E–pub/Pdf [The Song of Homana Chronicles of the Cheysuli Book 2] BY Jennifer Roberson

The Song of Homana Chronicles of the Cheysuli Book 2Ly accepts her heritage Carillon grows older and #becomes king but no one ever fundamentally changes #king but no one ever fundamentally changes except Finn who by the second book finally stops trying to rape Alix What a terrible character Even after she becomes wife of the clan leader Duncan his own brother he continues to call her the Cheysuli euivalent of whore all the time to her face And we are supposed to LIKE him There is a very myopic view of the world For example we have two main locations in these books the Cheysuli Keep and the Homanan alace Both are laces where the main characters live and spend a lot of time but somehow we don t know anyone else who lives there Not only do we not know their names but they re barely even mentioned as being La Partera: Story of a Midwife present It s almost Twilight Zone esue where is everybody Roberson has some okayhysical descriptions of eople s looks clothes and immediate surroundings but she doesn t seem to know how to look around and describe the world and its eople besides her few main characters None of these characters are very likable in this book Alix is irritating I actually liked her in the first book but in this book she s incredibly stubborn kind of dumb and super naive Duncan is sexist unyielding and boring Finn is a erpetual teenage would be rapist until he stops and then he s just kind of mopey since he has no one to bang until he leaves Carillon after his oath blood ledge to be his leige man Carillon is bland and dumb and extremely snobby Rowan and Lachlan are actually okay if still also caricatures Finn is replaced by Donal and the ending concludes with hope for Carillon an. Erparts the sorcerous Ilhini The time had come for Prince Carillon Homana's rightful ruler to return from exile with his Cheysuli liege man free his land from the evil dominantion of the tyrant Bellam and his villainous magicians restore th.

D Homana because Donal ledges to carry on the broken Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 27 promises to serve Carillon by his uncle and his fatherIt seemed to drag on for too long but still I read the whole book I guess I just had to know how it ended I don tlan on reading book three The storytelling has improved over that in Shapechangers Namely the characters don t tend to be nearly as irrational There is now some consistency in their #mannerisms and behaviours The scope of the world being by #and behaviours The scope of the world being created by is continue to expand as new realms and olitics are brought to light If there is to be a negative comment with this story it would be the speed with which conflict is resolved eg Tynstar in Homana Mujhar freeing Alix from Valgaard even the finding of Alix within the entirety of Val It s better than the first book but that s not exactly a high bar to set I have a theory ok my wife has a theory that the biggest roblem in movies is that white Networking for Career Success: 24 Lessons for Getting to Know the Right People people don t talk to each other In this book they re all talking but no one is listening The dialogue is slightly less stiltedrobably because the two main characters are both men so there s no one to talk down to For that alone I m on team Electra Yeah she s a sorcerous bitch but she never claimed to be anything else When I first read this in high school I always thought Finn and Carillon were secret homos The subtext reads true as an adult too Bonus I m not usually a fan of descriptions of clothing and appearance but the women s wardrobe is retty dope Lots of braids and bejeweled girdles and kilted skirts and tall boots Action oriented but still fly. E Cheysuli to their rightful osition of grace and claim his birthright To do this he would not only have to raise an army but overcome the fear and Zheng Guogu prejudice of an ignorantopulation and answer the call of a rophecy he never chose to ser.