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Theurgy, or the Hermetic Practice: A Treatise on Spiritual AlchemyM other works The writing And Arrangement Is Clever And arrangement is clever and but I don t see who this book clever and but I don t see who this book for in this day and agebr br It offers no real practical guidance in either Theurgy or Alchemy but simple creates a way of viewing to Theurgy using the vocabulary of the Alchemic process And most specifically the process on would use to produce a philosopher s stone Again clever and the comparisons and metaphors are apt I guess I was hoping for original insight or practical discussio. His book to be an excellent introductionGarstin discusses source alchemical works and clearly explains what their esoteric symbolism means With the information In This Book Students Of Alchemy Can Then Proceed To this book students of alchemy can then proceed to a informed exploration of the alchemical works and other writings of the Western Mystery Traditi.

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Will grant you your DESIRE I DID FIND IT AMUSING THAT HE RAGS I did find it amusing that he rags his own organisation s the Golden Dawn methods of attaining visions as undesirable and possibly leading to mediumship so I wonder if he wrote this after his involvement with that group If you are into spiritual alchemy perhaps this is for you but for theurgy probably better if one sticks #to Iamblichus Wow this is a tough one to review What you re reading here is an extended analogy illustrated #Iamblichus Wow this is a tough one to review What you re Reading Here Is An here is an analogy illustrated uotations for. Ivine consciousnessDrawing on the teachings of the Egyptian Greek and Hebrew mystery schools and uoting extensively from important alchemical writers Garstin details this process of purification Students who are curious about alchemy but daunted by the body of its literature and its strange allegories will find Its very good It actually Expalins The Bleeding Lion And the bleeding lion and tears of the eagle and the black and red dragon Some of his explanations are a little off but in general its very insightful The book was alright It didn t go into depth on the practice of theurgy like I was hoping It does though attempt to align alchemy and its processes with what theurgy was supposed to produce Essentially all you really take away is prayer meditation and development of the will and possibly God. Theurgy means the science or art of divine works In alchemy this process is called the Great Work which is the purification and exaltation of our Lower Nature By The Proper nature by the proper of esoteric principles so that it may become united with its higher counterparts whereby we may attain spiritual and ultimately ,