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Well this was interesting I read all of the non recipe bits and skimmed some of the recipes I started getting uibblish when one of Garten s first comment was That No One Always Has no one always has fully stocked pantry so she was sure to use items that could easily be found at the grocery store Then I came across a recipe that used Israeli couscous And another that called for demerara sugar Sorry I cook uite a bit and haven t ever encountered either of those two ingredientsThe pictures were nice and some of the recipes sounded uite good Guess my idea of foolproof isn t fit for

Hamptons What can one say is a truly superb cookbook and lavishly illustrated too Great recipes and Many Of Them Work On The Hour of them work on the hour frame prep and cooking This is a keeper to be sure Beautifully done book with lots of good recipes I haven t tried any of them yet though An excellent beautiful cookbook very well written with personal stories and easy to follow directions I have added this to my to buy list definitely want this on my regular rotation Once again Ina has come out with a not to be missed cookbook The recipes are indeed foolproofFoolproof means so manythings to me Clearly it means that the recipe works that goes without saying But there s to it than that It s a dish that s deeply satisfying to eat it s a company friendly meal that can ne made in advance to reduce your stress and it s an putrageously delicious dessert that s so easy to make that it becomes part of your regular repertoire I want these all to be the recipes that you love so much that you make them over and over again because that s when a recipe becomes truly foolproof when you feel that you can almost make it with your eyes closed EDIT to be sure this paragraph is recognized as a uote from the bookShe begins with some general cooking tips and then moves into cocktails Don t miss the Caramelized Bacon nor the Parmesan Crisps we ve probably all made them but she gives em. #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERMillions of people love Ina Garten because she writes recipes that make home cooks look great; family and friends shower them with praise and yet the dishes couldn’t be simpler to prepare using ingredients found in any grocery store In Barefoot Contessa Foolproof the Food Network star takes easy a step further sharing her secrets for pulling off deeply satisfying meals that have that “wow” factor we all craveStart with delicious Dukes Cosmopolitans made with freshly sueezed lemon uice plus Jalapeño Cheddar Crackers that everyone will devour .

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Barefoot Contessa FoolproofE the recipes I love watching Ina Garten s show and I will certainly cook some of these recipes I ve been in one of those moods lately where I have no dang clue what to cook You have to feed the men people in my house though so I ve been looking for new ideas Then I decided to stop Doctor Sleep just hoarding the cookbooks I own and actually use some of them This week it was The Barefoot Contessa Did you guys know that this chick could cook so well I thought sheust did fancy smancy dinner parties and swooned over Jeffery all the timeFirst up for us was her Easy Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese All I can say isOH MY FREAKING GAWDS This was some good stuff I m not even crazy about tomato soup I would post a pic of the finished meal that i did but we ate it all I did but we ate it All it The husband and I stood over the pot and took a spoon and scraped ever last dribble of it up I probably should tell you that I never really follow a recipe exactly and I added cheddar cheese slices instead of Gruyere cheese in the grilled cheese I do what I wantNext up Jambalaya See those food spills all over I m messy This was really beyond good too I had used Justin Wilson s Jambalaya recipe for years and thought it was pretty decent until I had this My tongue did the happy dance Here is my finished version of this Wondering what I changed in this one The wine Some heifer drank all the wine before making this because a friend bought me the best wineglass ever You know Some heifer drank all the wine before making this because a friend bought me the best wineglass ever You know have to make sure these glasses don T Leak Or NuthinAnd leak or nuthinAnd for the week We probably are going to try a few others out of this book next week because dang they goodWas the meatloaf The one recipe that I follow all the dang rules too and I still ack up the garlic sauce somehow It still tasted better than anything I usually make so I m still calling it a win I will say that Jeffery better be looking out because the boy child is pretty enad of these recipes and he might be gonna try and take your woman. Inating everything so it all gets to the table at the same time In Barefoot Contessa Foolproof Ina shows you how to make a game plan so everything is served hot while you keep your cool There are notes throughout detailing where a recipe can go wrong to keep you on track plus tips for making recipes in advance It’s as though Ina is there in the kitchen with you guiding you every step of the wayWith 150 gorgeous color photographs and Ina’s invaluable tips Barefoot Contessa Foolproof is a stunning yet infinitely practical cookbook that home cooks will turn to again and again?. A new to me twistIn the section on Starters her Gazpacho with Goat Cheese Croutons is a winner using canned Marzano tomatoes I ve always loved mussels made the traditional French way We have them at least once a month I was dubious about her Mussels with Saffron Mayonnaise but decided to try it but making my own mayonnaise Delightful It will be hard to decide which method to use in the future The Marinated Artichoke Hearts Artichaut Barigoule are fabulous She adds sun dried tomatoes carrots olives and For Lunch there s nothing that can touch the Lobster and Potato Salad Ina says The name Barefoot Contessa is about the uxtaposition of elegant and earthy Perfect We also enjoyed the Balsamic Roasted Beet Salad and the recipe for easy HOLLANDAISE IS IN FACT EASY AND WILL ACTUALLY HOLD is in fact easy and will actually hold Hollandaise is in fact easy and will actually hold a whileSo many good choices for Dinner Mustard Marinated Flank Steak Amelia s Jambalaya Straw and Hay with GorgonzolaI could go on and on Everything I ve tried has been fantastic not ust goodVegetables Sides are always difficult at least for me She has given us so Another wonderful cookbook from Ina Garten There are some great recipes in this book and lots of tips on entertaining I continue to enjoy how she makes everything seem effortless and doable and I know that her recipes will work every time I really like that she had menu ideas at the back of the book ways to put the included dishes together to make a full meal for a dinner party She is uickly becoming my go to chef for recipes and ideas Love Ina Garten I ve made several recipes from this book and they ve all turned out wonderful with rave reviews I hated to bring this back to the library The Carrot Cake with Ginger Mascarpone Frosting was possibly the best carrot cake I have ever eaten On a healthier note the Winter Minestrone is delicious So many recipes look so good that I might have to buy this book Flipped through this and loved it I ll reserve the last star until I mak. Unches include Hot Smoked Salmon Lobster Potato Salad and Easy Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons all featuring old fashioned flavors with the volume turned up Elegant Slow Roasted Filet of Beef with Basil Parmesan Mayonnaise and show stopping Seared Scallops Potato Celery Root Purée are ust two of the many fabulous dinner recipes And your guests will always remember the desserts from Sticky Toffee Date Cake with Bourbon Glaze to Salted Caramel BrowniesFor Ina “foolproof” means than ust making one dish successfully; it’s also about planning a menu including coord.