Iron Curtain The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944 1956 [E–pub/E–book]

Urope In the end most deported Germans went to Germany Poles went to Poland and Ukrainians could o to Soviet UkraineAny opposition was repressed with thousands of political prisoners and a huge to Poland and Ukrainians could Sister of My Heart go to Soviet UkraineAny opposition was repressed with thousands of political prisoners and a huge force supervised by Russia s NKVD with thousands of informers No one knew who one could trust It was much like the novels of George Orwell Animal Farm and 1984 I felt the writing in the latter half of the book became belaboured and tedious For example the authoroes on about conformity but the same could be said of western countries in the 1950 s with the #McCarthy Era And The Ostracism #era and the ostracism the new Beat King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies generation She also dwells over many pages on the sloganeering of workers for higher production outputs which reminded me of the reward plaues that I keep seeing in fast food and coffee franchises for the employee of the month She was on firmerround when providing examples of the severe punishments like imprisonment for those who transgressed Also she describes the extensive privileges iven to those at the upper overnment echelonsThere were times when I felt the author was government echelonsThere were times when I felt the author was that the Western powers did not declare war on the Soviet Union in May 1945 to prevent the assimilation of Eastern Europe She is somewhat jaded about some of the accomplishments attained in educational levels in Eastern Europe which were abysmal in 1945Nevertheless we do see the repression and subservience that existed to Moscow A well researched book but ultimately a major disappointment The author is connected with the neoconservative Legatum Institute as well as high ranking elements in the Polish establishment so if you are looking for a balanced account of Europe behind the Iron Curtain you shouldn t look for it here Problems include a narrow focus that concentrates only on the immediate postwar period as well as just three countries East Germany Hungary and Poland a failure to acknowledge that barmy as the communist system in central. Rn Europe Stalin and his secret police set out to convert a dozen radically different countries to Communism a completely new political and moral system In Iron Curtain Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Anne Applebaum describes how the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe were created and what daily life was like once they were complete She draws on newly opened East European archives interviews and person. Anne Applebaum s Iron Curtain The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1945 1956 is a thoroughly researched and rewarding read Although I approached the book with some skepticism due to the author s association with prominent neoconservative organizations The Legatum Institute and the American Enterprise Institute and her husband s position as Foreign Minister of Poland he is an AEI alumnus too it was detailed and fair if vehemently anti Russian I noted with interest in the acknowledgements section at the book s end a thank you to both the Scaife Foundations AND the National Endowment for the Humanities Hmmm Page 174 my book Polish radio announcer Andrzej Zalewski One winter day I stupidly wrote in the text of the script There is a cold atmospheric front approaching us from Russia The broadcaster read it aloud in the morning they phoned me Go and see the director I went to see the director and was ushered in right away Zalewski he told me I thought you were intelligent From now on remember only warm Class of 92: Out of Our League good things come from the East It didn t seem funny at the timeThis book focuses primarily on East Germany Poland and Hungary The other Iron Curtain countrieset only a passing lanceThe author Anne Applebaum clearly points out how these countries were in a complete apocalypse at the ending of the Second World War in Europe Poland had its intellectual elite eliminated No education was provided for the Polish population during the long German years of brutal occupation The climb back to a semblance of civilized society was to be a long one and it was to be under Stalin s terms There was #an ethnic cleansing of Poles Ukrainians and Germans In Poland and Ukraine there were roving armed roups intent on asserting their #ethnic cleansing of Poles Ukrainians and Germans In Poland and Ukraine there were roving armed roups intent on asserting their from either Poland or RussiaPage
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In all some million Germans left Eastern Europe in the postwar period and settled in both East and West GermanyPage 133 By 1950 not much remained of multi ethnic Eastern In the long awaited follow up to her Pulitzer Prize winning Gulag acclaimed journalist Anne Applebaum delivers a roundbreaking history of how Communism took over Eastern Europe after World War II and transformed in frightening fashion the individuals who came under its swayAt the end of World War II the Soviet Union to its surprise and delight found itself in control of a huge swath of territory in Easte. Iron Curtain The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944 1956

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Europe was its instigators weren t all cynical sociopaths like Stalin and that some of them were making an honest attempt to rectify society s *INEUALITIES A TOO COSY APPRAISAL OF *a too cosy appraisal of regimes opposing forces fine in the case of dissidents and intellectuals but not in the case of the highly conservative clergy #nor the freemasons both are portrayed as angelic #the freemasons both are portrayed as angelic and not since Boycey in Only Fools and Horses have the latter received such rave reviews the shooting down of easy targets such as Soviet realist architecture has she ever been to Milton Keynes or Sarcelles SOCIETAL MALFUNCTION SHOULD WE REGARD DETROIT malfunction should we regard Detroit Kinshasa as typical of capitalism per se and the lack of freedom what about Guantanamo Bay little mention of the catastrophic shock therapy that followed on from the fall of the Berlin Wall outside the scope of the book perhaps but it needs mentioning to put things in perspectiveThe sub Hayekian hectoring uickly becomes tiring and one suspects that some ullible publisher was strong armed into releasing this as a trade book when what we need is an even handed view of the entire 40 years of Communism in the Soviet client states of Eastern Europe Insightful well researched book I rew up in a Siberian closed town which was build by Gulag prisoners before I was born i spent my childhood behind three rows of barbed wires My small town produced refined plutonium spy satellites and engines for intercontinental ballistic missiles In nearly 30 years I lived in the USSR before moving to the USA I had no idea what was happening outside USSR not only in capitalist West but even in socialist East We just never had a chance to see the world until Soviet Union collapsed and suddenly everything become possible It is sad that the responsibility for rape of Eastern Europe by Stalin s Soviet Union is not acknowledged by current Russian overnment as it was by Germany Without such a moral statement there will be no reconciliation. Al accounts translated for the first time to portray in devastating detail the dilemmas faced by millions of individuals trying to adjust to a way of life that challenged their every belief and took away everything they had accumulated Today the Soviet Bloc is a lost civilization one whose cruelty paranoia bizarre morality and strange aesthetics Applebaum captures in the electrifying pages of Iron Curtain.