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Has met a woman that has him thinking along the lines of a long term relationship The dialogue is witty and funny the insight into life in Palm Beach is hilarious but the plot was a little thin Too much time was spent following Archy around while he moons over his new girlfriend and not nough time spent on the mystery There were some real shockers in the plot but they came a bit too late in the storyI m still on board for in the McNally series Hopefully the characters develop a bit as time goes on Overall a C Oh my gosh I read this book sooo many years ago and while I was waiting for books to come in I saw that I could read this one again I absolutely LOVE Archy While I was reading this book a few things came back to me The details of his breakfast lunch and dinners OMG I was getting hungry just re reading this Such a fun fun fun book Brings back memories needing a dime for a pay phone for xample I find that all of the McNally books are perfect palette cleansersAny time that I finish heavy reading I pick up one of the McNally mysteries and they never fail to amuse and ground me Loved ItA nice smooth mystery with a touch of out dated charm McNallys Secret is a good mystery I don t know much about the ighties but I get a feel that that s the period during which the book was writtenAnyway playboy Archie McNally is hired to find some ancient stamps stolen from a rich matron Although part of his job is to keep his business secret nothing stays secret in Palm Beach Archie McNally is a 37 year old single guy that lives in

the attic of 
attic of parents house He does investigation work for his lawyer father In the first of this series he is investigating the disappearance of some very valuable stamps for one of father s very wealthy clients I loved the irreverent humor the surprise nding and Archie s respectful and loving relationship with his parents I will definitely be reading about Archie and family Let s go back about a uarter of a century to THAT Palm Beach Florida The one that Donald Trump was so anxious to be accepted into Then there was still a lot of the old money around and the need to fit in to a society that those recently rich could only aspire to This is where McNally So. Nd not so discreet Beneath the glaring sun of Palm Beach and behind the lowest crimes of high society he is pa. .
I first ncountered Sanders work back in 80 or 81 reading The Sixth Commandment and I was captured The word pictures he paints are gloriousThis is the first in the series of Archy a semi disreputable scion of a well to do lawyerly nterprise His father is the lawyer and the son occupies a tiny office looking into the shadowy corners OF THE CLIENTSTHIS TIME FOUR PRICELESS STAMPS HAVE BEEN the clientsThis
time four priceless 
four priceless have been from a wealthy lady and Archy does his best to juggle his romantic interests with looking for the culprit The mystery and the story were fine But I was completely distracted by the fact that while it was set in 1990 s Florida veryone spoke as if they lived in the 1930 s Referring to a woman as a cupcake and a man as lad Discussion of old maids or spinsters A reference to Gibson Girls The formal dialogue between father and adult son I kept being convinced it was set in the 30s after all and then I d remember the references to the Mazda Miata or a cellular phone Oh well It was an ntertaining nough story but the incongruous dialogue continually annoyed me The Archie McNally stories by Lawrence Sanders are all A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, essentially the same small mysteries sometimes murders taking place in Palm Beach Florida Each book features descriptions of AM s food clothing girlfriends and lifestyle and while repetitive after two or books all stories make good lightntertaining reading The plots are virtually indistinguishable but Sanders The Shadow Reader excellent writing style above average vocabulary and non reliance on profanity and foul language to give his characters colour makes any one of these books a read tonjoyThe above reviewdescription also applies to two other books read in the same month McNally s Gamble and McNally s Luck I received this book from Open Road Media and Netgalley This is a re issue of the first McNally mystery by Lawrence Sanders in digital formatI have read Lawrence Sanders before but never the McNally series Archy McNally womanizer detective in his father s law firm and still living at home lives the good life in Palm Beach FloridaWhen his father assigns him the job of finding out who stole a set of collectable stamps from the infamous Lady Horiwitz McNally uncovers a clever scheme In the meantime Archy. Sex lies blackmail Archy McNally is a freewheeling playboy who specializes in Discreet Inuiries for the rich .

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N have chosen to serve their clientele Father McNally is head of a local law firm and the son Archy a Yale failure is responsible for the firm s discreet inuiriesEducated at the proper Ivy League schools the McNally family fits in as the well to do vassals of the Palm Beach nobility Sanders successfully walks a very fine line between insipid details of food clothing wine cars Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies etc and outright burlesue What we derive are laughs knowing smiles a intricate plot with memorable characters and surprisinglympathy for Archy despite the followingHe is vain often superficial a social butterfly a cad a devotee of the pursuit of the opposite sex and the pursuit of the opposite sex and than truthful in many of his relationshipsKudos to Sanders for making it work Is he tipping his hat to the Archy Goodwin of Rex Stout This Archy is in line with Hammett s Sam Spade in adopting a persona that allows him to float through many levels of society while because of his fatuousness not being given credit for the depth of understanding he brings to his detectionHighly njoyable the trick will be for Sanders to go forward xploring the permutations of this little world without it becoming a stale formula Sanders character Archie McNally is nothing short of brilliant He s an affluent living intelligent capable underachiever and he s fine with that He didn t make it through law school to make his capable underachiever and he s fine with that He didn t make it through law school to make his old law firm dad happy but he manages to solve some tricky problems that Dad s clients seem to get themselves into regularly He can t afford luxurious digs so he lives with Mom and Dad how lse would a guy with his resources be able to live right on the water and have servants at his disposal He has a fabulous and devoted steady girl to whom he has made promises and he s devoted to a mom with the arly stages of dementia who comes to a mom with the arly stages of dementia who comes as a fading character from times long past xcept when her assessment of her devoted but priggish husband make it clear that she is sharper than most His sleuthing fforts combine a mix of street smarts savoir fair charm and charisma and bullshit When mixed together his skills serve to mbarrass his father but save him as well McNally is always fun The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right entertaining andngaging right down to his pastel dinner jackets. Id to keep family skeletons in the closet But when it comes to sex and scandal he has a few secrets of his own. McNally's Secret
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