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Aves a suspenseful story that shows how an angry mob leads not to justice just to revenge People are afraid of a slave uprising and of Catholics conspiring with the Spanish who are at war with the British It leads to a deadly mixI really enjoyed the telling of this story through the eyes of a teenage slave This is the summary of the color of fire It is about a slave girl named Phoebe It is set in New York city back i the colonial times Another slave is Cuffee who is main suspect in the fires that hit the city Now the ing is offering freedom and money to any slaves who can

Give Names Of The 
names of the involved with the fires Now the main character Phoebe is tore between getting her freedom or helping out her friends And her teacher is a suspect for being a priestHer teacher is named MrUry Now being pressured by her friends and neighbors to give information and get her freedom Will Phoebe give names to help herself or will she help out her friendsThis is my critical analysis of the book the color of fire I didn t enjoy how the everybody automatically assumed it was black that started the fire But a white person was the brains behind the operation I also dislike how they made the people of the city seem the brains behind the operation I also dislike how they made the people of the city seem blood crazed maniacs But i liked how the story revolved around a group of black people And how even though their master felt be trade he still tried to protect them Something i am on the fence about is if the story s protagonist running away is a fitting end to the story That is my critical analysis of the book the color of fireThis paragraph is about who i would recommend this book to If you like historical fiction papers then this might the book for you Or if you like books that are suspenseful and will have asking for this is for you But you like fast pace sporty type books than this book different not for you This book is a reflective book that shows how far we came as a society And if you not willing to acknowledge that then you are wasting your time reading this book To those considering This Book If A Good book if a good book for to read by the fire place on a cold night Those are the people i would recommend this book to Based on historical facts slaves were burned at the stake in New York City in 1741 Unexplained fires around the city are blamed on slaves and young Phoebe finds herself torn between giving poison to her friend Cuffee so that he won t suffer as he burns a chilling story when American was still a colony of Britain and people feared slaves and Catholics for we were at war with Spain a Catholic country Ann Rinaldi does a great job of bringing this piece of history to lif. Him go if he names names Several people are hanged and many are burned at the stake but the mob won't rest until they find a mastermind behind the plan someone Catholic and white and there's suspicion that Phoebe's teacher Mr Ury is a priest. 13 Black men were burned alive at the stake Two white men and two white women were also hung for their alleged involvement in this PLOT IN ADDITION TO ALL OF In addition to all of Phoebe has to struggle with a major decision A Black doctor has given her some poisoned food to give to two of the Blacks who are scheduled to be burned alive It would ill them before the fires would become bad and thus would ease their suffering She has to decide if this is the right fires would become bad and thus would ease their suffering She has to decide if this is the right to do and if she is the person that can do itAll of this is written in a very realistic manner bringing the reader right into the midst of everything going on Definitely an interesting if upsetting book to read This book is an eye opening account of Phoebe a young black slave in New York City during the time of the war with Spain I had no idea there was fear of a great Negro plot in New York at this time and that slavery was such a difficult issue in the north The mob mentality that existed at this time resulted in the tragic death of innocent people than perished in the Salem witch trials This was one of the better books I have read by Ann Rinaldi and this story was something I had never heard about We have all heard so many stories of the horrors of southern slavery but this story about slavery in New York City twenty years before the American revolution and the widespread hatred and distrust of the negro slaves was something I had never hear about before The story s main character was thrust into the events of the city and struggled to make sense of all that she saw and was part of The story opens just as a fire is beginning to catch in Master Philipse s warehouse and Phoebe Master Philipse s black servant and the eyes and ears of the book is attempting to find out who started it As the days go on and fires are mysteriously started the townsfolk become increasingly suspicious and suspect that the slaves not only are responsible for the wreckage but that they also are planning a murderous revolt against their masters There is so much adventure throughtout the book however the book had a lousy and confusing ending I recomend this book to historical fiction readers I honesty did not like this book I was forced to read this book for school I thought this book would be better based on the summary on the back and the genre which I usually find interesting I was very disappointed with the ending because the problem was not reso This is a beautifully written story about true events in 1741 New York Several buildings have been set on fire As the populace gets angry and fearful the need to find anyone to pin the blame on growsRinaldi we. Enslaved girl watches as the town erupts into mass hysteria when the whites in New York City convince themselves that the black slaves are planning an uprising Her best friend Cuffee is implicated in the plot and the Pip Sueak Saves the Day Medici Books for Children king's men promise to let.