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Beyond Survivor - Rising from the Ashes of Childhood Sexual AbuseJan Frayne s masterful nonfiction book Beyond Survivor Rising from the Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse is an amazing collection of oetry and storytelling The author s childhood history is laid out before us with an all too seldom found mastery of language that interweaves the readers heart with his Peer into the soul of the hurting abused child within yearning for freedom from torment by memories of a childhood stolenBeyond Survivor shines a much needed light on the lifelong ain and turmoil faced by hysical and sexually abused children Delving deeper than that Jan s insightful book shows us the true raw emotions #of male child abuse victims those most often ignored as true victims #male child abuse victims those most often ignored as true victims an apathetic society Too many child abuse victims male and female young and old are lost in its grip to turn a blind eye any longerIf you have faced abuse of any form allow author Jan Frayne to share with you his journey of strength hope and survival There is life for you in abundance that is built upon your ast not in ignorance of it Your yearning for a life of victory over darkness can be realized Allow Jan s empathetic heart and words to journey with you towards your own future filled with hope filled expectancySurvivorship is a delicate balance of hope faith and determination to claw one s way out of horrific circumstances It is an existence filled with fear doubt and a destroyed ability to trust most anyone especially adults To the victim the future appears to be an uphill very lonely battle up a seemingly insurmountable sheer rock cliff Child abuse victims no matter how old too often live in the shadows on the fringes of life So often they are unnoticed by those of us running through life s accomplishments unaware of the lost souls that watch us float by without even a glanceIf you have never been through the Tales from the Ballpark Tales from the Ballpark Tales from the Ballpark: More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told pain ofhysical and sexual abuse then Beyond Survivor is a must read It is time for that world to wake up and take notice of the shadowed lives we tread upon along every sidewalk of life It is time for all of us to turn and look into the tear filled eyes of battle weary soldiers in those nooks and crannies and reach out our hand Do you have the courage to allow your heart to be changedThank you to my friend author Jan Frayne I applaud you for sharing your Isocrates I (The Oratory of Classical Greece, vol. 4) passion filled work in the hope of lifting other lost souls out of theit of despair and into lives of Robot Programming: A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics promise I amroud to walk that road with you HeartwrenchingBeyond Survivor is an unobtrusive depiction of the Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Powerful Internal and External Communications physical tortur. Patricia A McKnight Author My Justice In this amazing new book Beyond Survivor the very talented author Jan Frayne takes his readers into the arena of childhood sexual abuse recovery battles and conuests As one of the rareublished novels from a Male Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor Mr Frayne allows hi. E and sychological anguish the author sustained as a male child victim of sexual abuse The very The Mystery of the Two-Toed Pigeon people who should have nourished androtected him were the erpetrators of these atrocities Lack of self ESTEEM ANGER AND GUILT AS WELL AS PHYSICAL TORMENT anger and guilt as well as hysical torment broached through Espenlaub poetry androse delineating his experiences and emotional Splendid Solution pain with sensitivity and discrimination A difficult and unspoken issue is discussed in a discreetlyoetic fashion without graphic detailing of the specific atrocities the author sustained This oetic journal of the various stages of grief the author encountered through his journey to sanity is courageous inspiring and an affirmation of the long ignored issues regarding male sexual molestation The topic is broached with authenticity and inspiration a compelling revelation of a light of unknown enormityJan L Frayne ens the traumas of his ast in a very open manner with elouence sensitivity and strength His story is told with integrity and a determination to educate the How to Be Alone public regarding the silent atrocities that are ravaging our children His openness in revealing his mostrivate and Racial Theories In Context personal experiences as a victim of male child sexual abuse is honorable His voice is the impetus toward awareness andrevention of such heinous atrocities A collection of oems and writings about child sexual abuse written by a courageous male survivor The reader experiences many of the writer s emotions and hears his thoughts about what happened to him as a child Deeply emotional and impacting The messages found in Beyond Survivor are disturbing and necessary in their content This author #Bares His Soul Through #his soul through amazing talent of his writing for all to see through his words the warp and weave of the tangled fabric of a child s life torn by sexual abuse He brings into the light the haunting shadows of his ast and the traumas these have caused which continue to assault him in his adult life Expressing his heart through the gift of his writing he looks the victim himself straight in the eye and embraces the child within Standing now to fiercely defend and Cigarette Kisses protect other children he lifts hisain for us to see and thence gain awareness of the light of such innocents He raises his voice so that others may be spared the grief and agony he has gone through and continues to carry in his heart His rose and oetry demands that we open our eyes and see the truth Hear his words then look around you and save the children who have lost their voice He is their voice and Bey. S readers to feel the depth of shattered mind body and soul Beyond Survivor will take you into the hurricane of emotion and strength as this boy conuers the demons and nightmares of his ast Readers will ride the rollercoaster of success as they travel through the many nightmares This expertly written. .

Ond Survivor speaks loudly elouently of the need for us to listen and to take action I am very impressed by this extremely ersonal and Little Scarlet (Easy Rawlins penetrating look into the effects of childhood sexual abuse Selection of writing from male survivors of child sexual abuse Really good intro and much needed New Book Encourages Men to Speak Out about Childhood Sexual Abuse Jan L Frayne wants men to know there is no shame in admitting they suffered abuseSWANSEA Wales UK PRWEBAccording to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children 17727 sexual crimes against children under 16 were recorded in England and Wales in 2010 11 Timed to coincide with Child Abuse and Awareness month in April author Jan L Frayne offers readers hisoetic memoir Beyond Survivor Rising from the Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse A Collection of Writings ublished by AuthorHouseIn Beyond Survivor Frayne offers his own history hoping to help other victims of abuse find the courage and strength to seek help to triumph over it and to increase awareness and education among the general ublic Child abuse is in the headlines almost every week he says Very few men are Never Sweeter prepared to come forward and be counted I hope this shows them that there is no shame in doing so An excerpt from Beyond Survivor theoem If I Died If I died tonightWould you hold my handWould you stay beside meAnd walk me from this landPut your arms around meAnd never let me goShare with me your strengthFor I have none of my ownThe ain is too much to bearI can t seem to carry onMy heart now lies shatteredThe dreams are now all goneThe feelings were always buriedDeep inside my soulSlowly they destroyed meBecause I wouldn t let them showNow I lay here restingMy time on Earth Is DoneNothing Left To Fight ForNo Where doneNothing left to fight forNo where to runPut your hand in mineAs I take my final breathMy soul has at last found eaceThere awaiting me in Death Author Patricia A McKnight in her review of the book says This expertly written book shows the ath of standing strong and achieving what all mankind desires retrieving #the happiness once destroyed by the wicked This collection of outstanding oetry and rose is a must read for all as #happiness once destroyed by the wicked This collection of outstanding oetry and The Literary Language of Shakespeare prose is a must read for all as torevail against the challenges ut forth in the battle to obtain our own freedom About the Author Mr Jan L Frayne is a 44 year old male survivor of childhood sexual abuse An advocate for survivors of childhood sexual abuse worldwide he has written both rose and Old Electrical Wiring: Evaluating, Repairing, and Upgrading Dated Systems poetry since he was 11 years oldFacebookTwitterFront Row Literature. Novel shows theath of standing strong and achieving what all mankind desires; retrieving the happiness once destroyed by the wicked This collection of outstanding ソードアート・オンライン 1 (Sword Art Online Light Novel, poetry androse is a must read for all as inspiration to Being Vegan prevail against the challengesut forth in the battle to obtain our own freedom.