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Wus heroesAll that aside Deep Wizardry is a remarkably wise thoughtful and lovely book We start up not long after Nita and Kit saved the world from the Lone Power in So You Want to be a Wizard with Nita s family and Kit along for good measure vacationing on the beach and Nita and Kit exploring the delights of ocean swimming along with their budding powers and responsibilities Soon it s those responsibilities as I observed last time around Duane s version of magic has a heavy ethicalecological bent and literally preserves the world that come crashing to the fore like a tidal wave when the duo meet up with a badly injured humpback whale who turns out to be a young wizard herself and who has just lost her mentor at the worst possible timeSoon Nita and Kit are drawn into an awesome round of ritual and rite of passage upon which the fate of the eastern seaboard depends the Lone Power they defeated and sealed off last time around is always finding new and old ways to attack the fragile living cosmos these ids and their Black Heart, Red Ruby kind are sworn to defend and preserve and into a frame of reference that is startling in its maturity as they have to spend much of the novel contemplating death uite seriously and personallyAdding to the shivery archetypal dread of this story is the magnificent giant white Master shark as in the biggest Great White Shark that ever lived so old possibly thousands of years old and vast that he is actually all white like a deadly ghost slicing through the water Ed short for Ed Rashtekaresket who pretty much steals the novel Ed is a giant slab of uncanny inhuman awesome utterly believable as both shark and sentient at home in his role as the ender of distress and full of bleak harsh and yet still oddly compassionate wisdom in his dealings with Nita and Kit who assume the forms of a humpback and a sperm whale respectively for their dealings in the deep And while they might therefore be a little bigger than Ed his lordly dreadful powereeps them and us in awe through their every dealing with himReally were I at all a reasonable person I d be much afraid of Ed than of theGIANT SUID ATTACKS YOU GUYSbut anyone who nows me or even just reads my blog at all often probably already nows that if there is one thing I am not it s a reasonable person As it is well Ed versus theGIANT SUID ATTACKS YOU GUYSis one of the most thrilling and seat wetting passages I ve ever encountered in literature Holy crap you guysAnd but so Duane has published seven of these Young Wizards books to date and another one is due later this year Could she ever possibly top this Or even come close to hitting its pardon me high water mark I dunno But I m ready to find outAfter some milk and cookies and soothing music to cure me of my lingering horrors from theGIANT SUID ATTACKS YOU GUYSand the after effects of some truly tragic content as wellDeep and powerful stuffMy greatest childhood phobia was that a giant suid was under my bed and gonna attack me from the watery ocean depths that were also under my bed and yes I new at the time this was uite impossible given that said bed was some 6000 feet above sea level not far from the Continental Divide but that s what phobias are you guys They re as powerful as they are irrational This review contains spoilers for So You want to be a wizardi remember in my to Be a WizardI remember in my years not liking this book as much as So You Want to Be a Wizard which I ll be referring to as SYWTBAW from now on because geez that s a long title My reasoning It was too weird I don t now why humans shapeshifting into whales was too weird but I didn t have a problem with humans teaming up with a celestial object and a sentient sports car to fight evil in a parallel universe Seems like a pretty arbitrary place to draw the lineWith my inexplicable aversion to shapeshifting behind me I was finally able to enjoy Deep Wizardry to its fullest during my most recent reread Whereas SYWTBAW is a blend of fantasy and science fiction this book is pretty straightforward fantasy It s also tonally different SYWTBAW had a fast paced edge of your seat feel to it while Deep Wizardry feels slower and ponderous It fits the underwater theme of the story in my opinionI m still head over heels in love with Nita Callahan as a #character In this book we get to see a introspective side of her which is great for her #In this book we get to see a introspective side of her which is great for her development Because the entire book is written from her perspective the insight into Kit is limited and focused specifically on his relationship with Nita how she sees him and what she thinks of him And Diane Duane s cast of side characters is just as vibrant as it was in book oneSomething that really impressed on me this reread was how Duane doesn t shy away from darkness and depth Obviously everything is still age appropriate for a middle grade novel but there s an added layer underneath it all that I appreciate Maybe that s another reason this wasn t my favorite when I was younger there are a lot of complicated concepts explored in the text As I mentioned in my review of SYWTBAW Duane adds a philosophical twist to her stories which in the first book was occasionally a bit too much but I thought was executed much better hereI m glad I went back and reread this one as an adult I enjoyed it much this time around Up next book three which I remember loving the first two times I read it Let s hope that hasn t changed. Hins and a single fearsome shark But which poses of a danger the Lone Power or ed'Rashtekaresket the enormous shark as old as the se. Ah Ed He was the best part but also Carl and Tom and Peach I love that Nita and Kit are solid best friends and are a team Their magic is very collaborative and I enjoy this so much I m torn about reviewing the rest of this series as the simple truth is that I like the rest considerably less although the original is uite good as well and I haven t finished them all They all have their moments and they re generally well told works of fantasy in a carefully drawn universe with consistent rules They just don t really grab me as much as I d like I dig the technobabble for magic deal but sometimes it gets to be a bit much And as is common in the Young Adult world the relationship between the main characters seems to remain static in a place of suspended animation given that they remain or less the same age even as the years pass for usMaybe the truth is that I m just measuring them against the impossibly high standards of this book because it guts me and it always has I ve said for years and written many times that there s a basic metaphor that YA lit is filled with magic as a stand in for puberty and the frightening and powerful introduction of sexual energy into our lives Magic takes the place of these frightening and awkward aspects of our identities giving young people a risk free way to think and feel their way through the choppy waters of adolescent sexuality Like magic sex is powerful mysterious and a force seemingly beyond our control connecting us to the parts of ourselves that are animal that are the product of evolution Deep Wizardry plays with this dynamic masterfully It also spells it out or less explicitly as the main character Nita is confronted by her mother to ask whether she and the male lead Kit are having sex But even aside from that thread in the story the connection between the physical and the magical are made real in this story Both Nita and Kit take on the form of whales although through different means given that they are two different inds of wizards Nita naturally talented with the living world of plants and animals Kit with the inanimate such as metals and rocks When they take on their whale form they find themselves in unrecognizable bodies bodies that they struggle to understand and control They are thrilled by the possibilities their new bodies represent even as they are disturbed by the potential conseuences of that power They exult in the freedom of life beneath the waves while craving the safety and comfort of shore They are growing up and they are afraidThere is just something so bone deep in this book so primal and real Nit and Kit agree to an adventure without really understanding the stakes and when they are revealed to be life or death they are already committed to what they must do The ancient and otherworldly SHARK ED SPEAKS TO THE DANGER AND LOOMING POWER Ed speaks to the danger and looming power the ocean and his weird but profound respect for Nita is a highlight Our heroes must take part in an ancient ritual the conseuences of which are life and death itself Every day of their adventure they must leave their whale forms and emerge to the surface as naked as the day they came Safe again inside swimsuits and towels they emerge onto cool sand beneath the summer sky walking into a familiar world that is not familiar at all facing not just the reality of reality but the pains of adulthood the bittersweet remembrance of the childish things they left behind After reading and absolutely loving the first book in the series So You Want to be a Wizard I just new I had to read the second book Deep Wizardry In all honesty this book is nowhere near as good as the first First this book is not as creative and riveting as the first book I mean not even in the same ball park which was extremely disappointing While it is well written and very well researched there are many marine biology terms used throughout the novel the plot is just moves at a very slow pace There were several times where I almost put the book down altogether because of the extremely dull story line and horrendously slow slower than molasses pacing The two main characters Kit and Nita were immature and to be honest pretty stupid and impulsive These ualities really made me want to slap each of them on the side of the head and tell them to get their sht together Despite some of the factors mentioned above the story was not a complete waste as it did have some interesting concepts here and #There While It Ended On A Relatively Good Note I #While it ended on a relatively good note I very unsatisfied with the ending almost like a perfect bow wrapped around a little too tightly Based on all this I ll probably hold off on the res of the series for now If ever anyone asks you what exactly is the point of a site like Goodreads do please direct them to this review A few months ago I read the first in this series So You Want To Be A Wizard and although I liked it I had no great desire to read any in the seuence But when I posted this in MY GOODREADS REVIEW A FRIEND BEGGED ME TO CARRY Goodreads review a friend begged me to carry because this the second book in the series was one of her all time favourite books So I took her advice and you now what I love it too It s astonishing how many wonderful stories I ve found through Goodreads not just friends recommendations but other reviews discussion groups or simply surfing around following links from book to book to author to book It s an invaluable resource for readersThis is. Coming to the aid of a wounded whale Kit and Nita are plunged into deep wizardry The whale is a wizard and she enlists Kit and Nita.

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A children s or perhaps properly a young adult book the second of a long series but it s also an excellent read for adults I am several decades above the intended demographic but I absolutely loved it The first half of the book is a fairly straightforward tale of two ids Nita and Kit learning to enjoy their newfound powers of wizardry while avoiding Nita s pesky younger sister and trying not to be caught out by her parents There s a sprinkling of politically correct ecology pollution is bad children plus some swimming with dolphins and whales and such like fluffBut then about half way through the story transforms into something deeper darker and much interesting Suddenly it s about love and death and willing sacrifice and ЯED keeping your word no matter the cost Oh and a little about the innateness or not of male aggression Which was unexpected Even though younow of course that Nita and Kit will be fine since the series goes on and on and even I saw what had to happen to make things come out right it was still exciting and scary and very moving I cried a lot and that s embarrassing at my age and I was on a train too Not sure what teenage or younger readers would make of it but I thought it was terrific A good 4 stars This is one of my favorites of Diane Duane s Young Wizards series not in the least because it s full of whales But what I love most about it is that it s got the noble sacrifice for the good of all scenario going on in it With great white sharks How cool is that Oops I am falling absolutely in love with these little books First off let me say that I have been trying a straddling techniue in reading these I have been alternating between listening to the fantastically charming audiobook for my commute to work and then switching to my paperbacks which I hastily and excitedly purchased from Orca Books in Oly for a song on store credit for my 15 minute work breaks in order to continue the story I can safely say that I have been impatiently shelving books during my shifts thinking about my next chance to read abo My favorite in the series I love how Nita discovers that an offhand promise turns out to be very serious and how the ids find it harder and harder to work around their families There is a very dramatic storyline that left my in tears too Read my full review at wadingthroughbookswordpresscomI m finding it really interesting to read the New Millennium Editions I ve read all of the original editions and the earlier ones have always felt a bit out of sync with the later books since the nine that are currently out were written and published over 20 years Technology has changed a great deal and there are some details that get forgotten in between the books that Duane has fixed For example Nita wore glasses in the first book but not in the rest of the series Deep Wizardry clears it up by explaining that Nita is using wizardry to fix her eyes A minor point but it s nice to tie the books closely together especially when you are reading them as a series and not as stand alone novels It also explains why Nita and Kit don t just use cell phones the beach is a no signal area which would be today s reader s first uestion when someone is looking for the pair This whole series really examines the idea of choice and personal responsibility Nita is warned to read the fine print but she agrees to participate in the Song of Twelve and to play the role of the Silent Lord without realizing that it is not a play it is a re enactment and that whoever plays the Silent Lord really does die Nita is 13 she doesn t want to die she is frantic to find a way to live but if she doesn t do what she promised she would do millions of people will die Is her life worth millions of other lives Maybe she didn t understand the promise that she made at the time but she still promised She was old enough to take the of wizardry to take the Oath of the Song of Twelve she old enough take the Oath of wizardry to take the Oath of the Song of Twelve she old enough to face the conseuences And sometimes people die They do it all the time as Carl points out Dying is easy And it s not fair But that s what wizards are supposed to fight against the death that isn t fair the fear and pain and anger and loneliness that the Lone Power created and forced upon the worlds Taking his weapon and making it your own that s what the Silent Lord did and it bound Him for thousands of years Doesn t mean you can t be afraid While I regretted last time around that I had not encountered Diane Duane s Young Wizards books when I was a young un this time around I m pretty glad I didn t because if I d come across Deep Wizardry when I was the age of its two young protagonists I would have reuired extensive therapy afterward Look I m not going to get into this much but man I could have used a trigger warning becauseGIANT SUID ATTACKS YOU GUYSI m having trouble breathing after just having typed those wordsFortunately I m a grown up now and have evolved and developed coping techniues for dealing with scenes like theGIANT SUID ATTACKS YOU GUYSand am thus somewhat capable of admiring that scene for the majestic and badass bit of action writing that it is Somewhat I m still very glad I put this book down to sleep last night well before the advent of theGIANT SUID ATTACKS YOU GUYSor I wouldn t have slept at all and would probably have to be hauled off to a mental ward like one of HP Lovecraft s less strongly constituted. In battle against the sinister Lone Power Becoming whales themselves Nita and Kit join in an ancient ritual performed by whales dolp.
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