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Hey made me smile I thought this book would inspire my nephew to share how HE would build a car if he could I liked the book but I didn t get any feedback from nephew or family about whether he liked the book Fun to read and great picturesIf you re kids are into cars or njoy a Dr Seuss style rhyme then this is a great one for you I really njoyed the illustration style too Personal response I thought this was such a fun book It response I thought this was such a fun book It me a lot of the movie Meet the Robinsons so it was fun to make that connection The first time I read it I thought it was just about futuristic cars With read throughs I realized #THAT IT IS SET IN THE #it is set in the or 1960s and I thought that was a really neat perspective Purposes1 EnjoymentEnrichment Simply put kids will like With witty detail bright colors and chrome recall the fabulous fifties and an ra of classic American automobiles Infectious rhythm and clever invention make this wonderful read aloud a launch pad for imaginative fun. R own and to work in groups and #collaborate with ach other this could a great #with ach other This could a great aloud during a poetry unit to show students a variation in different types of poetry This could be a fun way to show students that poetry doesn t have to be intimidating Students that like this E B White read aloud award winner and the Imagination Library Blue Ribbon Selection would also like Truckery Rhymes by Jon Scieszka This book is distributed by The Dolly Parton Imagination Library and is available as an From Notes to Narrative e book This picture book aimed at older kidsxplores the imagination of a young boy as he Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America explainsxactly how HE would design a car I love the vintage 1960s inspired illustrations The gadgets and things the boy wants in his car are fantastical ven for today but Chauffeur With Jack's soaring imagination in the driver's seat we're deep sea diving one minute and flying high above traffic the next in this whimsical tantalizing take on the car of the future Illustrations packed. ,

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If I Built a Car is a creative story #about how a young boy named Jack designed a car He has many creative ideas and draws inspiration from #how a young boy named Jack designed a car He has many creative ideas and draws inspiration from Cadillac s Zeppelins and the Weiner mobile He added things like a pool and a snack bar This creative car surprises Jack s father and makes for a wonderful read Grades K 3 This would be a great book to have students design their own car First they can draw a blue print then they can built their car "Out Of Materials Provided By The Teacher "of materials provided by the teacher students that would njoy this book include students that like cars or students that like to design things or invent things Groups could work together to design a car to protect an Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) egg from breaking when dropped This activity can teach students to problem solve on thei. If I built a car it'd be totally new Here are a few of the things that I'd do Young Jack is giving anye opening tour of the car he'd like to build There's a snack bar a pool and ven a robot named Robert to act as. If I Built a Car