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Trying to win her back so yeh not good and never really got any satisfying resolution with that one especially since it was in her h homebed I do love the way his family supported h and still wanted her in their lives Other man Owen amazing man not very often that I read that I fall in love with the OM but he so deserves his own HEA In the end I forgive H Cameron because 1 He was very young and felft that h did not love him he was a young idiot and no that does not excuse his stupidity but he clearly suffered did not have anything to do with the skank after he lost h 2 did not have any relationship or so it seems and 3clearly his family was so disapppointed in him that had to hurt 4 man it would have hurt big time to see h with a great guy that SHE LOVE LASTLY HE DID THE BIG MAN THING love lastly he did the big man thing allowed her to be happy with someone else so yeh I gave this book a second chance and felt better with the resolution at the end ust hope we get another book for Owen Wow what A Load Of Asshats load of asshats detested Cam he was so weak I know some people think Charlotte was childish for leaving without listening and to an extent I agree But what would really would have changed Sure at the point Charlotte had read the text Cam had not had sex with her best friend but he had kissed her met up with her Secretly and told her he loved her So that s ok Charlotte should have forgiven him and got rid of the friend Not likely I was glad She Left Mainly Because It Showed Cam S Real Colours left mainly because it showed Cam s real colours wife who he apparently loves than anything finds a text to her best friend is broken hearted and moves in with her dad Cam apparently misses her and keeps trying to see her so he seems dedicated But really the whole time he is doing this he has already moved the horrid friend into their marital house and is fucking her They even go shopping for groceries together and kiss in public like a couple which is how Charlotte catches them and leads to a showdown It was the final nail in the coffin But Cam acts angry and upset like they should be getting back together Is this kid for real He is weak and duplicitous and I do not know why he is forgiven Even after this confrontation he does not bin the OW straight away Oh but then we are vaguely told when Charlotte left for Boston he looked for her Really How hard Because he knows her name her car her physical description her interests and hobbies general interests etc but could not track her down It was all weak and hollow and I felt Owen was the right choice but in the end he actually was too good for Charlotte This review perfectly sums up the book It looks like I m in the minority but I disliked this book immensely The only reason for the two star rating is because the story is fairly well written Other than that there is not a single thing about this book I enjoyed The plot is mostly made up of manufacted drama to elicit emotion from the reader Add a cheating hero who is basically a coward a secondary love interest who deserves to be the hero a heroine not bright enough to know the difference and you end up with a story full of angst heartache a love triangle and very little oy I cannot recommend this book. Ller coaster about lost love and the way one indiscretion can change the course of your life Charlotte uestions every decision she's ever made but she may discover that when you lose everything you can truly find yourself. ,
Was a type of love all the same Right sorry After you left things changed I was so angry with myself repulsed by my actions But I started seeing Lucy I tried to convince myself what I felt for her must be realit had to be real or else I d ruined our relationship for nothing Soyou had a relationship with her to prove to yourself that you d made the right choices I fucked her he clarified It was ust sex The physical release was there but it was 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales just that a release No gratification or emotional enjoyment TEAMOWEN Oh I d love to come and warm your new home Owen and I stared at her Was she serious Sorry I think you warmed Charlotte s previous home a little too much and I m not in to skank Owen said before pushing the cart around to the next aisleHe left Lucy and me standing in shock I d not been expecting that A smile formed on my face and Lucy scowled I can t believe heust said that to me she gasped I can I followed the path Owen had taken and left her standing in the chips TWO STARSI was really looking forward to this story The first couple of chapters seemed promising Charlotte discovers her husband of two years has been cheating on her with her best friend She s devastated and packs up her stuff and moves out Totally my kind of story That part WAS great but from there on the story ust went downhill HUGE ASS SPOILER BELOW view spoilerCharlotte moves out of town never actually discussing with Cam about what she believes as him cheating on her and then refusing to talk to him still when he again tries to talk to her now that she s returned back to her hometownAnd yes I know this will come as a huge shock to everybody but if she HAD talked to Cam she would have discovered Cam didn t actually physically cheat on her Everything could have been cleared up she would have discovered Cam didn t actually physically cheat on her Everything could have been cleared up she could have kicked her skank whore friend to the curb if she had ust talked to himI completely loathe that unoriginal theme hide spoiler It was ok Didn t care for Cam wimpy guys The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle just don t do it for meIust couldn t connect with the characters But that s my opinion I will look for from this author since this was her first novel another reviewer stated Sharp Yet Well Rounded Love TriangleCharlotte Barnes has the perfect marriage Her husband dotes on her and she delights in the domestic bliss they ve created There s only one problem She discovers her beloved husband Cameron has been cheating on herLost and bereft Charlotte hightails it out of town without giving him the chance to explain She slowly rebuilds her life meeting a police officer named Owen When Charlotte and Owen begin to fall in love Owen realizes that pieces of Charlotte s heart still Belong To Cameron And to Cameron and they move back to her home town so So this is my second read and I must say second time I see some things a little differently at the end of this story I was still so angry with H for what he did with the so called h s bff turns out he didnt physically cheat but he cheated non the less He emotionally cheated and shared things that were private between spouses and he did kiss her He then had a physical relationship with the skank right after h moved out during the time he was. Her fiancé has convinced her it's time to return home and face her past But will the truth she learns and the people she reconnects with destroy her carefully crafted happiness Hannah Downing has created an emotional ro. This is tough subject matter Heartbreaking But in the real world it happens Hannah does a beautiful ob highlighting the delicate subject matter MY GOD definitely this garbage of a book should be called PIECES OF SHIT This is soooooo ridiculous I m not even waste my time The heroine knew the hero at eighteen after spending some time together they married and were deeply in love When the heroines
mother left her 
left her the heroines world collapsed and she wouldn t let anyone in including her husband our hero So the hero feeling neglected cheating on the heroine with her best friend When the heroine found out she left and divorced the heroThe heroine moved to Boston and met another man named Owen he changed her way of thinking and helped her move on Showing her honest communication is the way to make a relationship work The heroine became engaged to Owen and they decided to move back to the heroines hometown but she never expected to feel still in love with the hero when they ran into each other againNow the heroine has two men both she loves differently and she needs to make a choice but before she can the hero decides to leave After a couple months of him being gone her relationship with Owen was starting to collapse as well So she choose herself and split with Owen left her hometown and moved to New YorkOne evening the hero shows up saying that he is sorry and he s done soul searching The hero confesses he still loves her and wants to start at the beginning with her again The heroine says she forgives him and wants to start at the beginning with him as well It ended off on the hero and heroine arranging a dateIt was an emotional book and I really enjoyed it I think the hero and heroine were both in the wrong for what they did The hero most so because no matter what kind of cheating it s cheating He was emotionally cheating on the heroine and betraying her This book all dealt with a failure of communication which destroyed their relationship Also the fact that the heroine and Owen forced their relationship The heroine was trying to love Owen the way she loved the hero and it ust wasn t working The ending kind of ticked me off but it was an all together good book to read Emotional betrayal is so much worse than physicalso much hurtful I said trying my best to hold in my tears Just because I was distant doesn t ustify you sneaking around with my best friend You broke me Cameron You broke me Well after that we d meet every few days to talk It felt so good to have someone to share my thoughts with someone I could talk to about my concerns for you and my loneliness and someone who needed something back from me She made me feel wanted needed and cared for and I started to look forward to our time together Over the weeks I started to feel closer to her and at some point i did believe i loved her but I did believe I loved her But didn t know until later on Not long before Christmas she told me she loved me and without even really thinking I told her I loved her too I felt so guilty for that but part of me honestly believed I could love her I knew it wasn t the same as the way I loved you I ll never love anyone the way I love you but it. Charlotte Barnes believed her life was perfect until a betrayal forced her from everything she knew and loved Devastated and trying to put the past behind her Charlotte sought a new life in a new town Now five years later. ,