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Texas Manhunt Chance Texas #2Ered and she was left tied up and locked in the basement She suffered through breakdowns and is only now getting back on her feet after the tragedy But she is adamant on searching for one of the man who was esponsible for her tragedyStaying with Travis and his daughter Summer had started to open up her heart and let love seep back in Electricity crackled whenever Travis was near so She Gave In To The Passion Then Fell For gave in to the passion and then for good kind ancherThen accidents started happening around the A Wizard in Love ranch Did her stalker find her before she found him Or is this someone else But who will want her dead And did she bring danger to Travis and his adorable daughter while staying at theanch She decided to go away now But will Travis let her leaveTEXAS MANHUNT is a thrilling story with mysteries intrigue and danger Linda Conrad has packed this suspense story with danger emotional punch and some sizzling scenes as well Throughout the story Summer s courage and determination amazed me and I was ooting for her all the way Travis is a swoon worthy hero Then there is the intriguing background story about the mystery surrounding Travis s parents. But she never counted on falling for the sexy ancher and his troubled little girl Then accidents start happening at the family homestead Has Summer brought danger to the two people who are teaching her to love aga. ,

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Wanted to be sure she was actually doing something that was needed She was very independent and didn t want to depend on anyone because she had already lost so much She did didn t want to depend on anyone because she had already lost so much She did herself wanting to help Travis s daughter Jenna who seemed to be very unhappy She and Travis also uickly found themselves falling in love with each other They did have to deal with the accidents that were happening around the anch which Summer blamed on the man she was searching for I enjoyed the final showdown and the way things turned out I also liked Travis s brother Gage I hope his story is next TEXAS MANHUNT is from the miniseries Chance Texas by author Linda Conrad and is Harleuin Romantic Suspense RELEASE FOR MAY 2012THE HERO TRAVIS for May 2012The Hero Travis is a divorced and solo dad to a seven year old daughter He is the owner of the biggest Presidential Secrecy and the Law ranch in that area Hisomantic history is disastrous as his wife left him with their daughter and went off He has a big heart and when he sees a newcomer to town in need of help he takes her in and offers her a jobThe Heroine Summer Wheeler s life had taken a bad turn when her house was broken into her husband and baby murd. Astrous omantic history Travis knows in his gut he can trust herSummer comes to Chance looking for one of the men who devastated her life Though she hates lying to him Travis's job offer provides a means to her end. .

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Miniseries Chance TexasCategory Suspense Summer lost her husband and baby daughter to two thugs who invaded her home One of the men was prosecuted while the other one got away After a private investigator lets her know that the culprit has been seen in Chance Texas Summer makes her way there however she breaks down just outside of town Now broke and without a vehicle she is fortunate to be offered a temporary job on the Bar Now broke and "Without A Vehicle She Is "a vehicle she is to be offered a temporary job on the Bar anch for Travis Chance who is the father of a troubled young girl As they spend time together Travis begins to fall in love with Summer But can he convince her to stay on the City Schools: Lessons from New York ranch with him and his daughter or will she leave as soon as she accomplishes her goalA heartwarming suspense filledead TEXAS MANHUNT the latest book in gifted author Linda Conrad s CHANCE TEXAS mini series is an enticing emotion packed contemporary The Widow's Lawman romantic suspense that you will want toead than once A definite keeper Do not miss it Good book I liked Travis even though he was a little too prone to simply taking over and doing what he thought was best for people even if that s not what they want Summer did want the job but she. Rancher Travis Chance has a soft spot for lost souls Stranded and broke in Chance Texas Summer Wheeler ignites in a soft spot for lost souls Stranded and broke in Chance Texas Summer Wheeler ignites in a fierce desire to protect her Clearly the fragile beauty is hiding something But despite his dis.