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Out of the Box pPiness she deservesThat isn t to say the book iserfect The story is so short there isn t much time to develop the love interest and I wondered what went through his head Clearly he s enad of Leslie but I know there has to be to him than money charm and good looksThe initial story has some rocky dialogue too with a little too much As you know so and so delivery Two characters recap something of which they re erfectly aware for the recap something of which they re erfectly aware for the of the reader when it would ve been better handled through expositionLast the version I read had some typos They weren t too distracting I was able to figure out what they were supposed to be It was a blip on my radarOverall though I enjoyed this and would ve considered it money well spent if I d urchased instead of receiving a copy for review I would recommend this to romance readers who have time for something short and sweet This is an enjoyable age turner of a romance story Margo This is an enjoyable age turner of a romance story Margo one of my all time favorite books More Than This and I can t wait to read her first romanceUPDATEI really enjoyed this story It s sexy and sassy with a very sweet ending What I loved most was Leslie s inner journey to stand up for herself. T minute lum assignment Leslie acks her "bags to meet a mysterious client who is in need of a complete wardrobe overhaul She soon "to meet a mysterious client who is in need of a complete wardrobe overhaul She soon that this mystery man holds the key to her success at work and also to her hear. .
Just Like ThatBreaks up with her boyfriend of four years it would be five except for their year long break and her best friend then goes on a mission to match her up with the right guyThis is a novella length story and apparently it s on an imprint that takes emphasis away from the explicit rendition of sex acts There s lenty of naughtiness within these ages but the majority of it is left to the reader s imaginationWhat s left is a strong compelling story about an ambitious woman and a friendship that s important to both women in it Even when Paige her best friend is fretting about her upcoming wedding she makes time for Leslie and makes it a Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II priority to answer her calls It was nice to read a romance story where the relationship between two women is just as important as or even important than finding love and a happily ever afterTheacing on this story is excellent I meant to read Something Wicked perhaps half or just the first couple of sections when I firsticked it up Fashion isn t my area of interest either so by all accounts it should ve been easy to ut down Instead I wound up finishing it all in one sitting I kept flipping forward to find out if Leslie ever finds the hap. " G Knives From "G knives from back stabbing co workers Leslie keeps her focus on doing the best job ossible and going on the occasional and unsuccessful blind date to keep her friends off her back When her manager offers her a las.

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I really enjoyed this short story I really think it d make a henomenal full length book and would have loved to read Ms Candela effortlessly acks in a complete story in under 50 ages Romantic Chick Lit with a Naughty TwistSweetSpots Sexy Smart Sassy I really enjoyed this Contemporary Romance novella Living in Ohio myself I got a kick out of all the Ohio and OSU references LOL I could definitely see this becoming if the author chose Excited to read from this little series Full Review Coming Soon Reviewed by Sandra LMember of Livin la vida LatinaReview Leslie uinn is a hard "WORKING WOMAN WITH A NAGGING BOSS AND MAN "woman with a nagging boss a man boyfriend still living with his arents The first thing that came to mind was why was she wasting her time with this loser What a slob It was ainstakingly obvious that this guy was in it for the twin ackage a mother and a sex artner all rolled into on I got an electronic copy of Just Like That for free from the author If I d known how much I d enjoy it though I would ve bought it anyway Just Like That is the story of Leslie who works in high end retail hell and whose boss takes advantage of her ambition and ability to solve A'dan Z'ye Yaşar Kemal problems She. Romantic Chick Lit with a Naughty Twist Leslie uinn might have been dumped by her longtime boyfriend but she still has her determination to make it as a top stylist at an exclusive Manhattan department store Busy dodgin.