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E xperienced at the base camp but I was out in the field a lot and my letters sound like poor me pity parties a lot and my letters sound like poor me pity parties liked the book but think it would have been good to include This is a great story of a soldier s time in Vietnam from a non combat point of view The authorRandy Mixter was a member of the military police He sent letters home to his girlfriend now wife which he turned into this cleverly crafted volume It also includes some of his wife s letters to him I found his stories to be very interesting as they were coming from the Military Police perspective I was an INFANTRYMAN IN VIETNAM AND EXPERIENCED THE in Vietnam and Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) experienced the in a different wayAdventures such as finding a naked soldier with a prostitute take on added interest when the naked soldier puts on his uniform and is found to be a colonel This memoir is stocked with stories that run the gamut of heartwarming to funny to sad This volume should be on the shelf ofveryone who has an interest in the Vietnam War. Vietnam Sometimes poignantsometimes humorous but always gripping the book is written with a deep sense of respect for his fellow brothers in arms in a war torn country”Lou Fantauzzi Vietnam 1966.

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Kindle memoirs A fast and interesting read about life as a MP during the Vietnam War Letters from Long interesting read about life as a MP during the Vietnam War Letters from Long paints a vivid picture of the big surge of 1967 while giving the reader insights into the psyche of a MP during his tour of duty There psyche of a MP during his tour of duty There an innocence and some naivety that one would Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe expect which adds to the charm of the many vignettes contained in the book I reallynjoyed this brief look into the life of a military policeman in Vietnam For some weird reason I am interested in war mainly World War 2 and the Vietnam War I don t mean to disrespect anyone who has served in any other war but for some reason I am drawn towards those two I don t like boring facts and figures I like to read about the people who lived it and Randy Mixter did a great job of allowing me to look into his life It was like standing over his shoulder and reading his private diary You can smell the air and taste the dust while reading this book It was a uick and asy read and very. Awarded Honorable Mention by the Military Writers Society Of AmericaMy book about Vietnam Letters From Long Binh Memoirs of a Military Policeman in Vietnam is now available for sale at com I based EnjoyableOne thing about this book that stands out is the Honesty Of Randy He Does Not Write This As If of Randy He does not write this as if is a one man army beating all the odds He openly shares of his mistakes and faults as well has his victories He lets you know his motions in different situations He shares the humor that he found in sticky situations while letting you also see his grief in losing friends to the war I appreciated his candor and would suggest anyone interested in Vietnam read this It is not full of action but it is full of real life Maybe one day he will put out another book with some of his letters in them I would also be interested in reading about how the war has affected him since being home and out of the army Check this out if you are looking for a uick yet interesting read I was in Vietnam at the same time as the author and religiously wrote home as well Wish I had thought of putting all those letters to book form as Mr Mixter did I could relate to most of what
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He book the letters I wrote home to my wife Roni during my tour of duty in the 615th MP Company in 1967Letters from Long Binh gives the reader an honest appraisal of the veryday life of an MP in. Letters from Long Binh