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East sustainable city Phoenix AZ The author looks at rban sprawl local agriculture immigration issues Eco apartheid and rban planning as issues looks at rban sprawl local agriculture immigration issues Eco apartheid and The Vanished (Roswell High, urban planning as issues which tonderstand how a place like Phoenix struggles with the need for a new way to approach 120 Jobs That Wont Chain You to Your Desk urban growth and ecological sustainability Ultimately the author argues that it all comes down toestions of euity and environmental justice In the final chapter the author states his conclusions based on his various analyses of the estions arguing that greening capitalism won t work It will only continue a pattern of Eco apartheid that had It will only continue a pattern of Eco apartheid that had ever intensifying over the elastic few decades The focus needs to be on fairness justice and an euitable distribution of resources not on profits In case you couldn t tell from the clever title the city is Phoenix and the book is depressing The city should not EXIST REALLY UNLESS IT REDUCED ITSELF TO ABOUT 40000 really nless it reduced itself to about 40000 who live in xeriscaped adobe huts Phoenix is the product of rampant boosterism attracting highly polluting and totally boom and bust cycle dependent businesses the biggest of which is housing The city could have let the world in solar energy development but for many frustrating reasons has not If there is a good thing about life here other than the sun and my relatives who live there Ross does not share it So why read this Not to feel better about wherever you live although you certainly could do that No this book comes at a time when the whole country risks making many of the bad decisions Phoenix has so this is almost literally a textbook example of how not to make a place to live Textbook is actually an apt description as Ross is a professor and his writing leans to the academic s love of long nvaried sentences But Ross not only knows his history and policy but he also talked to a wide range of Phoenicians who offer varying perspectives on their city and it s fat. E also highlights the positive changes happening in Phoenix in particular the Gila River Indian Community's successful struggle to win back its water rights potentially shifting resources away from new housing developments to producing healthy local food for the people of the Phoenix Basin Ross argues that this victory may serve as a new model for how green democracy can work redressing the claims of those who have been aggrieved in a way that creates long term benefits for all Bird on Fire offers a compelling take on one of the pressing issues of our time finding pathways to sustainability at a time when governments are dismally failing their responsibility to address climate chang. .
They should hand a copy of this to anyone who moves to greater Phoenix from out of town Fair warning if your politics are right of center you ll take issue with it Is it accurate Well it s a starting point for investigation take issue with it Is it accurate Well it s a starting point for investigation s for sure by Keith SpencerIt s a bad time to be an Arizonan Even my mother who expatriated from New York 30 years ago admitted to me recently that our Arizona heritage had become an embarrassment In the past few years the state of It first has to be asked if the author in his two years in the valley practiced what he preached Did he eat all vegetarian food in the valley and throughout his life outside of the valley meat is shown to be one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases Did he take public transportation everywhere or walk Did he find a green book manufacturer to publish his book All too often these educators of sustainability wish to dictate to the people how they live their lives while at the same time living a life that has a carbon footprint of than 10 people A recent example in case is President Barack Obama who went to California and gave a speech on the drought while later playing golf at a course that ses millions of gallons of water Harrison Ford and Al Gore have many mansions and private jets while of gallons of water Harrison Ford and Al Gore have many mansions and private jets while the same time telling the public how they should cut back for climate change So I estion if he is a hypocrite like just these three examples givenOne of the asinine theories made by Ross is that illegal immigrants make Phoenix green and sustainable He ses the remarks of the city archaeologist to try and make a stretched parallel between the ancient Hohokam having migrant labor that left after helping in certain seasons as the theory goes and that of immigrants today who stay for extended periods or permanently To somehow say that increased permanent immigrant population does not have an effect on sustainability is stupi. Phoenix Arizona is one of America's fastest growing metropolitan regions It is also its least sustainable one sprawling over a thousand suare miles with a population of four and a half million minimal rainfall scorching heat and an insatiable appetite for A Faithful Church Member unrestrained growth andnrestricted property rights In Bird on Fire eminent social and cultural analyst Andrew Ross focuses on the prospects for sustainability in Phoenix a city in the bull's eye of global warming and also the obstacles that stand in the way Most authors writing on sustainable cities look at places like Portland Seattle and New York that have excellent public transit systems and relatively high density But Ross co. Bird on FireDity You can t have it both ways Either there IS a sustainablility green problem that would clearly be exacerbated by an influx of immigrants that add carbon demand on water or population has zero effect on sustainability Make no mistake about it this is not a man who goes by facts he twists facts to fit his own beliefs On a personal note I take no issue with immigrantsAndrew Ross continually claims that because Phoenix is in a desert it should not be there Civilization started in the desert He also implies that there is some water crisis with Phoenix in the future This is simply not true SRP has Put Infrastructure In Place That Was Begun infrastructure in place that was begun 100 years ago such as many reservoirs large enough to hold enough water for many years without additional inflow lakes Roosevelt Apache Canyon Saguaro and Nude Women Photography (Sexy Photo Book) UNCENSORED underground auifers that hold massive amounts of water It is also important to note that these reservoirs have hadpgrades that have taken decades to construct to increase their capacity Still Mr Ross made no mention of any of thisHe continually tries to tie development in greater Phoenix to the low Colorado river when agriculture accounts for nearly 80% of consumption of the river Ross makes no mention of voluntary education programs in water conservation that have cut water Solutions Manual for Introduction to Systems Biology usage to less than that seen in the 1980s when the population was a lot less in Phoenix The book tries to be critical of a 2006 referendum called prop 207 that was in response to eminent domain and forced zoning ideologies on property owners such as historic preservation ordinances The author is clearly driven by political opinion of the left and is hostile to property rights and individual freedom and liberty Ross offers really no solutions to the problems he raises I would give this book 2 if I could This terrific book discusses the intersectingestions of I would give this book 2 if I could This terrific book discusses the intersecting Happy Halloween from the Montgomerys (With Me in Seattle, uestions of at play in what he argues is the Ntends that if we can't change the game in fast growing low density cities like Phoenix the whole movement has a major problem Drawing on interviews with 200 influential residents from state legislatorsrban planners developers and green business advocates to civil rights champions energy lobbyists solar entrepreneurs and community activists Ross argues that if Phoenix is ever to become sustainable it will occur through political and social change than through technological fixes Ross explains how Arizona's increasingly xenophobic immigration laws science denying legislature and growth at all costs business ethic have perpetuated social injustice and environmental degradation But