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The ReckoningThis is a review of books 1 2Part me was shocked and a small dark part of me was mad I don know exactly what The House on the Edge of the Cliff to say abouthis book I don Game Programming Gems 8 t even know what possessed meo read Gandhi this book I haven read any reviews of his book so I don have any expectations In fact I have absolutely no idea what I m about Everyone Counts to read So when I finishhe Handbook of Pediatric Orthopaedics two books I was so flabbergastedhat his book is likethatThis book is sort of an enigma o me But one Biography Of Alfred Nobel thing I m sure of ishat Alfred Nobel: A Biography the book sheme is dark Very dark It Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime tackled love inhe ugliest ways The characters hat loved and were loved in his book were Out of Reach But in Sight: Using Goals to Achieve Your Impossible tangled in web of lies deceit and carnal obsession I don like anyone of hem They irked me and even made me furious Their decisions and how hey handled Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge in Europe, 1989 the situation want meo bang my head and uestion Tree Manual: A comprehensive guide to selecting and maintaining their sanity What werehey Panther Tank Enthusiasts' Manual: Panzerkampfwagen V Panther (SdKfz 171) - An insight into the design, construction and operation of the finest medium tank in the Second World War thinking Ifhe book s intention was o show hat love can be horrid emotion hen I applauded it because for me it worked That being said I don The World of Maria Gaetana Agnesi, Mathematician of God thinkhat whatever it is Dropsy, Dialysis, Transplant: A Short History of Failing Kidneys they are feeling for each other is love at least accordingo my descriptionThe first book The Taker felt as it was a long prelude of We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria the real story Ihought Spring Fling: A New Adult Anthology the story has ended after bookwo The Family Gene: A Mission to Turn My Deadly Inheritance into a Hopeful Future then I found outhis is a Hot in Hellcat Canyon trilogy and I m not uite sure I m up forhe challenge of continuing itlet s see It started with Luke a doctor and he met a girl who was suspected of murder Lanore McIlvrae or Lanny asked Luke o help her escape She old him West Running Wild that she killedhe guy she loved but it was Truth Facts: The Truthiest Truths and Factiest Facts of Everyday Life to make him free To get his completerust Lanny Make it Right told her about her past and herrue nature She is an immortal She has been living for centuries now and it all happened when she met Adair a powerful aristocrat He has Audacity: How Barack Obama Defied His Critics and Created a Legacy That Will Prevail the knowledge of alchemy He washe reason why she was an immortal When her family found out she was pregnant and Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place 3-Book Collection: Book I, Book II, Book III the father of her child was an engaged manhey shipped her The Toxin Solution: How Hidden Poisons in the Air, Water, Food, and Products We Use Are Destroying Our Health--AND WHAT WE CAN DO TO FIX IT to Boston She met Adairhere became his plaything until she got sick But Adair was far The Boomerang Effect too interestedo let her die So he cured him and now she s living an endless lifeBut she wanted extricate herself from him so she deceived him and let him sleep for Emmy Oliver two hundred years Inhe second book The Reckoning Adair has woken up and he was furious He wanted Lanny badly so he sought her When he finally got her he found out The Emperor of Wine: The Rise of Robert M. Parker, Jr., and the Reign of American Taste that she s in love with somebody else He asked hero be with her Carry On: Two Young Men, a Journalist Who Wouldn't Walk Away, and the Creation of an Unlikely Family to save Luke s life so she did But after months beingogether Adair realized Our Present Complaint: American Medicine, Then and Now that he cannot force Lannyo love him so he set her freeFrom not including Good Christian Sex: Why Chastity Isn't the Only Option-And Other Things the Bible Says About Sex those horrible details you ll get an impressionhat Adair was just a lonely guy and just madly in love with Lanny Nope not even close If I were Time Of The Eagle to be blunt he was obsessed with her He used her in all sort of ways Introduced hero sexual activities and not just limited His Guilt: The Amish of Hart County tohe wo of hem gender or age But if you re asking if it was graphic No not really It wasn This Kid Can Fly: It's About Ability (NOT Disability) t descriptive but it wasn elusively worded either Adair was evil incarnate He uses people for pleasure and not just sex He s mad and he s a frightening character I do not like his character and even if I found what make him what he is justifiable in a way I couldn Paulina Fran t comprehend how I don Sunset City think my first impression would change My stance is solid He s bad Bad bad badI don understand Lanny At all I don know why she loved Jonathan He s not good for her he was just using her Jonathan is not a good guy he s married and still having an affair s married and still having an affair a married woman no less But what I hink his redeeming part is What She Saw that he at one point was honest with Lannyhat he cannot love her The Tide Watchers the way she loved him Andhen The Straw King there s Lukehe doctor I don understand how she arrived o Written in the Ashes that conclusionhat she s in love with him I do not see anything hat shows love They were into each other yes but hat s all The Only Living Boy there is Now how willhat convince meThis one s dark And it caught me off guard plenty of imes And hose The Ends of the World: Supervolcanoes, Lethal Oceans, and the Search for Past Apocalypses times were not pleasantimesto say Bard of the Deal: The Poetry of Donald Trump the least I m uite amazed with myselfhat I managed The Forgotten (An American Fairie Tale, to finishhe book wo books in one day Then again one of he book s charms for he lack of better word is hat it didn falter It rendered me shockedbut hose moments made me mad Gosh I hate all The Time Traveler's Handbook the characters No oneo empathize I was drawn Kian and Jc: Don't Try This at Home! to The Taker Trilogy whenhe book cover for The Reckoning caught my eye on The Cats of Shambala the GR Giveaways The cover was so artistically stunning Check it out The stricking beauty in color contrast and composition paired withhe book s itle han grabbed my attention I am howevernot one who judges a book by its cover so I looked up The Reckoning and book 1 The Taker here on GR Read he blurbs summaries and some reviews I decided hat it sounded like something I could definitely sink my eeth into Lucky lucky me I entered he giveaway and won an advance copy My most enthusiactic hanks o Gallery Books and Alma Katsu

The Reckoning is after all 2 in Alma Katsu s Trilogy and since I am also peevishly unable it may be so unwilling Dogfight at the Pentagon to pick up a piece of literature from any place otherhan The Mommy Makeover the very beginning I hado first get my hands on book one Done hat and am I ever so pleased with myself for soing so Check out my review It is such an amazingly well written and compelling story hat when I finished and closed Existence (Endgame: The Training Diaries, the book I immediately pick up book 2 and couldn put Strangers Across the Border that one down either The Reckoning seamlessly picks up from where book 1 The Taker leaves off albeit with a heart pounding jump SECOND IN ALMA KATSU’S GRIPPING SUPERNATURAL TRILOGY THAT BEGAN WITH THE TAKER Lanore McIlvrae ishe kind of woman who will do anything for love Including imprisoning he man who loves her behind a wall of brick and stone She had no choice but o entomb Adair her nemesis Karachi Raj to save Jonathanhe boy she grew up with in a remote Maine own in he early 1800s and Days of Gold and Sepia the man shehought she would be with forever But Adair had other plans for her He used his mysterious otherworldly powers Spiral Road to give her eternal life but Lanore learnedoo late From Home to House: Writings of Kashmiri Pandits in Exile thathere was a price. Tart We find Lanny and Luke in present day London visiting one of Legends of Halahala the museumso which she has donated some of he reasures collected over Eagles Over Bangladesh: The Indian Air Force in the 1971 Liberation War the past 200 years when she getshat humming buzz at he base of her skull The familiarity of it doesn click right away after all it has been 200 years But Dead On Time then it hits her like a freightrain Adair is Free Her first and most understandable reaction she bolts From A Happy Place and other stories therehe story just continues o draw and drive you into a page urning frenzy Through her mad dash journey o evade Adair while rying o devise a plan o either neutralize him as a Dog's Eye and Dead Horse: The Complete Guide to Australian Rhyming Slang threat or stay his wrath we get details of Lanny s life overhe last wo centuries a greater understanding of what ranspired between her and Jonathan Rosa Maries Baby that broughthem Who Owns Haiti? tohat fateful night in present day St Andrew Maine Each of her side stories is in itself a fantastical Empire of Secrets: British Intelligence, the Cold War, and the Twilight of Empire tale and inheir retelling Lanny is brought The Food Clock to some very unsettling self realizations We also get back story on Adair andhe physic and brought up The Sabotage Diaries to date onhe status of some of Ship of Rome the other immortals Jude Alejandro Tilde and Dona Where as The Taker explores man s natureoward passion obsession love and desire and Virolution: Die Macht Der Viren in Der Evolution the circumstances under which it can easily sinko he depths of carnality The Reckoning will have you uestioning if and when should redemption no longer be a possibility I myself found hese uestions profound as hey relate o Adair han o Lanny It The Baby Diaries takes a veryalented writer Kissed by a Croc to bit by bit humanize such a character as Adairo The Couriers New Bicycle the point where we can actually hope for his redemption if not out rightly root for it As if all ofhis wasn Awkward: The Science of Why We're Socially Awkward and Why That's Awesome t hypnotic enough Katsu introduces some new elements such as necromancy uestions ofhe afterlife and some new characters one in particular all of which hold additional promises of a breathtaking finale in book 3 I ve already added The Descent Line of Fire to my TBR and will be anxiously awaiting its publication The onlyhing The Inhuman Race (Commonwealth Empire that so far keepshis from being a 5 star series is Mother's Ruin that I can uite find myself invested in Accanto a Un Bicchiere Di Vino the Luke character or in his relationship with Lanny I don know what it is haven How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck? t figured out why It s really a very small issue and givenhe scope of he LannyJonathanAdair riangle it shouldn Paranoia: Title Deleted for Security Reasons (Paranoia) t really matter Still I look forwardo seeing if I can make he connection in he next book Riveting disturbing intriguing uniuely bizarre The Reckoning picks up a year after The Taken All Two Dukes and a Lady the same characters are back andhe plot can Taming a Cat Girl: A Bondage and Furry Sex Story t be explained without big spoiler alerts so I won even 2016 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide try I find myselforn while I read Alma Katsu s work because no one in Piraye'ye Mektuplar their right mind should root for any ofhese characters because Ijo Orunmila they are so ridiculously selfish andwisted and yet I do Adair is he most despicable of men and yet his one hint of vulnerability shows and I am cheering for him I am ashamed of myself but I just can help it Lanore is just a New World Order (War of the Fae, tragic characterhat has had poor judgement for hundreds of years and uses men Plant Names In Botanical Databases (Plant taxonomic database standards) to fillhe hole in her personality and heart with little remorse but I still want her o be happy It is hard o explain but it only proves Daddy's Dinner: Erotika Books Daddy that Alma Katsu is a brilliant writer This story is a complete original and jumps all around history fromhe 1300 s The Invention Hunters Discover How Electricity Works to modern day seamlessly There is a wonderful interlude when Lanore spendsime with Lord Byron hat is a real reat I am eagerly awaiting Whispers On The Dock the conclusiono Pretty Little Felts: Mixed-Media Crafts to Tickle Your Fancy thisrilogy and will buy it hot off The Bird Maiden: A Serbian Legend the press Warning Parts ofhe book as in The Taker are very brutal and explicit The cover makes it look like a YA Book But It Is but it is for kids This is he second installment In Taker Trilogy Honestly The rilogy honestly should have been called The Waiting because Mixed Media in Clay: Techniques for Paper Clay, Plaster, Resin and More that s all you re doing in anticipation ofhe reunion of LanoreAdair after his 200 year entombment by her hand If Sound and Fury (Drake Chronicles, that s your huge drawhen just read he last 75 50 pages and satisfy yourself It ll give you enough of he gist give An Answer from the Heart the payoff uickly enough If you re really only in forhe reunion read Banjir: Beberapa Penyebab Dan Metode Pengendaliannya Dalam Perspektif Lingkungan the last 25 or so pages it s heartbreaking This was a lot of buildup consideringhat Poor Pluto! this is a shorter bookhan The Taker it s a bit Barclay's Apology in Modern English torturous If you re down withhe Raakh / راکھ tortureake in every page savor it selfishly I put Anthem for Jackson Dawes this down manyimes Daddy's Promotion to make it last because I knowhere s going Reveal (Wicked Ways, to be a year forhe finale How to Disappear Completely: On Modern Anorexia to arrivehat pains me We pick up right where What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know the Taker left off Lanore is attendinghe exhibit of all her reasures at he museum with Luke The Amish Cook the doctor who helped her abscond St Andrew inhe first book she feels How Meditation Heals: Scientific Evidence and Practical Applications that old familiar hum inhe back of her head She realizes it s Adair she s in a right panic So begins her flight because she knows Training Lady Townsend that Adair will be coming for her She abandon s Luke heads for Casablanca We are introducedo Saava another immortal learn about him The First Paper Girl in Red Oak, Iowa: Stories theime in Roosters the pasthat he Lenore spent The Bravest Man: Richard O'Kane and the Amazing Submarine Adventures of the USS Tang together His life is sad wretched but I found himo be an important character o come o know Through Rising Starz: Interviews with the Hottest New Stars of Gay Adult Video the flashbacks Lanore comeso realize Laugh Out Loud that she has always loved Adairhe men she found herself most drawn o deeply loved who loved her back were not like Jonathan hey were like Adair As much of a brain Handbook to prayer twister ashat proves Presleyana VII: The Elvis Presley Record, CD and Memorabilia Price Guide (Seventh Edition) to be she needso get on because Maradonia and the Escape from the Underworld that does not changehat she s sure Adair is going More Hispanic Than We Admit: Insights Into Philippine Cultural History to come exact his revengeBack in Boston Adair is freed from his entombment as iso be expected is having a difficult Days Like These time adjustingo how much The Bravest Boy I Ever Knew the world has changed in 200 years Jude is his guide he. Forhis gift Karma Wears Versace to spend eternity with him Andhough he is handsome and charming behind Adair’s seductive façade is Flesh Blood So Cheap: The Triangle Fire and Its Legacy the stuff of nightmares He is a monster inhe flesh and he wants Lanore The Ghost Boat. to love him for all ofime Now The Consignment (A Genuine House of Gord Publication BD-025) two hundred years after imprisoning Adair Lanore isrying The Trouble With Chickens (J.J. Tully Mystery to atone for her sins She has given awayhe Ball Pythons in Captivity (English Edition) treasures she’s collected over her many lifetimes in ordero purge her past and clear he way for a future with her new lover Luke Findley But while viewing hese items at an exhibit at he Victoria and Albert Museum in London Lan. .
Re it s a frustrating sometimes farcical other imes sad o watch Adair ry Karina Garcia's DIY Slime to get his new bearings He is singly set on finding Lanore atimes seems unhinged I often worried as much as Jude Meltdown that Adair would do something find himself caught up by a police investigation He had no willingnesso ake o heart Darkdawn (The Nevernight Chronicle, that he couldn just act he way he had before now hat we have cameras forensics such Killing menacing stealing are generally not he best way o go especially when it s Adair doing it as he does hese hings on impulse doesn Something to Crow about t evenhink about Election Day (Rookie Read-About Holidays: Previous Editions) the clean up And it madehings no easier as Adair found it Joker in the Pack: An irreverent view of life at IIMs too mucho ake direction from Jude or anyone who had been subservient o him before Two hundred years had changed everyone in some ways Adair s realization The Neddiad took someime The Duty to catch up Adair does findhat he is incapable of exacting bloody revenge on Lanore because he is Millie Cooper, 3B too much in love with hero Daxx and Jetta the point of distraction obsession ahing Hello, Amanda that led himo being open Suddenly A Footballer: My Story to being betrayed by her inhe first place Such complication I was glad horrified Demon Scorned to find outhe details of what happened The Games Afoot; Or Holmes for the Holidays tohe peasant boy Adair hat we learn of in he first book am hoping Plague of Shadows that wrong can be righted inhe final book because it is one of Until Alex thehings Holler If You Hear Me: Searching for Tupac Shakur that has happenedhat disturbs me mostNow I will admit Fear on Trial that I ve never been a Jonathan fan frankly was glado be rid of his bland but beautiful existence by Intimate Danger the end of The Taker So when Adair went abouto resurrect him I was a bit perturbed Happily Jonathan doesn Frederick the Great (Classic Reprint) t reconstituteo his former perfection actually The Somebody Obsession: A Nobody's Desperate Journey to Stardom turned into a interesting person Death gave him of a personality I foundhat I liked him He still came out with some eye roll comments like how his having had sex with Lanore was only done because it was what she wanted he was just Carry Me Home: Birmingham, Alabama: The Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights Revolution tryingo be a nice guy Whatevs This is Fairy Stories For Bedtime the guyhat shagged everything in a skirt Wild Thunder that would stand still long enough buthe sex with Lanore was his one noble act Anyway excepting hat Jonathan has some interesting insights o impart a very cryptic mention of The ueen of he Underworld I m hoping hat since Hearts Are Not Ticklish this mention fills Adair with a good bit of dread we ll be seeinghis being in he last book of he series I found The Front Porch Prophet the ideahat even 40 Days to Total Forgiveness: A Journey to Break Free the ueen ofhe Underworld is so Digital Devil Story: Goddess Reincarnation taken with Jonathan s beauty a bithan I could buy into Surely deities have seen all manner of perfection are The Woman in Our House theyhemselves so but even Unbearable they are struck moved by Jonathan aso be just as singularly co opted o possess him as Lanore M mkay If you say so By his book s end Jonathan has been dispatched once again I can only hope The Big Kahn: A Sequential Drama that everyone will just let him rest now notrot out his reanimated head or whatever in he final book We get o see Alejandro Tilde while Lanore is on her search o find out what she can do o keep herself from Misappropriate the wrath of Adair Alej Tilde haveragic lives once you delve beneath Bunny Cakes the surface we find out how muchhey suffered when Lanore Jonathan got rid of Adair left Massage from the Babysitter themo nothing I could see how it pained Alej still it was sadder still 76 Productive Habits that Lanore had never given a secondhought how her actions drive Handbook of Medical Sociology to save Jonathan would affect or damn anyone else Sheold herself hat she d done hem a favor but she wasn The Legend of the Seahawk the one left penniless wondering was she As often is Tales from Dust River Gulch the case with Lanore her reasons are self serving excused by her It is never until she is confronted withhose she s wronged with Hot Point Fitness theruth of who she is FADE IN: The Making of Star Trek Insurrection - A Textbook on Screenwriting from Within the Star Trek Universe that she seemso be able Sands of Nezza to stop see it I could completely understand why Alej Tilde double crossed herhis Star Struck time It s not just about Adair she wrongedhem as well And Queer Eye: Love Yourself. Love Your Life. thenhere s Luke I saw Head of a Sad Angel: Stories, 1953-1966 the point of him inhe first book as we needed Lanore o ell someone her story But now in book Raechel's Eyes: The Strange but True Case of a Human-Alien Hybrid two I just don give a darn about his dead parents divorce or his obsession with Lanore I don buy her being in love with him either I understand what it s supposed o be but I just don what it s supposed o be but I just don believe it Luke is cloyingly earnest whiny pathetic han anything I can see Lanore loving him I can stand him don Above All Things t find anything in himo adore Frankly I was hoping Adair would kill Luke so I could be sure I wouldn The golden evenings of summer t haveo deal with his Wet Personality In The personality in he bookThis was well worth he read but not what you don usually get from second books in a rilogy You know something big is coming Messy and Shattered this is justhe bridge And Holy Nature: A Celebration Of Naturism In Today's Russia the wayhis One Ends Is Enough ends is enough want you 52 Days by Camel: My Sahara Adventure to will another five pageso properly whisk you off Base Metal to 1038A word abouthe cover I have a beautiful cover with a golden filigree a bottle of what I can only surmise is he immortality elixir hat Adair makes golden flecks in he bottom all I love it it matches well with he hardcover copy of The Taker I keep seeing Keeping House these other covershat are very YA like I can stand hem First of all who are all Breakout Squad these chicas with long dark hair They can be he embodiment of Lanore she s blond with curls The US cover with he blue eyed brunette I m going by her very dark eyebrows here feathers aplenty can Eternidad: Cimmerian Rising (Eternidad t be Lanore either I know it s not Tilde she s another blonde So unlesshis is Alej in drag I need for his nonsense o cease Do Half Moon Holler the people makinghe covers even read Spinward Fringe Broadcasts 1 and 2: Resurrection and Awakening these books Doeshe author get any say at all As a reader it makes me ranty but I am glad hat I m not going o have East European Fault Lines: Dissent, Opposition, And Social Activism to be subjectedo purchasing one of Studies In The History Of Transjordan, 1920-1949: The Making Of A State those covers hopehat I m saved at The Kiss of the Concubine: A story of Anne Boleyn the end ofhe rilogy I d like one filigreed cover o match my other Early Warning-Based Multihazard and Disaster Management Systems tw. Ore suddenly is awarehat he hing she’s been dreading for Colorado Rancher two hundred years has caught upo her Adair has escaped from his prison He’s free and he will come looking for her And she has no idea how she will save herself With he stunningly imaginative storytelling and rich characterizations hat fascinated readers worldwide and made The Taker a singular and memorable literary debut and an international sensation Alma Katsu once again delivers “a powerful evocation of he dark side of romantic love” Publishers Weekly in her breathtaking new nov. .

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