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Llis it ven possible to love aNope Not gonna tell guys and gals This is such a fun read that I m going to leave it all up to you to find out Caleb s secret Being the first book in this new series there is far to come but my advice is that you must definitely give this one a shotUntil Next TimeAmy I recently participated in a giveaway and won this book as a result It s a few years old but I figured What the heck I ll read and review it anyways Interesting Seductive Surrender enough I actually came across this book back in 2012 when I was looking for something new to read and for reasons unknown or forgotten I decided not to buy and read it It s a decision I regret as this book wasn t half badDougie s body went stiff and on high alert Did he try somethingI turned to him Relax He hasn t done anything Don t strain yourself I d hate to have you bust some of your stitchesI think what I liked most about this book was the diverse cultural backgrounds of the lead characters I seldom see paranormal romance stories that have a protagonist who is of a differentthnicity other than Caucasian in addition to a story that is well written and lacks the Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, ever present cheese fest so many novels of the romance genre possessChad chad noun A young Anglo American malewith athletic build typically named Chad who is very popular with the opposite sex and usually the alpha male of a social group Chad ate often found in fraternities tailgate parties sportingvents and anywhere in the vicinity of a light beer kegger Staple attire consists of the following baseball cap wife beater undershirt or T shirt with ironic slogan cargo shorts and leather sandals Prone to utter inappropriate phrases like What s up bro or Yo dogI m a sucker for great humor and some witty remarks For some reason I find that it ndears the characters to me Sam our POV character and heroine seems to be the heavyweight champion in that department Samara or Sam comes from a mixed parentage I disliked her constant complaints of her thnicity there s nothing unpleasant than reading from the point of view of a character who hates herhimself She clearly has some racial programming going on But it was great to see Sam be of a challenge and not immediately fall at Caleb s feet and profess her undying love like some love sick puppy Despite Caleb our hero and Sam s love interest being a bit supernatural he s not your stereotypical guy He s not the uber hot dark and brooding dude like you ll see in Vampire Diaries or God forbid Twilight but that is probably an unfair comparison as they are vampires and Caleb is something lse ntirely Never the less he is still a really cool guyFor some reason I though of that Valtrex commercial where the couple skips along the beach despite the fact that one of them has a highly contagious incurable disease I imagined Caleb and me in that situationWe re holding hands and he looks at the camera an have a demonic parasiteAnd I don t I say with a smile Nadine is the secondary character and also Sam s best friend who surprisingly has something suspiciously strange about heryou ll have to read to find out I will say that Nadine naming her pet Lilith garnered a serious head shake and side ye from me My first reaction was to say really how apt that name isDo I look like a Happy Meal to you He s not feeding off me SamI really do wish I had read this before but it is what it is Decent writing and some interesting plot twists I might read the next book the series so

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back with later Happy reading all Living Violet is a fun and invigorating paranormal book from Jaime Reed It tells the story of a teenage girl named Sam who works at a bookstore where mysterious things have begun to happen Her co worker Caleb is strangely alluring and she finds herself inexplicably drawn to his tempting violet colored yes But could he be dangerous All signs point to yes Every girl he is seen with happens to become victim to all kinds of unfortunate The Deepest Sin events But Sam just can t stay awayWith lovely prose and a uick pace the author takes us through a new and inventive paranormal world Sam s perspective is wittyxciting and compulsively page turning Every character stands on their own with Reed s rich character development Priceless comedy flows from the pages leaving tons of laughs to be discovered The world building is asy to follow and the storyline is xpertly craftedThis is recommended for those who d love to read a funny and insidious version of recent YA paranormal books If you love to laugh and discover new funny and insidious version of recent YA paranormal books If you love to laugh and discover new than this might be the book you ve been looking forReview from FreshFictioncom I thought this book was fantastic It was not what I was xpecting but it gave me a big smile on my face Whenever I read book about a succubus it s always about a girl Not in this book We have a boy succubus who is struggling with who and what he is And that folks makes for an awesome readLike I said before this book is so cool I am so happy that I got to read the story of this young mans life and his struggles One thing I njoyed about this book is the great tale of what he is and how he came to be I loved the back round history that Ms Reed creates for her readers I love a good back round history to characters cause it gives them character I like the rules that are set in the world Caleb s is learning to deal with his succubus side without it causing This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic Nerd MY THOUGHTS This just wasn t my kind of book I kind of knew that after reading the synopsis but I decided to give this book a chance for three reasons 1 The book has a high average rating and very positive reviews 2 The MC is biracial and that is so rarely seen in paranormal YA ven rarer at the time of this book s publication 3 I owned copies of the ntire series Unfortunately I wasn t a fan of this bookSamara or Sam is a bit suspicious of her coworker Caleb He has a revolving door of ladies and when Sam catches him making. Only one to sense danger behind his smileBut Caleb's secrets are drawing Samara into a world where the laws of attraction are a means of survival And as a sinister power closes in on those she loves Samara must take a risk that will change her life foreveror consume it. ,
Love indulged the masochist Truer words have never been spoken if I do say so myself It s a philosophy that has kept me sane for as long as I can remember and helped me survive the weirdest summer of my life On the flip side it s very ntertaining what love will make people do It s a great way to spend your lunch breakThis wry and witty observation opens up the amazing first novel by Jaime Reed Living Violet and xplains why it deserves than a measly five stars Samara Marshall the narrator and author of the above xcerpt is the kind of heroine many of us who love YA and who miss the intelligent and take charge type have sorely missed The YA genre seems to have gone out of its way to turn the clock back on strong and self sufficient heroines opting instead for weak vacillating and co dependent girls who have no reason to xist save as a foil for the attendant mysterious hawt boy du jour Thankfully Samara is smart funny wry and tough as all get out Her behavior bears this observation out Samara speaks her mind yet sometimes overanalyzes things Whenever she s uncomfortable or trying to be funny she tends to speak Elizabethan uoting Shakespeare so cool She has goals beyond becoming the love interest of the mysterious hawt boy stalker du jour She also has a circle of uirky friends who actually look like the rest of the world For Samara it s summer which means days spent working at Buncha Books saving up for a new car babysitting for her demon step siblings dealing with her single mother who s jumping into the dating pool once again while scaring Samara and her friends to death with Dateline pisodes about stalkers and predators while also watching best friend Mia and her boyfriend Dougie suare off yet again in another lover s uarrel For Samara love is just not worth all the attendant drama though she gets a huge kick out of observing what she and a few others consider better than reality televisionOf course such an idyllic summer comes to a screeching halt with the introduction of the mysteriously violet yed Caleb Baker an somewhat shaggy mo boy with an almost unhealthy sugar kick and a knack for women throwing themselves at him for no good reason Samara is totally put off by his weirdness and it certainly doesn t help matters when she catches him lip locking a girl in the magazine aisle It also doesn t help matters when she notices his violet yes glowing and some kind of rays coming from his fingers Now this is the moment most authors in this genre toss out all good sense and throw their heroines under the bus Suddenly Snowflakes on the Sea everything that was good about the heroine goes to hell and it suddenly becomes all about the mysterious hot boy du jour Not Samara After a date or two and some very scary happenings centered around Caleb she realizes in spite of his arrogance his sweet tooth and the fact that women tend to have heart attacks after kissing him that she likes him I often wondered why girls were attracted to dangerous mysterious men The answer was simple It sxciting and provactive They re constantly on Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy edge nothing sver boring and danger is a turn on Yes I can get behind this but again Samara doesn t lose all common sense When her well ordered world starts running amok she doesn t get all weepy and "dependent upon hot guy du jour to save her life Samara doesn t get mad She "upon hot guy du jour to save her life Samara doesn t get mad She mad AND ven Outside of Samara one of the most ngaging characters was Nadine a Polish xchange student too beautiful for words but who nursed a definite streak of sarcasm You know those t shirts that read Sarcasm Just One of the Many Services I Offer I could asily Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival envison her wearing one I hate those Elmo goth kids she griped What self respecting sociopath drinks chai anyway What do they know about real torment Let them survive a concentration camp and then they can complainIt s calledmo I corrected her And your grandparents didn t Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, even get to the camp before the US troops came inNadine moved to the back counter and checked the timers on the coffeepots It s still torment And if you saymo I say Elmo because they are The Fix eually childishOkay so I haven t said much about Caleb That s not because he s not likeable and sympathetic He is Something about him goes above and beyond that mysterious hawt boy stalker du jour and it s not his paranormal origins Even without them he s still a fully fleshed character He s open to a point honest and self depreciating This is a guy who can laugh at himself and the absurdity of his situation He s also strongnough to protect Samara and wise nough to know when to back the hell off and let her handle herself I like that Unlike a lot of so called paranormal heroes he s not watching her sleep or messing with the ngine of her car to keep her from harmIn spite of this being a paranormal YA romance Ms Reed the ngine of her car to keep her from harmIn spite of this being a paranormal YA romance Ms Reed and cheerfully skewers many of its conventions including a not so subtle and well deseved dig at the Twilight books and its attendant and scary fanbase Those of us who absoutely loathed those books and the rash of copycats will sympathize with Samara Nicole Caleb and the rest of the Buncha Books staff who have to suffer through the slavish devotion such dreck has ngendered not just amongst teen girls but their momsThe other big reasons for five stars it s an interracial YA romance something there isn t nough of Samara and Caleb are a couple I liked reading about because they felt real in spite of the paranormal lements real in spite of the paranormal lements other reason is No Cover Fail Yes Virginia that s actually a black girl on the cover of the book with a white boy Take that all you mainstream publishers who think whitewashing covers is a good business modelIn short if you re a YA reader who s been waiting for a heroine worth the name then Samara Marshall is your girl and Living Violet is the book Come on Ms Reed hurry up with volume 2 Yay another YA IR novelThis was soooooooooooo goooooooood I m not kidding around here I loved this book I have never read a book about Succub. He's persuasive charming and way too mysterious And for Samara Marshall her co worker is verything she wants most and The Casa Mono Cookbook everything she most fearsSamara Marshall is determined to make the summer before her senior year the bestver Her plan njoy downtime with friends an. Us or Incubus s or Cambions this was a good way to get me hooked on them I loved very minute of reading this These characters just jumped off the page and into my lap as I read about them on my kindle I was succubused in lol I couldn t put it down read it in a day then went on to the second book and finished that the next day Every character was asy to love SamaraSam was like the best ya heroine I have ver read she took no mess Her voice in this was a dead given that if I knew her in High school way back in the day lol we would have been kindred spirits Ms Reed brought her to life to me she was so realI love creative ways people put words together Sam does a lot of that she was so witty I love how she would described some of her peeps she knows in school this on in particularly was my fav Davenport was the textbook definition of a ChadChad chad nounA young Anglo American male with athletic build typically named Chad who is very popular with the opposite sex and usually the alpha male of a social group Chads are often found in fraternities tailgate parties sporting vents and anywhere within the vicinity of a light beer kegger Staple attire consists of the following baseball cap wife beater undershirt or T shirt with ironic slogan cargo shorts and leather sandals Prone to utter inappropriate phrases like What s up bro or Yo dog That was HIlariousThen theres CalebCake Boy the guy she first sees as a man whore then gets to know him and his issues with the roommate as she calls it that lives inside him sucking all female nergy by mouth Caleb is so sweet and was a young man of worth I really liked his character the way he cared about her and watched her for so long was bitter sweet I love how they took there time to get to know Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) each other When he had the talk with her dad and had this to say to her when she asked what happen He was pretty concerned about our age difference He called me a cradle robber and a few other names that I didn t understand Then he said something about you and then I was completely lost Whatxactly is a ten deroni I just about peed laughing so hard He is so ffin cute gosh I could go and on about these two this was such a mind blowing mind stimulating read I couldn t get nough Oh and I mention it was an IR right My fav genre So good to see and coming out Heres my Caleb and Samara Happy Reading and you will be happy once you read this Song Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars minus the sex Ok so this was definitely not a great book but it was xactly what I neededI honestly don t know if the writing was so forced or if the problem was the translation Because a lot was translated uite literally when it really doesn t work in german So I m thinking maybe the nglish original is better Anyway I got what I wanted and I had a lot if fun Fun fast reading not the best out there but great when you are bored Don t xpect much from it but rather try to read it with open mind 255 Stars This book was AMAZING I loved very minute of this story and can t wait for the second book I love Samara She s smart funny caring and pretty badass She doesn t let people boss her around and she stands up for what she believes in You can t ask for in heroine than Samara Caleb is funny and you can tell he cares a lot for Samara I love that Jamie Reed didn t make Caleb your typical Hottest most perfect guy in the world like a lot of YA books do I like that she made him seem like your average guy in the looks department at least to Samara I also liked how Jamie Reed made Sam and Caleb s relationship proceed at a normal rate and not love at first sight It just felt a little real I love that Samara had a Filipino best friend and that Samara herself is biracial You don t really find that in YA books and it
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refreshin Before askno not one vampire in sight I would say YAY but I m afraid my house might get burned down This is a fantastically fun YA paranormal that is a truly Conflict in Blood exciting debut for this author Samara Marshall is funntertaining sarcastic and spends a great deal of her time watching her best friend Mia beat the heck out of her boyfriend Dougie In fact that s xactly what she s doing when our story opens sitting on the hood of a car downing a Big Gulp and watching the action Samara works inside Buncha Books at the Cuppa Joe coffee shop that s located in the back of the bookstore Nadine a polish xchange student is the manager and seriously funny Another co worker of Samara s is Caleb Baker and he is than a bit odd It seems that The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant every time Samara looks at the guy there s some girl locked to his lips And this is notxactly a drool worthy dude He s cute but nothing to write home about in Samara s mind The only thing he does have going for him are these deep purplish blue Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) eyes that seem to stunvery girl on the planet and make them swoonOne day Samara notices yet another young woman attached to Caleb s face and then later notices that she is being pulled into an ambulance right outside in the parking lot The girl had a heart attack and she is far too young to ven think of having oneSamara also has a pretty fun home life Mom and Dad are divorced and young to ven think of having oneSamara also has a pretty fun home life Mom and Dad are divorced and is remarried with twin girls but the parents still seem to get along uite well The only thing that s a bit negative is that Mom believes that she will never find another man and is than a bit lonely As this humorous tale moves forward through various circumstances Samara and Caleb Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design end up on a date Caleb who is always shoving sugary foods into his mouth and offering one liners to the women who drop at his feet seems to really like Samara Perhaps it s because she wouldn t swoon over him if he paid her to Of course when Samara finds out whatxactly Caleb really is and the secret he s been hiding swooning is definitely out For many people screaming and running to the police would be in but as Samara learns and about Caleb s particular situation an odd type of feeling seems to come over her Could it be love After D work to save up cash for her dream car Summer romance is not on her to do list but uncovering the truth about her flirtatious co worker Caleb Baker is From the peculiar glow to his The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths eyes to the unfortunatevents that befall the girls who pine after him Samara is the.

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