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real life much worse than this novel Will a convicted pedophile and child murderer be able *TO BARGAIN FOR A REDUCED SENTENCE *bargain for a reduced sentence return for information on those who were not caught PI Rivers investigates causing new deaths You d think he d figure out HE ISN T VERY GOOD AT THIS THE SONG isn t very good at this The Song is one of the biggest achievements of contemporary PI crime fiction Not in England only but on English language as well Damn good First read of an Edric novel and I m hooked Fantastically moody and well crafted motional mystery Top shelf read Looking forward to the next installment It s good to read a novel set in your own home town so that places are readily identifiable something we re not used to in Hull This is. An imprisoned paedophile and child murderer unexpectedly appeals his conviction In return for a reduced sentence he offers to implicate those involved in the crimes who were never caught; to provide vidence of Police corruption at the time of the original investigation; and most importantly to reveal where the corpses of several long sought but never found teenage girls are buriedUnhappy at what may be about to happen but at the same time desperate to locate.
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Killing a number of girls He confessed to the crimes in great detail At his trial he pleaded not guilty He is now appealing against his convictionLeo Rivers a private investigator is approached by James Bishopthe father of one of the victims to See What He Can Discover About What what he can discover about what happened as his daughter had never been found Yet Roper at his trial had claimed about what happened as his daughter had never been found Yet Roper at his trial had claimed kill the girl Roper s trial was so lurid that most of it was conducted in a cleared courtroom and much of the testimony is permanently sealed making Rivers search all the difficultEdric does not shy away from difficult topics This first song of the trilogy deals with pedophilia child murder and police corruption This book would perhaps appeal to fans of Ian RankinDid I mention this story takes place in Hull Englan. S momentum and now must speed inexorably to the ven greater violence and sadness of its conclusionThe first of a trilogy of contemporary crime novels set in the city of Hull Robert Edric's new novel is reminiscent of Chandler and Mosley and yet remains uniuely British Against the backdrop of Internet pornography Police corruption and child murder this dark and intense novel reads like a game of chess where ach piece is invested with a deceptive significance. .
Cradle SongA rather over co This was great I m really pleased it s the first part of trilogy and I get to read m really pleased it s the first part of a and I get to read second two installments in the series I just hope they are as high uality as this It s a PI novel set in the internet age in Hull an industrial city in the north of England with nothing much to recommend it Leo Rivers gets involved in the case of Nicola Bishop a fourteen year old who went Cradle Song Is the first book in a trilogy This series of the three books is a departure for Mr Edric because it is about as close to a crimedetective series as the author has ver gotten The title Cradle Song is a bleak irony the central God's Pocket events of the book are the murders during sexual torture of teenage girls Years before the book begins Martin Roper a pornographer was convicted of. The body of his own missing daughter the father of one of these girls approaches Private Investigator Leo Rivers with a plea for helpRivers'nuiries stir cold and bitter memories Long dead ЯED enmities flare suddenly into violence and a succession of new killings Everyone involved then and now and on both sides of the law is unprepared for the suddenness and ferocity with which these oldmbers are fanned back into life As the investigation progresses it gather.