PDF or EBOOK (Our Lady Of Guadalupe: And The Conquest Of Darkness) ¶ Warren H. Carroll

The conuerors erived primarily from the impact of the apparition and the portrait once news of them had spread throughout the land uring the course of the year 1532 p105 106 Our Lady of Guadalupe Pray for us Nevermind if you are a Catholic a Protestant or neither Are you against human sacrifices and for human rights Well then get rid of your prejudices and read this book It is time that our young folk at college start "Getting The Facts Right If Not At College Then Through "the facts right if not at college then through original sources This book is a summary of the Conuest physical spiritual of Mexico by the Catholic kingdom of Spain Whether you like it or not not is This is a one of kind historical account of the religious human sacrifice practices of the paganistic of the MexicaAztecas The author makes the sound Catholic argument that these were Satanistic practices which were battled by the arriving Spanish friars and priests The author weaves a flawless tale of this Spanish friars and priests The author weaves a flawless tale of this period to the baptism of millions of new Christians who joined the Catholic Church I found this book an amazing piece of historicalcutural research an an excellent narrative Wonderful book Very true to Warren Carroll s style lots of historical facts I was expecting this book to be mostly about the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe however the first 34 of the book was about the conversion of Mexico the Aztecs and the wars between Cortes and Montezuma I still enjoyed this book and learned so much Hindsight the author was setting the stage for the timing of Our Lady s appearance to Juan Diego The culture HAD to change in order for the people s hearts to be open to such a special blessing from above Cortes paved the way for the missionaries War had to happen before peace could come As with most contemporary history courses they paint most Catholic historical figures in a bad light Carroll oes an excellent job setting the record straight He neither idealizes Cortes nor belittles his histori. Rtantly with its central evangelical and civilizing impulse that transformed the Americas from savagery into a central part of Christendo. Our Lady Of Guadalupe: And The Conquest Of DarknessI m just starting this book now I give this book 4 stars and not 5 because although this book is filled with many fascinating historical facts I o not agree with everything that Warren H Carroll includes in his book For example he seems to agree with the Dr Callahan s conclusion that certain parts of the image on the tilma such as the sunburst stars Etc Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe Were Made By Human of Our Lady of Guadalupe were made by human Contrary to Callahan s conclusion that certain parts of the image were made by human hands the evidence available today proves otherwise I would recommend watching this video by Brother Peter Dimond for info about the

and many of its miraculous Amazing and Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe There are other things that Warren says that reveal an attitude of isapproval for what is allowable according to Traditional Catholicism Unfortunately Warren H Carroll was not a Catholic He Alien Disclosure at Area 51 denied that the Catholic faith is necessary for salvation Please see this video for informationWhy Historian Warren H Carroll was not a Catholic Good book Warren Carroll is a very levelheaded author who gives history s characters theirue if they ve Singing the Law done wrong they veone wrong If they haven t Alchemic done wrong he corrects the modern narrative against truth Aelightful and well written little book Every Catholic should read it Carroll indeed is a historian and his summary of extensive research makes for a notable read on the background to Guadalupe His wit and commentary come through only after he has established the history His perspective Get this book while you still can Why be satisfied with leftist anti Western accounts of the conuest of Mexico Case in point How often We Sell Drugs do you hear that the Aztecs were conuered by the Spanish Well I suppose they were and the author DOES criticize the Spanish when needed But thatoesn t tell the whole story In the end what is now Mexico City was conuered by a mere 1000 Spaniards with th. Standard histories on the Age of Colonization tell a sad story of the ills inflicted on indigenous peoples by exploitative Western powers. E help of a staggering 150000 native allies who were obviously tired of Aztec oppression and exploitation Read the book and you ll find out what their grievances Were In Graphic Detail Carol in graphic etail Carol knack for revealing God in history really shines through This would make a spectacular movie just think about it in what was Just think about it In what was the most monumental moment in history the two halves of *the world finally met The climax was when Cortes and Montezuma representatives of the most powerful empires on either side *world finally met The climax was when Cortes and Montezuma representatives of the most powerful empires on either side the Atlantic met face to face the one suspecting the other of being a god and the fulfillment of ancient prophecies You can t make that stuff up In the end as often happens in such pivotal moments in history the Mother of God appears pointing the way back to her son in a violent world A good account of the conuest on the Aztec s by the Spanish This book gives a fair representation of the facts It oes not whitewash the atrocities committed by the Spanish after conuering Mexico City It also states clearly the horrific accounts of the almost constant human sacrifices practiced by the Aztecs Any nation which willingly mass sacrifices it s people in that horrid manner needs to have intervention This book also gives account of the apparition of Our Lady to Juan Diego It gives compelling evidence as to the event occurring and the resulting 9 million baptisms which followed Our Lady of Guadalupe is truly the Patroness of all the Americas Though many conventional historians of Mexico today prefer not to mention Our Lady of Guadalupe or at least not at the point in time when she appeared it should be self evident that this immense surge of baptisms beginning in 1532 these millions of Indians suddenly seeking out the sacrament of Christian initiation with an overwhelming Literature of Africa desire even when not in contact with the missionaries when most of them had previously held backespite the best efforts of the missionaries and the prestige of. This book offers a realistic corrective The Spanish conuest of the New World is shown vividly in its fervor and exuberance but most impo. .