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Temple GrandinPeople especially children have very difficult time understanding AUTISM AND ITS SYMPTOMS LIKE IT IS FOR and its symptoms Like it is hard for Grandin to understand eople s body language and their motives it is hard for other eople to understand what is going on in Temple s mind Montgomery explains autism in a very fresh and simple way using insightful comparisons that children can grasp Too many books about eople who have autism or other disorders ask the reader to feel sympathy for these eople Montgomery does better She asks the reader to accept and value Grandin as a whole feel sympathy for these eople Montgomery does better She asks the reader to accept and value Grandin as a whole Readers will come to admire her for exactly who she is and the many things she has accomplished It may be difficult to read some of the descriptions of the cruel treatment of food animals or their uality of life but it forces the reader to see not only the harsh reality but how brave Gra. When Temple Grandin was born her arents knew that she was different Years later she was diagnosed with autism   While Temple’s doctor recommended a hospital her mother believed in her Temple went to school instead   T. Ndin is and was to confront this reality While the reader may think This Is Horrible Templ is horrible Templ Found Here Never in a million years did I expect to be so impacted by this book When I closed its cover I actually spoke Wow aloud Grandin has succeeded because of her autism not in spite of itMontgomery weaves a good explanation of what autism is and how it can affect Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set people through her account of Grandin s youth and college years Grandin s approach to life is different than many not only did it work for her it brought her to a successful and meaningful career Her ability to recognizeain and fear in animals as a teen has led to her working for humane treatment of animals her entire adult life Her fixation coupled with a common sense approach allowed her to face sexism disrespect denial and sabotage in the workplace Grandin s advice for kids on th. Oday Dr Temple Grandin is a scientist and rofessor of animal science at Colorado State University Her world changing career revolutionized the livestock industry As An Advocate For an advocate for Temple uses her experience as an exam.

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E spectrum offers concrete tips for those "Living With Autism And For Those Whose "with autism and for those whose are touched by them Backmatter includes books those whose lives are touched by them Backmatter includes books and websites some of which are appropriate for young eople Lots of Robot Programming possibilities for booktalking gross factor biography assignments career studies bullying discussions and Good biography and story about Temple Grandin s interests and how she made these interests into a successful career However I think the author got a little strident about the animal welfare issues near the end of the book We were reading it for the autism I ended up skipping extensive descriptions of animal slaughter Andy would say again when I started anotheraragraph about the horrors of factory farming I ve already read several books by Grandin she s my hero But I m excited to read this anyway Not just because the mind of an autisti. Ple of the uniue contributions that autistic eople can make   This compelling biography complete with Temple’s ersonal photos takes us inside her extraordinary mind and opens the door takes us inside her extraordinary mind and opens the door a broader understanding of autis.