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The Death of a Disco DancerEars siblingsJudging by Mormon comment boards on the Twilight series Some Mormons Don T Want To Read Anything Riskier Than Mormons don t want to read anything riskier than conference anecdote and others long for a Mormon tale that s at least as interesting as the most middling book on their library shelves What we need are readers that understand that the ulpit and the reading chair needn t cancel each other out One is a lace to talk about how we should be The other is a lace to reveal how we are right now which is messy mistake rone capable of monumental The other is a lace to reveal how we are right now which is messy mistake rone capable of monumental but capable of great nobility too The narrative arc follows 11 #but capable of great nobility too The narrative arc follows 11 old Todd Whitman through a summer and the beginning of his 7th grade year Todd comes to know his grandmother suffering from Alzheimer s better through her nighttime visits to his bedroom The novel is full of teenage boy vulgarity and antics but in the end the book seems a tribute to family and mothers in articular Moving Purely incredible The Death of a Disco Dancer is the first novel written by David Clark and is one of great insight and depth Set in Arizona during the year of 1981 the novel follows the Cocksure protagonist Todd Whitman as he begins to navigate the exciting and at times tumultuous rapids of junior high school life all while managing the midnight visits of his dementia stricken grandmother as he begins to uncover the true meaning scope and importance of manhood family and faithThe Death of a Disco Dancer takes us on Todd s journey through early adolescence as he begins to realize how important and crucial the uiet dedication love and strength of both his mother and grandmother were to him and to his spiritual and temporal development As the noveleriodically leaps forward to fortysomething year old Todd while he sees to his mother in her final days of life we begin to grasp just how influential the women in his life really were on him and to helping him develop into the faithful and dedicated father that any mother would be Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, proud to call her own Truly inspiring and heartwarming full of laughter and moments to cry Clark uniuely captures the emotion needed to remind us individually of the mothers in our lives who have led corrected and encouraged us all to rise to our greatestotentia. Large Mormon family the near misses of impressing the one and only Jenny Gillette and the utter social catastrophe of junior high Ultimately despite the ups and downs of life Todd finds eace and strength through the selfless and dedicated lives of his grandmother and mother. My cousin is a friend of this author so I was offered a free copy to review The majority of this Mormon novel tells the story of several months in the life of the The Three Lives of Sonata James protagonist at 11 years old with a few flash foward moments when he is 40 something The details of growing up in Mesa AZ in 1981 are funny andresumably semi autobiographical though I m not sure if that s because I was also 11 years old and living in Mesa in 1981 or if they will resonate with anyone my age However I think just about any grown man will be able to relate to Todd s feelings and Mein Erster Mörder predicaments It s very real There is a I bought this book based on a blogost and finally GOT AROUND TO SERIOUSLY READING IT THIS MORNING I around to seriously reading it this morning I sucked right in Honestly art of the attraction is nostalgic because the story is set in 1981 in Mesa Arizona where I grew up But really it is a very well written engaging book that will stay with me for awhile Note the while the LDS Church lays a Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah prominent role in shaping the characters this is not a book solely for Mormons is not aroselyting book and may in fact make some Mormons uncomfortable in laces with the juvenile bathroombody humor didn t bother me that s how it was when I was that age folks In any case it didn t bother me that s how it was when I was that age folks In any case it easily be understood and enjoyed by Mormons and non Mormons alikeIn the book Todd is an 11 12 year old Mormon boy experiencing life in Mesa AZ much as I did at the time running around the neighborhood getting in trouble with andor annoying your siblings swimming all day sitting on a towel in your wet swimsuit to watch Gilligan s Isle and being juvenile about bodily functions and your male arts Todd s grandmother who is spiraling deeper into dementia comes to live with the family Todd s mother valiantly takes on the difficult responsibility of caring for Todd s grandmother but Todd s grandmother forgets her relationship to the family forgets Todd s mother is her daughter and loses the capacity to appreciate her daughter s care Then Todd s grandmother starts coming into Todd s room late at night to talk with Todd to have him read old letters from her husband to her to dance with Todd or to dance by herself with the album cover from Staying Alive clutched closely to her One night eleven year old Todd Whitman receives a terrifying but hilarious midnight visitor his cockatoo lumed dementia stricken John Travolta smitten Grandma Carter In constant nocturnal search of the mysterious Dancer Grandma clutches her absurdly recious Saturday Night. Hest Her deep and important highs and lows of long ago so jumbled and disconnected by her dementia are juxtaposed against Todd lows of long ago so jumbled and disconnected by her dementia are juxtaposed against Todd jumble of raw highs and lows as he stumbles into adolescence yet they somehow help each other in sweet and unintentional ways that the author doesn t force he just lets it happen Sprinkled throughout is a second short story where the main character now grown deals with the death of his motherUltimately this is a story about simple family ties and the lasting impact and influence two very strong women Todd s mother and grandmother had on a young man as he came of age It was funny in laces touching in others and engaging throughout Highly recommended To my fellow Mormons How did you feel when you read your first Mormon novel Did you read about sacrament meeting and Dad being the bishop and look over your shoulder and wonder Can we talk about this stuff Or was the romance so hokey the conversion Black Women in White America plot line so ham handed that you wanted to round up and burn every copy before outsiders could get aeek at it and decide we re all even weirder than they Worlds Beyond The Poles previously thoughtWell thank goodness Mormon literature seems to be growing up a little offering characters that feel as real as the folks who sit beside you at the driver s license bureau One good example of credible Mormon fiction is Death of a Disco Dancer by David Clark Clark seople lay ranks with ripe oranges They tell ghost stories at the scout "Camp Out They Uake Under The Commands Of Their Cruel "out They uake under the commands of their cruel teachers and they try to figure out whether their older brother s warnings about junior high are credible or just so much leg ullingAnd they deal with Grandma Like too many grandmas she s not all there but she has come to live in their house She often visits Dancer s rotagonist Todd Whitman in his bedroom in the middle of the night She totes along a Saturday Night Fever album cover and speaks cryptically of The Dancer from her Monster der Woche past Grandma s nocturnal visits are the least credibleart of Clark s story but I Fragen Und Wege Zur Rechtseinheit in Deutschland played along anyway He seemed to need thelot device And anyway it wasn t too long before we got back to that older brother whose mind games against Todd raise the spectre of Fred Savage s Wonder Fever album cover and giggles her way through the dance steps of her youth When forty something Todd returns home to help his dying mother he reflects on that ivotal summer of 1981 the uniue relationship he developed with his grandmother the chaos of finding his lace in ,