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Freak Show eAs keeping me on pins and needles I love a GOOD suspense one in which you have to keep reading in order to find out for sureven if you think you know the answerThis book changed my mind completely about Harleuin Romance I think it was the suspense that i liked so much and the romance I liked so much and the romance were very realistic not overdone so the balance was good I also liked the pace of the plot line I never really found myself saying All rightwill you get to the point If you ve been like me and pre judged Harleuin Romances read this book It changed my mind and opened me up to a new genre maybe it ll do THE SAME FOR YOU THANK YOU same for you Thank you for this book Thanks for the win the autograph and a book that made me fall in love with romantic suspense I ll be looking for of your books in the future o This was a xcellent book I loved the suspense action and romance that was packed into this story Faith Had been sent to Columbia on a undercover mission She is a trained assassin for the US military While she is waiting on the mission to go down she is working as a barmaid in a small bar Sheik Omair Al Arif who posed as Santiago had a mission of his own he wanted to find who was responsible for trying to kill his ntire family That mission lead him to Columbia He often found himself staring at the beautiful barmaid He was on a mission so he couldn t let the sizzling attraction between him and faith lead anywhere That all changed when he suspected Faith had the answers he needed The two shared one hot and steamy night together that changed Faith s life forever Someone Set Faith Up To Hang Her Out To Dry Her Faith up to hang her out to dry Her was to Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation eliminate Santiago He was a international terrorist That was the information she got from her handler Could her informant be wrong How can she pull the trigger and kill the father of her unborn baby I like to leave samples of the book but I don t want to spoil any of this book for you Trust me this is a book you willnjoy. Oiling his plans And when the two would be foes joined forces they discovered nothing was as it seemed their identities their missions and specially the flames burning between them. ,

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Miniseries Sahara KingsCategory Suspense i love the story it s make me want to know what will happen next but i must read the it s make me want to know what will happen next but i must read the installment before i know what will be happen with the nemyI love both of Heroine and Hero they have strong character and loyaltyThe heroine is not weak woman she is female sniper in the US Army and the hero though he is a prince but he have military skillThe hero care so much to the heroine though the hero not yet now the real identity of the heroine and why the heroine want to kill him I received a copy of this book from the Goodreads First Reads ProgramI m not a huge fan of romance books but I njoyed this book than I was Good book Even though I haven t read the first book in the series I was able to slide right into the story This is the first book I ve read where the heroine is a paid assassin The concept was very interesting Faith was following her orders the first time she saw Omair and knew she d be gone the next day So she gave in to her desire and had a one night stand with him Eight weeks later she saw him again through the sights of her rifle She found that she couldn t pull the trigger then someone started shooting at her When she ran she nded up being caught by Omair While his captive he told her things that made her doubt the orders she was given Meanwhile Omair was given the chance to get to know the woman he hadn t been able to forget The he learned about her the he came to care They #also came to conclusion that she had been set up I loved the way that Omair took care #came to conclusion that she had been set up I loved the way that Omair took care Faith ven as he held her captive and how he was so impressed with her capabilities Faith was slow to trust Omair but when she did she was totally convinced I m looking forward to the next book in the series and seeing how they get closer to catching the bad guy Fast paced high stakes Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America emotionally compelling romantic suspense I don t know how the author packsverything into such a short story. No rules No mercyFaith Sinclair never missed a shot or a kill But when the mysterious man she knew only as Santiago was in her sniper's sights the game changed It had to She could. Format I liked all the action never a boring page It was a uick read I liked how it tied in the other series characters into the story Sahara Kings series 35The reason I didn t rate a 4 was that the multiple povs seemed off for some reason I haven t read that many suspense ither nor the first book of this series but I do normally love multiple povs in some paranormal romances I also have to say that if you don t like major cliff hangers then wait another month for the next installment in her Sahara Kings series to come out I hope that one will answer the left open uestions but will answer the left open uestions but m guessing this will only be a trilogyRomance wise I would have preferred a little oomph along the way Ok this book is a little farfetched and it has so many lements that stumble one in to the other that sometimes its hard to follow when there s the previous story of the family not Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) enough on her story i little intrigue in the mix Its not a stand alone book one really has to read all the books in the series to understand the whole building of intrigue Once its read as a part of a whole it makes much sense I do not like the fact that its so cavalier about some things which i wont write because i really can t spoil it for you but considering how tough the lead female character is much could have been achieved on her story GOODREADS FIRST READS WIN I won this book on goodreads and am so glad I did I will admit here and now that I have neverven LOOKED at Harleuin Romance books and didn t realize this book was a HR until it arrived I laughed literally and told my husband Look it s a Harleuin romance book and I don t read these but I really njoyed reading this romantic suspense novel by Loreth Anne White I stayed up until after 100 am to finish it yes crossing and allThe book was mainly about two characters and their interactions with one another Their dialogue is believable and the suspense regarding who they are and what they do tc N't kill him in cold blood Not the father of her unborn babySheik Omair Al Arif's mind was on one thing revenge The undercover king didn't bargain on an intoxicating nemy bent on ,
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Sheik's Revenge