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F There were a few unexpected twists and turns TO GET TO THE HEA THAT I WAS NOT get to the HEA that I was not and made the book a little less predictable earning its 4 star ratingRating 4 stars for a little bit of an unusual story line and comedic reliefWarning be careful when reading the 2nd half of the book You re liable to spit our coffee out of our mouth at places whether it be from the humour written into the story or the cheese factor towards the endMy Ratings5I loved this book consider it an all time favorite4 Thoroughly enjoyed the book and will recommend it3 I liked it well enough2 Brain Candy It was okay Writing mediocre willkeepre read if part of a series1 didn t likepossibly not finished less I m not a religious person at all but for some reason I loved this book If I had to take a wild stab at it the reason would be due to my love of coffee lol Maggie wants to open a Christian coffee shop but the banker William Grey says she doesn t have enough planning done to even ask for a loan He suggests 12 weeks of classes so she can learn about running a business He is the teacher they becom. Ut I was sure I could stay awake long enough to learn something Besides despite Grey's stuffy facade his velvety British accent could make even financial analysis sound interesting. Ms It s funny and endearing but maybe because I relate so well to the heroine Raises great debate over tea vs coffee as well Enjoyable first person romance novel all about coffee and striving to attain something ou want so desperately Niemand houdt mij tegen : een avontuur in de 22ste eeuw you can t talk about it to thoseou love With a handsome British hero no less What I love about Allie Pleiter s books is that they do not contain any girls without spines Maggie Black heroine of The Perfect Blend wants than anything to open a Christian coffee shop in Seattleand a side of Black heroine of The Perfect Blend wants than anything to open a Christian coffee shop in Seattleand a side of banker Will Grey wouldn t be so bad either This is a great fun story and it gave me a monster coffee craving Why is it that almost all the books Love Inspired I love seem to revolve around food Maggie is a oung entrepreneur who wants to open a coffee shop in the already saturated city of Seattle What makes hers stand out She wants to open a Christian coffee house Will is the stuffy banker who has to make the decision whether or not to approve Maggie s loan The first half of this book started off pretty slowly but it really picked up during the 2nd hal. N Mr Grey who's a tea drinker; figures explained that if I took his small business course the bank might reconsider my application It would take the help of some of my fab coffee ,

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Very cute I enjoyed the humor and Roth s character of Maggie especially And I learned a lot about coffee shops This book was so darn adorable a lot about coffee shops This book was so darn adorable ve read it at least 4 times A perfect Christian rom com Her inheritance from Uncle Ian is her ticket to opening a Christian Coffee Shop if only she can survive the entrepreneur class the loan officer strongly suggested Margret Mary Black she take when William Grey the III turned down her loan The amusing misadventures begin when she gets hits delivering her homework and Will the rugby player ends up taking Maggie to the hospital Developing a business plan is much than budgets product development and startup costs when the two keep bumping heads literally and figuratively CONSIDERING THE THEME IS COFFEE the central theme is tea ceremony description will leave avid coffee drinker wanting to try a cup of tea I loved this book The characters were well developed and fun to follow the humor was easy to catch and fun to laugh with and the plot was good enough that i refused to put the book down I love this chick lit romance about following our drea. Opening a Christian coffeehouse in Seattle; that was my dream I wanted to call it Maggie Black's Higher Grounds So when banker William Grey III denied my loan I was crushed But the. The Perfect Blend