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Yfriend the son of a high ranking party official so Chen must tread carefully so as not to upset the higher echelons of the party making sure his evidence and the suspect s motives are water tight Even then he may be ending his career by accusing the suspect of murder if party internal security believes he has political reasons for targeting the party elite Even though this is the 1990s Chen seems to rely on very old fashioned techniues of investigation with have little access to forensics and only one other etective to assist in tracking African Literature and Social Change down witnesses and suspects Since his move to the US ui has made many trips back to Shanghai to visit his family and observed first hand the rapid changes in Chinese societyuring the 1990s and his observations of the everyday life of the middle and worker classes and that of the party elite feel authentic He clearly has a nostalgia for traditional Chinese cuisine as there are many Hey Kidz Buy This Book descriptions of food preparation and consumption as well as a lot of tearinking In addition to being a etective Chen is a published poet and a translator of English fiction ui s love of Chinese poetry traditional and modern is also apparent in the many uotes included in the text to illustrate Chen s musings The imagery of these is explained for the Western reader and colour the text in the same way that English poetry or reference to pop culture is often used to inform Western writing This makes for a very ifferent type of murder mystery but one that is well written with the authenticity of time and place in a changing culture If you want to read a novel written originally in English about China and Chinese culture you can t Seventh Street Alchemy A Selection of Writings from the Caine Prize for African Writing 2004 Caine Prize for African Writing series do better than start with this book iu Xiaolong in Chinese the family name comes at the beginning is not only China born and bred but as a poet and translator of ancient Chinese Tang poetry and former teacher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is also a bona fide member of the Chinese literati As an immigrant to the United States where he chose to stay on after the Tiananmen incident he is however writing a police procedural novel for a Western audience What you get therefore is an authentic look at modern China not the vomit inducing yellow face often found in other works steeped in Chinese cultural and literary tradition but explained for the Westerner It s not a translation so youon t get those awkward constructions that can arise when translating from Chinese into English And it s a cracking police procedural to boot iu s Inspector Chen is the newly appointed head of the Shanghai Police Bureau s special case suad The suad itself a new creation was formed to handle cases that have a political angle This allows iu to use the crime novel genre to explore the social and political changes sweeping through China as Chen has to conduct his investigations all the while taking care not to step too hard on powerful political toes This makes Chen a Dripping Hot Action direct literaryescendent of the iconic Chinese figure Justice Bao a semi historical semi fictional personage of mythic proportions legendary for investigating corruption in high places while being wholly incorruptible himself He is also however literary kin to characters such as Simeon s Inspector Maigret or James s Inspector Dagliesh right No Place To Cry: The Hurt and Healing of Sexual Abuse down to having his own trademark uirk in his case being a poet and having a penchant for uoting Tang Dynasty poetryHe went out to the balcony but he failed to catch a glimpse of her slender figure retreating into the night He heard only a violin from an open window above the curve of the street Two lines from Li Shangyin s Zither came to his mind The zither for no reason has half of its strings broken One string one peg evoking the memory of the youthful yearsAifficult Tang All That Glitters (Alchemys Heirs dynasty poet Li Shangyin was especially known for this elusive couplet Certainly it was not about the ancient musical instrument Why all of a sudden the lines came rushing to him heid not know The murder case A young woman A life in its prime wasted All the broken strings The lost sounds Only half of its years lived Or was there something elseThe use of literary allusions is also very much in line with classical Chinese works where such references were African American English: A Linguistic Introduction de rigueur to show one s learning Here iu unpacks the allusion for us explaining its provenance and musing on the meaning of its use iuoes this work of unpacking in other ways as well and Great Short Stories by African-American Writers does this reasonablyiscretely explaining only when he feels he has toChen Drunk On Chocolate did not answer the uestion He had a ready excuse in busily unwrapping theish beggar s chicken It smelled wonderful The recipe had supposedly originated when a beggar baked a soil and lotus leaf wrapped chicken in a pile of ashes The result was an astonishing successBut iu also omits explanations when these are not needed such as in his use of four character Chinese idioms a uintessential feature of the writing of any educated Chinese person In this following passage he uses the phrase y h uch ns n bamboo shoots after a spring rain used to indicate rapid and plentiful growth and euivalent to saying in English sprang up like mushroomsA small fishing village Major Problems in African-American History: From Freedom to Freedom Now, 1865-1990s (Major Problems in American History Series) during the Mingynasty Shanghai had Academia developed into one of the most prosperous cities in the Far East with foreign companies and factories appearing like bamboo shoots after a spring rain and people pouring in from everywhereChen s repeated references to Tang poetry are either your cup of tea or not but before youecry them for being nothing than pretentious sound and fury think of how often Western novels expressly or implicitly reference earlier foundational cultural works all without having to A Beginner's Guide to Immortality: From Alchemy to Avatars directly acknowledge theebt because the reference forms part of the Western world s cultural capital In this we are all borrowers and lenders The only Love on the Rocks Men Women and Alcohol in Post World War II America difference here is that the cultural referents iu is working with have to be explained to his Western audience which he obligingly and not tooisruptively oes The references over anchor iu s work setting modern China in the framework of its political and cultural past via the use of this cultural and social resonance And this brings me to the one aspect of this novel that pushed it from three all the way to five stars for me A key and explicit reference in the novel is made multiple times to the great Chinese classic h ng l u m ng The Dream of the Red Chamber also known as The Story of the Stone Its author Cao Xuein used his story of the wealthy Jia family to criticise the corruption and materialism of Chinese society in his time This too is a running theme in iu s novel iu s reference is not merely to recall China s historical problems with corruption and materialism however but to provide a counter to the message of this canonical work In The Dream of the Red Chamber the protagonist Baoyu struggles between fulfilling his uty to his family by successfully taking the Imperial examinations and becoming an important and wealthy court official and his own esire to write poetry The struggle is also mirrored in "his love life His family want him to marry Baochai a girl with " love life His family want him to marry Baochai a girl with and family connections whom he oes not love and he wants to marry the spiritual and artsy Daiyu his soul mate and a poor orphan girl who the family has taken in The story culminates with Baoyu being tricked into marrying Baochai while Daiyu is left to ie of heartache also known AS TUBERCULOSIS DISGUSTED WITH THE GREED AND DECEIT THAT tuberculosis Disgusted with the greed and eceit that him the novel ends with Baoyu renouncing the material world and taking on monk s robes This tension between the Academic Writing, Real World Topics demands of principle and idealism versus theemands of real world politick are at the heart of the mystery and its resolution view spoilerChen Repressed Memories A Journey to Recovery from Sexual Abuse FiresideParkside Recovery Book does of course catch his murderer Justice isone but it also transpires that Chen s investigation has been part of a larger political game of which he was unaware Bringing the murderer to justice has also meant victory for certain political interests and Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic defeat for others Inisgust Chen contemplates uitting the police force but ultimately changes his mind It is this African Literature 9 difference in response hisecision that if you believe you can Alien Conquest do something for your country you should persevere It helps a little if there are a few honest policemen around even though it may not help much that marks this novel out from Cao Xuein s own answer to the same problem hide spoiler If you want to learn a bit about how people live under a socialistictatorship Death of a Red Heroine is the novel for you It is the first in a series of murder mysteries with Inspector Chen as the lead Secrets of the TEAS® Exam Study Guide detective in the Special Case Suad This is set in the 90s right after the Tiananmen Suare massacre Inspector Chen is a policeman but he is also a poet so there are many snatches of poetry included Free verse poetry is not what I enjoy but it sets the scene wellChen is very smart and ambitious so he is moving up uickly in the ranks but he has one fatal flaw complete and undeniable honesty He is able to maneuveriplomatically within the system until stabbed in the back by an old party hack Forces in the old guard want to stop him solving the crime because of who it involves His integrity will not let him stand idly by while someone gets away with murder Chen is not a solo act he has a few good colleagues and friends who admire his loyalty and sterling character They bravely stand by him and help him even though they are risking their own livelihoods and maybe their lives. E very political forces that have guided his life since birth Chen must tiptoe around his superiors if he wants to get to the bottom of this crime and risk his career perhaps even his life to see justice on. Death of a Red HeroineA nice well balanced read about a police investigation in China Subtly criticising the one party rule and everything that it stands for Original treatment and a keen sense of ay to Conjure In African American Society day life inside the bamboo curtain makes this book a nice read I came for the mystery Stayed for the historyDeath of a Red Heroine is at once aetective story and the story of China s changes that took place in the early 1990s From what I understand the author wanted to explore the changes as capitalism began to creep into socialist China and felt that a Womens Political Activism in Palestine detective novel was the best way to get it across ui said a cop walks around talks to people and considers the context in which the murder occurred If you re expecting a straight upetective novel this isn t it Because of the history lessons ui inserted throughout the story it is sometimes slow and catching the killer who is identified early on takes time That Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, doesn t make it uninteresting I m generally not a fan of expository writing OMG no Dan Brown for me but in this novel it works Sprinkled throughout the story are lessons in Chinese history government poetry and literature The author like his main character is a poet and translator Because of this we re treated to some lovely Chinese poetry throughout the novel both ancient and modern poetry We also learn a goodeal about Chinese novels the ones children grow up reading and the ones all college students study This is something that as an American I know little about and I appreciated the lessons I got from the storyAs for the story itself a young National Model Worker is found murdered At first I thought that meant she was a model but apparently she s a model worker One that other workers should look up to Chief Inspector Chen and his sergeant begin investigating her murder and hit roadblocks at every turn mostly The alphas abused mate due to politics and how this will look Some things are universal They transcend time political systems countries and cultures Powerful people can sometimes literally get away with murder Children of powerful people enjoy a privilege that children of regular peopleo not Politics at work can prevent honest people from Word Alchemy doing their jobs properly When these truths are added to a country that is rapidly changing whether for better or worseepends on who you ask it makes for an interesting story Chief Inspector Chen only wants to solve the murder of a young woman Who his investigation leads to The Black Renaissance in Francophone African and Caribbean Literatures doesn t matter to him as long as it leads to the killer That is until higher ups intervene and make his job almost impossible Theifference between how this would play out in a An Endless Lie democracy and how it plays out in Communist China is striking There is so much at stake if he continues trying to solve the case And yet he continues view spoiler In the end The Party makes everything look like they intended the outcome all along The case gets solved though they shut Chen out of the final investigation and the trial is uick andeadly At least Chen is satisfied that a killer ROMANCE (BWWM Military Romance Boxset) (African American Urban Series Short Stories Book 1) didn t go free and especially not because of his family connections He and his second in command grow closer as each realizes the other is a truly honest cop And Chen s mother who isn t really thrilled with his choice of profession is proud of her only son hide spoiler 25 StarsHow goodid the blurb sound A My Hero Academia memes for kids - Funny New Memes 2019 detective novel that takes place in Communist China Unfortunately andespite almost every other person I know enjoying it I found this novel pretty underwhelming Proof I guess of just how subjective reading can be It s not a bad book it had a lot of promise and it picked up in the middle after a slow start But in the end it just wasn t for me and I can mainly pinpoint this to four things way too much exposition and introspection on unimportant After the Tears details obvious clues going unnoticed for far too longescriptions and portrayals of female characters that consistently skeeved me out and a main character that was hard to feel anything forSo I guess I ll start on the overabundance of exposition The book is absolutely full of Daddy Blames Me details about life in 90s Communist Shanghai Which would be fascinating and still is fascinating at times if was slipped into the story with a bit skill As it is the author seems so concerned his audience won t understand Chinese words or concepts that instead of simply letting them work out the meaning from the context he has to stop the story to explain them Every single time Which ends up creating aisjointed flow and making me feeling incredibly talked Statistical Arbitrage: Algorithmic Trading Insights and Techniques (Wiley Finance) down to I may not know a lot about communist China and I certainly want to learn but thatoesn t mean I want to be spoon fed it like a baby Despite all the information given about Shanghai here I never for one moment felt I had a grip of the city like I could see it in my mind s eye as I was reading It felt like listening to someone who had been on holiday there talk about it without photos or sitting in on an informal evening lecture rather than being transported there yourselfI mean information is all very good but sometimes you ve just get on with the story If I Facing the Rising Sun don t understand some minoretail I ll Best African American Fiction 2010 do the same thing I wouldo for a book set in Britain or the US and I freuently Her Alien Bodyguard (The Guards Of Attala, don t understand geographic or cultural references in books set in the USA I ll grab aictionary or open Wikipedia and look it up China is not fantasyland where the author needs to explain concepts and show off their world building it s a real place THE INFORMATION IS OUT THERE IF information is out there if want to go looking for Teacher For An Alien Doctor (Intergalactic Exchange Program, detail And frankly even if this was set in a fantasyland where I couldn t look things up I would still find the infodumping poorly timed and overused Yes Communist China is very interesting but either get better at integrating your information into the story or save the explanations for the stuff that mattersMaybe it s a silly thing to moan about the information on 90s China seems to be what most other reviews really loved about this book but for me it mostly just spoilt the pacing I just keep thinking that if this had been written for a Chinese audience with the assumption that the readers had a basic understanding of the setting it would have been a much much stronger and better flowing novel and it not as if relevantetails couldn t be put into notes at the end translated fiction and old classics have for this sort of stuff all the time As it is it s too catered to person who knows nothing about China and busy interrupting itself to explain the setting for it to actually get on with the storyAnd it has a similar problem when it comes to portraying politics or human emotion in general for that matter It s almost New Trends Generations in African Literature Today, Alt 20 didactic in places we re spoon fed exactly what we re meant to think of the Chinese Communist Party Every time something happens Chen s explanation of the political reasons is never far away even when it s just repeating the same thing we ve been informed 12millionty times before or when it s so fucking obvious it s not hard to work out for yourself I m thinking particularly here of the final chapter and a prominent welluh moment for me Trust me to work a little out on my own please I already spotted all the clues to the mystery chapters before your The Battle over Marriage detective after allWhich brings me neatly onto my second objection the mystery really wasn t all that mysterious A female body is found in a rural canal Naked strangled and wrapped in a plastic bag A post mortem reveals that she had sex shortly before hereath that her stomach contains caviar and that her body shows no sign of a struggle So what is the only hypothesis Teaching History for Justice do the police originallyraw from this That she was raped and murdered by a random stranger It takes about six chapters for Chen to finally go caviar That s expensive and well beyond her means She must have eaten out with somebody and when he Laughing to Keep from Dying does everybody is amazed by hiseductive reasoning The same INTERRACIAL ROMANCE deductive reasoning that told him earlier that She could not have been romantically involved at the time of hereath There was no privacy possible in her Stolen Years dorm building because apparently a couple is only allowed to have sex in the girl sormroom and meeting up elsewhere is totally out of the uestion The list of overlooked clues could go on and on but eventually they realise them and Sarah T - Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic discover their suspect at around the halfway point The rest of the book is mostly trying to prove that hedunit and working oniscovering the motive against some half hearted pressure to stop from higher up In terms of a murder mystery it s rather lackingWhat really irritated me though was the way the female characters were presented In part this is of course LA Mujer En Puerto Rico deliberate the investigation unearths an underworld of misogyny western bourgeoisecadence sexual blackmail and both sexual and emotional abuse The killer s attitude towards women is truly vile I expect to be isgusted at that though and I expect to be irritated "by the way that women were viewed in communist China and not "the way that women were viewed in communist China and not there as primarily wives Party members or wanton seriously I should have one a tally for the amount of times the author usedmisused the word wanton What I Black Roots: A Beginners Guide to Tracing the African American Family Tree didn t expect was to be so utterly skeeved out by the protagonists attitude towards women as well Oh he s not a vile abuser like the killer obviously not by any means Heoesn t overtly sexualise and My Hero Academia memes jokes - Funny and Jokes memes book dehumanise women as nothing but objects but heoes that sickening overly romantic poetic praise women are gentle flowers shit which is almost just. Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 9781569472422iu Xiaolong's Anthony Award winning Technologies for Understanding and Preventing Substance Abuse and Addiction debut introduces Inspector Chen of the Shanghai PoliceA young “national model worker” renowned for her adherence to the Asehamanising and creepy The way he Secret Origins Action Figures describes women s appearance in such flowery ways often accompanied by a Chinese love poem that the woman reminds him of or the way the author constantly feels the need to point out when a woman s t shirt is tight or her blouse is almost transparent or that her nipples are showing through the fabric Stop it stop it stop itThe scene where Chen first meets his love interest is just terrible He heroicly catches her as she trips over and the narration basically says that she need not have been embarrassed because Chen found her attractive andidn t mind the physical contact Not only clich but gross as well Like my embarrassment at tripping should be irectly tied to whether the guy who helps me out finds me attractive NO Then there s the scene where he realises the witness he s about to interview is a prostitute thinks about showing his ID card but then ecides he ll have an exotic Japanese foot massage first Yuck Meanwhile his coworker Yu is out interviewing another potential witness and when she Active Noise Control Systems: Algorithms and DSP Implementations (Wiley Series in Telecommunications and Signal Processing) doesn t want to speak to the police he falsely claims he has photos of her having sex and will release them to her employers Again yuck Oh and then I m meant to buy it when he is all outraged that her ex made exactly the same threats I wouldn t want eiher of these men as policemenI think I m meant to find Chen an intellectual romantic but I just can t Yes society seems to have taken a collective shit on women in this book but Chen s analysis is often totally misogynistic as well basically amounting to if women aren t married with children their lives must be miserable In part it is just a reflection of the time I can aknowledge that and that would actually have been interesting to explore But the way that Chen is so very obviously meant to be sympathetic and seems to be almost an author avatar at times they re both poets and members of the Chinese Writers Association made his interactions with women super awkward And uite frankly I just can t fell comfortable with a character when the third person limited perspective is so skeeveyWhich as I started off saying all contributes to me not feeling very much in the way of interest in Chief Inspector Chen He s meant to be a bright young thing An intellectual young police officer with a promising political career ahead and a private yearning for a normal family life Also everybody but everybody in the book thinks he s awesome and freely tells everyone else how awesome and promising he is But his constant poeticaligressions slow an already slow book Effective executive in action down andid nothing for me and he seemed almost completely Data Structures and Algorithms in C disinterested in the caseespite the narration freuently trying to convince me that it had taken over his life And a Fundamentals Of Agriculture Vol -2 disinterestedetective makes for a To Heal a Wounded Heart disinterested reader There s no real urgency to solve the murder for most of the book just endlessescriptions about the changing structure of the communist party And if the author and the main character can t seem to bring themselves to care about the actual murder case the book is meant to be about why should IHaving said all that and I realise it s a lot of negaive stuff so than I expected when I started this review I ll repeat again it s not a bad book Lots of people far clever than I am think it s a very good book it just contains several elements that personally irritate andor bore me There was enough of a good idea here and when the book finally picked up enough good writing that I m not going to write iu Xiaolong off just yet Perhaps a lot of what I Narcissistic Abuse Recovery disliked can be ascribed to first novel nerves and the concept if not always the execution was very interesting I m not exactly going to go huntingown the rest of this series or anything but if I see one of them on the library shelf and I feel in the right mood I might just give it a go Now that the setting s been established he might start focussing on the story25 stars from me solidly in the middle Didn t particularly like it Pure and Simple Politics: The American Federation of Labor and Political Activism, 18811917 didn t reallyislike it I thought the author got the balance just right The characters are interesting the settings enjoyable to imagine and I enjoyed the A Memory of Mankind descriptive writing The pacing was good and I was fascinated by theetails of another culture other than my own There were so many literary references that I enjoyed too many to list I tried but then I Will Teach for Food Academic Labor in Crisis Cultural Politics decided to sit back and enjoy it It was a case of the right book at the right time This was both a new author and a new narrator for me and I will seek out of this series and this combination I thought the narrator David Shih was a perfect fit and I really enjoyed listening to his enactment of this wonderful novel Here s one example of theescriptive writing I so enjoyed gazing at the misty horizon through a window her face framed by her tangled hair a cloud of velvety cattail blurred in a Civil Rights Activism in Milwaukee distant fieldTime is a bird It perches and it fliesThen there were the Chinese proverbs that were fun toiscover such as An old horse knows the way First Sentence The body was found at 440 pm on May 11 1990 in Baili Canal an out of the way canal about twenty miles to the west of ShanghaiInspector Chen Cao is a poet translator of Western literature including mysteries and newly assigned as head of the Special Case Suad The naked body of a young woman has been found in a canal The victim Guan Hongying had been recognized as a Model Worker As Chen and Detective Yu move forward as a National Model Worker As Chen Detective Yu move forward their investigation their primary suspect is the son of a High Cadre one of the highest Counter Discourse in African Literature designations for the old faithful members Chen isetermined to pursue the murder case but hadn t counted on the bureaucrats stepping in to eclare it politicalThis book worked for me for so many reasons Set one year after Tiananmen Suare it is a fascinating look at a changing China caught between the old politics and the new interjecting information of China from ancient times to the time of the book s setting There was an incredibly strong sense of place showing us the lives of people at every social stratum mainly within the city of Shanghai The etails of everyday life brought both the story and the characters into being The characters were so well Scalia V. Epstein developed particularly Chen Not having wanted to be a policeman there is theichotomy of his wanting to Material Alchemy do his job well but his love of poetry and pride when one of his poems is published The inclusion of poetry throughout the story is so wellone But I also loved a scene where Chen went to buy a piece of jewelry for a girl friend using money he earned translating a Ruth Rendell mystery He feels Rendell would have been pleased by his choice The character is further enriched by the supporting characters of his partner Yu as you watch their relationship Falling For A Boss develop and by others loyal to him If I had to say there was a weak point to the story it would probably be the plot At the same time I felt there had to be all the information surrounding it or as Western reader none of it would have made as much sense For me thisebut book lays the foundation for the characters and the series I will be very interested to see where Chen goes next The book is on the longer side and a Basics of successful agriculture in the tropics dense read but never was I tempted to put the bookown I highly recommend it DEATH OF A RED HEROINE Pol Proc Insp Chen Cao Shanghai China Cont VGXiaolong iu 1st in seriesSoho Press 2000 US Hardcover ISBN 9781569471937 If you re into stuff like this you can read the full review Who says that the splendor of a grass blade returnsThe Love of the spring that forever returnsIn Death of a Red Heroine by iu XiaolongWith this ends Death of a Red Heroine Here the main protagonist wonders whether a son s return for his mother s love is always inadeuate as well as one s responsability to one s countryWhen I tackled this book I idn t know what to expectXiaolong s main protagonist is not an ordinary Chinese policeman He s a poet and translator of T S Eliot There is a tendency to uote Chinese classical poetry as a counterpoint and commentary on the action As usual in Crime Fiction this is a evice a somewhat contrived one in my view but crime novel protagonists seem to need an approach and this one is Chen sYou can read the rest of this review elsewhere I had already read and wanted to read in this seriesThis book introduces us to Chief Inspector Chenpoet I had already read and wanted to read in this seriesThis book introduces us to Chief Inspector Chenpoet in a corrupt and changing China Guan was a National Model Worker who appeared to have no life outside of her job The Party So why was she murderedI m giving this one 4 very weak stars I They Hear Me Crying Now! (The True Story of Child Abuse Continued) - Child Abuse True Stories do like Chen as a character in spite of it having a touch Set in Shanghaiuring the 1990s this is a culturally interesting crime novel highlighting the economic and political turmoil in China at a time when the old ways were clashing with the new The author iu Xialoang was born and educated in Shanghai in 1953 becoming a poet and writer and Associate Professor at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences with an interest in English literature and translation In 1988 he travelled to Washington to work on a book on TS Eliot and elected to stay in the US following the Tiananmen Suare protests in 1989 This Mobilizing Islam debut book is the first in his successful Inspector Chen Cao series all written in EnglishChen Cao is a member of a special investigations unit that investigates crimes with political overtones The case involves the murder of a young model worker a person revered for their work ethiciscipline and high morals The suspect is her secret bo. Rinciples of the Communist Party turns up BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *1 (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *1: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Secret Baby Romance Contemporary Romance) dead in a Shanghai canal As Inspector Chen Cao of the Shanghai Special Cases Bureau struggles to trace the hidden threads of her past he finds himself challenging th.