware big spoilers view spoiler When Jilly came back from the dead terrifying Carrie with a pair of sheers at midnight Fleeing from Monk in the Colorado Rockies When Avery dealt with the degenerates at the camping store astounding JP with her moves chuckle When the kidnapped women escaped from the big mansion on the mountain When John Paul tossed Avery over the cliff into the raging river Twice When Avery stowed away in the cliff into the raging river Twice When Avery stowed away in the of John Paul s truck grin Lovemaking at the cabin Intimate conversation in the cabin especially about Avery s scars and her inability to bear children Towards the end the villain knocks on Tony s door gasp And then a bit later she s seen seducing her FBI interrogators I figure she ll escape hide spoiler This is a review of the audiobook I don t know why I m enjoying JG s Contemporary Romances on audio than I did when I read their dead tree versions but I am I m one of those people who was vastly disappointed when she stopped writing Historical Romances However I loved this one it held my attention though out Nicely narrated by Joyce Bean. Networking extravaganza Plus she persuades her niece to oin her for the two weeks of luxury and decadenceBut Carolyn never makes it to Utopia Under false pretenses she is taken to an isolated retreat by a handsome stranger with a dazzling smile suave demeanor and the darkest of motives His name is Monk a hired assassin Now with scant clues and fewer resources Avery must track down and save Carolyn and outmaneuver a brilliant killer who is part of an elaborate plot of madness and lethal vengeance. .

The third book in the Buchanan Renard series by Julie Garwood Avery Delaney was abandoned by her mother and raised by her grandmother and aunt When she was eleven her grandmother died and Avery was left for dead Now Avery is employed by the FBI as a crime analyst She goes on vacation to meet up with her aunt Carolyn Salvetti at an exclusive spa in Colorado But when Avery gets there she is told the *reservations were all canceled and her aunt is nowhere to be *were all canceled and her aunt is nowhere to be There Avery meets John Paul Renard John Paul is in pursuit of Monk the hit man that attempted To Take His Sister S take his sister s of non stop action and suspense Hard to imagine how a romance could be sueezed in but it was and it worked Pardon me while I stifle a slight yawn The blurb billed this as a gripping novel of unrelenting suspense hmm perhaps I slept thru those scenes Few surprises with predictable plot Main character Avery seldom demonstrated usage of her so called razor sharp mind but scored an A in the PITA department Sad really when this reader felt no reason to cheer her on as she compulsively blundered about I Did However Occasionally Feel The however occasionally feel the to B slap her Working as an expert crime analyst for the FBI her rash immature behaviors while trying to. Avery Delaney has always tried to put the past far behind her Abandoned by her rapacious conniving mother when she was only three days old Avery was raised by her grandmother and beloved aunt Carolyn Then when she was eleven she witnessed her grandmother's violent death before Avery herself was shot and left for dead Miraculously she survived The man responsible is serving time in a Florida prison This traumatic experience propels Avery into a life of law and orderHer razor sharp mind and ability. Killjoy Author Julie Garwood

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Save her aunt had me shaking my head Enter hand Killjoy is the story of John Paul and AveryAvery has had a difficult life Within three days of her birth she was abandoned by her psychopath and sociopathic mother and then 375 or 4 stars Solid narration by Joyce Bean Good story Not as good as the preuel Mercy but better than most of Garwood s contemporary novels Happy to see John Paul Renard again he was great in Mercy Glad he didn t blow hot and cold but knew he wanted Avery soon enough No stupid misunderstandings either Decent suspense with a few *SURPRISING PLOT TWISTS GARWOOD S MOST VIVID CHARACTER IS *plot twists Garwood s most vivid character is antagonist That sociopathic seductive siren brings to mind a cobra I felt unwillingly entranced She s compelling and repelling uite the villainPoor Monk I Almost Felt Sorry For Him Garwood almost felt sorry for him Garwood a somewhat sympathetic villain lonely alone and hungry for love Compared to psycho siren he was almost harmless And that s saying a lotI also felt for Anne one of the three kidnapped women Unpleasant Unlikeable At least till you understand why Then a shift in perspective Nicely doneThis book is certainly not a testament to the faithfulness of married menGood to see Noah Clayborne again Wanted to see characters from the preue. To gather data and decipher evidence has made Avery an expert crime analyst for the FBI But soon she will have to use every one of her adroit skills on a case that hits painfully close to homeAvery's workaholic aunt Carolyn Salvetti is certain her hopefully soon to be ex husband sent her the gold embossed reservation to the posh Utopia Spa in the mountains of Colorado At first she is sent her the gold embossed reservation to the posh Utopia Spa in the mountains of Colorado At first she is but then figures it will be a welcome respite from the cutthroat advertising business not to mention ,