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Big Bad Detective Agency rWas supposed toead this in grad school for a German omanticism and I never but everyone in the class said how great it was Really interesting concept but I think the execution could have been better maybe stuff elated to the 1980s guy This is such a strange book Incredibly clever and thought provoking but also Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism rather sad It s definitely a book that needs to beeread to be fully appreciated the structure and Ransmayr s deconstruction of historical truth merit particular attention I The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, really liked this book both the narrative structure and the subject matter I m fascinated by arctic exploration by what it takes to make a life or simply to survive in such inhospitable climes There was a time when I believed that if you had to die if it was your time say freezing to death might not be a bad way to go That was before Iead this book Brrrr Three linked stories of exploration intertwine here as an unidentified Narrator Researches The Disappearance In 1981 Of Josef Mazzini Whose researches the disappearance in 1981 of Josef Mazzini whose with the Austrian explorer Julius Von Payer had brought him to the settlement of Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen island Payer had brought him to the settlement of Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen island the Arctic Payer a sub lieutenant in the Austrian army having adventured and explored in the Tyrolean Alps in the 1860s making than 60 ascents including several Novels with explicitly novelistic themes are often bloodless carrying the fatal odor of the sheltered writing workshop; Austrian writer Ransmayr's first novel however is a stunning exception His second book The Last World was published here last year to critical acclaim The underlying concerns of this work are primarily literary creator vs creation history vs fiction the nature of metaphor etc but here they inform a singularly gri. ,

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Ploring and naming all the features on Franz Josef Land The weather is warmer than usual the ice breaks up and the intrepid Expedition finally makes its way back to Novaya Zemlya in Russia The Expedition is a success but overshadowed by the polar explorers Amundsen and Peary A century later Josef Mazzini a fictional descendant of one of
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men who been on that expedition is obsessed with etracing the oute He disappears and all that is ever found is his notebook The Big Nail the Inuit name for the North Pole and some sled dog harness The unnamed Narrator wants to find out what happened to him The book alternates from the original Expedition to Mazzini back and forth with the Narrator s comments on his own search for the missing man Surrounded by many maps but no answers to the mystery the Narrator finally considers himself a chronicler without an ending I enjoyed all the adventure in this book much of which eally happened the Expedition It felt to me like it was written by a latter day Jack London There were fantastic descriptions some exciting some sad and I liked the interplay among the men This was not dry in the least Payer especially wrote almost literary journal entries I liked how the three narratives Expedition Mazzini search for Mazzini interwove Recommended. Suing honor how the three narratives Expedition Mazzini search for Mazzini interwove Recommended. Suing honor and other vanities endure two frigid winters when their ship is trapped in ice their beards freeze they are blinded by snow and ill with scurvy but the Bible is Other People's Property: A Shadow History of Hip-Hop in White America read every Sunday A century later men approach the icy expanse with snowmobiles and Walkmen undertaking selfinterested scientific projects This aggressively intelligent narrative transforms the polaregions into unusually fertile ground Publishers Weekly. ,
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Die Schrecken des Eises und der FinsternisIrst ascents led the Austro Hungarian North Pole Expedition in 1872 which was both Manzinni and the narrator s Interest This Was An Attempt This was
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attempt the via the North East Passage along the Norwegian and Siberian coasts and during the journey he discovered Franz Joseph Land Much of the narrative is made up of uotations from the official log of the expedition and the diaries of individual crew members It s only the invented character of Mazzini that makes Ransmayr s book a novel The vivid descriptions of the Arctic and the use of the archives makes this ead as a historical document would It s a fascinating tale of Polar exploration that deserves a place with the best and yet is surprisingly out of print available at OpenLibrary archiveorg This novel Der Bilderwächter recounts theeal life 1872 74 Imperial Austro Hungarian North Pole Expedition through actual journal and log entries italicized to set them apart They are connected by narration The Expedition discovers and names Franz Josef Land near the North Pole after their emperor The novel describes in excruciating detail all the hardships they undergo being stuck in ice frostbite scurvy unning out of food gangrene one seaman falling into a crevasse and his escue before he freezes to death Payer and Weyprecht the two leaders insist on ex. Pping tale A nameless and largely invisible narrator ecounts the 1981 disappearance of one Josef Mazzini whose fascination with a 19th century polar expedition has pulled him north to the furthest arctic whose fascination with a 19th century polar expedition has pulled him north to the furthest arctic Accounts of the two journeys intersect and diverge challenging the notion of history as linear seducing the eader with startlingly detailed descriptions of polar exploration Members of the 19th century expedition pur. ,