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To be together because they were both truly in love with each other It came out during their fights that Lily May seemed to have never really given up her love for her first husband who she had named Roberta after when Bertie found this out it upset her so much that she wanted to change her nameI though it was very much a thought provoking book with lots to say It touched on so many things I was reading it while at the blood bank yesterday with tears over one section of the story and the nurses wanted to know if I was okay and I said sad story they said it must good then and that s when I realised that yest it was A coming of age story with very appealing protagonist and an unusual setting Vividly describes life in post war Papua New Guinea family tensions and an unfolding and forbidden artistic talent Sympathetic characters and plausible action set at the start of the 1960s when the world was still finding its way after the upheaval of the war The characters lives are full of sadly thwarted passions lovers art and the burning desire of a child with polio to "Feel Normal Set Against The "normal set against the of Sydney New Guinea and Canada I LOVED this book As I won this book here on First Reads I would firstly like to thank Hayley for the opportunity to read and review this book it was an absolute oy firstly like to thank Hayley for the opportunity to read and review this book it was an absolute oy readI won t re tell the storyline as others have already done so I found the language used in this book to be beautiful and very descriptive The storyline was very engaging and interesting with plenty going on to keep it moving along at a comfortable paceDrawing characters is where th Two novels set in New Guinea on the one Miles Franklin longlist Drusilla Modjeska s The Mountain is a complex work tackling significant issues see my review but Annah Faulkner s The Beloved is a satisfying debut novel from a perceptive author and I liked its theme of the importance of being true to oneselfThe central character and first person narrator Roberta is a terrific creation Clear eyed ambitious empathetic and wonderfully stubborn she is forced to overcome physical and social disability when in 1954 she contracts polio in childhood not long before mass vaccination began in Australia in 1956To read the rest of my review please visit With a few exceptions I am not a fan of coming of age stories which is annoying as there seems to be a lot around at present That said I did enjoy The Beloved From its stunning cover this book is filled with colour It starts with the blackness that descends when polio hits Roberta Bertie Lightfoot as a young child and shows the cruelty of other children and sometimes adults to her disability It reminds us how cruel people can be and how much words It reminds us how cruel people can be and how much words wound With the help of her mother Lily May Bertie recovers and learns to walk again But Bertie s Mama does all she can do stop Bertie pursuing the one thing she wants to do art I struggle to understand parents who try to mould children into their own image or preconceived ideas of what they should be and do instead of letting them be themselves As you might expect Bertie s passion for art becomes a major conflict between them So you not only have the colours of the art as Bertie paints and the coloured auras she sees around people another things that causes trouble there are also the brilliant colours of bougainvillea and other examples of a tropical landscape after the family move to New Guinea and the town of Port MoresbyThis book gave lots to think about It is insightful about relationships that of mother and daughter but also other relationships It is also a novel of secrets that are uncovered and those secrets always lead to troubleThis book won the ueensland Premier s Literary Award for emerging author Although an emerging author her photo shows a smiling mature woman This is a novel written by an author I would suggest with lots of life experience It reads like some of this novel could perhaps be autobiographical At times I found the behaviour of the characters hard to understand That is not a fault of the writing Just that I look at things differently I experienced sadness laughter anger outrage and frustration as I read which shows I was involved with these characters even if didn t always understand them I will be very interested to read this author s next book. Her family As secrets come to light the domestic varnish starts to crack and ealousy and passion threaten to forever mar the relationship between mother and daughterTender and witty The Beloved is a moving debut novel which paints a vivid portrait of both the beauty and the burden of unconditional loveWINNER OF THE NITA B KIBBLE LITERARY AWARD 2013SHORTLISTED FOR THE MILES FRANKLIN AWARD 2013WINNER OF THE UEENSLAND PREMIER'S LITERARY AWARD FOR AN EMERGING UEENSLAND AUTHOR 2011COMMENDED FOR THE FAW CHRISTINA STEAD AWARD 2012.

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This is a beautiful coming of age story set in Australia and New Guinea in the 1950s The characters are believable and in most cases nice people drawn very sympathetically The central character Bertie is 10 years old at the beginning of the novel lives with her family in Melbourne and contracts polio Bertie loves to draw but her mother a strong willed Canadian considers art a waste of time and insists that Bertie study real subjects so she can become a doctor or lawyer In fighting the effects of polio Bertie develops uite a strong character and fights against many of her mother s dictates It s uite common for kids who contract serious illnesses to develop backbones of steel I speak from direct experienceVery early in the novel Bertie s father a pilot by training accepts a position to run a trading company in Port Moresby The family moves to New GuineaThe remainder of the novel tells the story of conflicts with and outside the family as Bertie grows into her teens Her ambition to become an artist also develops as do the conflicts with her mother The story is told against a background of Port Moresby s ex pat community of the mid 1950s Faulkner s descriptions of the scenery and the family s relationship with native employees are simple but effective The novel is well plotted and has good pace The main characters Bertie her mother and father aunt Tempe Helen Varlier and Bertie s best friend Steffi are all developed well There are at times a sense of foreboding in the story and some very dramatic occurrences The main thread of the story however concerns the tensions with Bertie s family and Bertie herself Bertie s growth as an artist and as a young but rapidly maturing teenager I enjoyed this book very much It s easy to read The plot is engrossing and it s easy to cheer on Bertie as she deals with the traumas in her life this is a great book about a determined and gifted young girl coming to terms with her talent and her dominating mother I read it in one night Beautifully written Story Of Growing Up In The 1950s Roberta Is One of growing up in the 1950s Roberta is one the unlucky ones stricken with polio which leaves her with a withered foot Unable to participate in physical activities she turns to creating art which is opposed by her mother This is a book about relationships of children being forced into adult situations of self realisation and acceptance mostly set in the exotic landscape of New Guinea The Beloved is the debut novel by Australian author Annah Faulkner winner of the ueensland Premier s Literary Award for Emerging Writer Set in Port Moresby in the 1950 s 1960 s this story examines family dynamics passion and a young girl s determination to be true to herselfRoberta Bertie Lindsay Lightfoot contracts polio at the age of six and impairs her ability to walk When she recovers from the illness she has one crippled leg which is deformed and Bertie is ashamed of the clunky boot she must wear each day Her mother an independent woman with a photography career has high expectations of Bertie to overcome her disability to prosper in the education system and make herself a success But Bertie s passion is art She can see people s auras and paint them in a way that is both intrusive and beautiful Her mother learns to despise Bertie s interest for that very reason I think this uote from the book sums up the meaning of art for Bertie uite perfectly Art is the one thing that connects me to the world When I paint someone or something I m always amazed at how much there is to them than I first thought and it helps me understand them When I paint I forget what I can t do because what I can do matters Bertie s passion drives her to steal and lie to continue producing art and this infuriates her mother further and she bans all art materials from the house Bertie is devastated she feels suffocated by her mother and is prevented from doing the one thing that makes her feel good about herself As the conflict in her family intensifies and her parent s marriage becomes unstable Bertie struggles to find her place in the family unit and among her peers Ironically the one person Bertie does develop a strong connection is with her father s mistress Helen who is also an artist Bertie s only freedom being her bike she escapes to Helen s art shop every Wednesday for a secret art 'an acute evocation of postwar Australasia Faulkner's novel is enlivened by a strong gift for metaphor and the wisdom to use it sparingly'When Roberta 'Bertie' Lightfoot is struck down with polio her world collapses But Mama doesn't tolerate self pity and Bertie is nobody if not her mother's daughter until she sets her heart on becoming an artist Through drawing the gifted and perceptive Bertie gives form and voice to the reality of the people and the world around her While her father is happy enough to indulge Bertie's driv. Esson Of course once her mother discovers her
betrayal their relationship 
their relationship strainedThe Beloved is slow at times and I felt it lacked probably Beloved is slow at times and I felt it lacked direction probably the focus is on the characters and not necessarily on the plot Bertie s relationship with her mother is tumultuous and there were times I ust wanted someone to save Bertie while other times I could empathise with her mother Their enmeshed relationship stems from her mother s unresolved losses and it was a relief to see her take some responsibility for this at the end and provide Bertie with the freedom to be herselfA thought provoking Australian story about a young girl and her family during post war times35 stars This book had everything in it happy sad things that made me thinkreflect I enjoyed this book very much and I think it was a good choice for our book club readSometimes I did not uite understand Roberta and some of things that she did but that was okayThe story starts in Melbourne where Roberta Bertie lives with her older brother Tim and her mum Lily May Bean and dad Edric Mum is Canadian and has coffee coloured skin I am not sure how old Bertie was when she contracted Polio but she was young It left her with a crippled foot with one leg shorter than the other but she could walk with a special boot The way Bertie feels about her leg almost rules her lifeIn 1959 the family moves to Port Moresby for her father s ob The family settle fairly easily but Bertie is always self concious because of her limp and because of it she will not wear clothes that finish above her kneesBertie has discovered a love of colours and she can auras when she looks at people The auras can tell her what the person is thinking and if they are telling the truth or lying Her mother scoffs at this so Bertie does not talk about the colours any She has discovered she can draw but her drawings are very abstract and she does not colour in inside the lines Her father s sister Tempe is also an artist and she can see Bertie s talentLife goes on her parents are not the happiest couple in the world and after Bertie and her mother come back from 9 months visiting Lily May s family in Canada all hell breaks loose as she finds out her father has fallen in love with someone else and when Bertie eventually finds out who she is furious this is Aunt Tempe friend who Bertie had met in Sydney Helen is also an artistI though of Bertie as an ususual child in that she keeps to herself and loves to draw and colour She does not have much time or want for friends though she does have a good freind Stefi and because of their friendships their parents are also friends At least the mother s are but not so much the Dads There is something about Stefi s father that Bertie does not likeI ust found so much going on in this book and Bertie went through so much Her parents pending divorce then their deciding against it and for a further 2 years they play at happy familiies but in the end it did not work Her brother Tim got to miss out on most of it because he had been sent to bording school in Australia when he was 13 Lily May tried to send Bertie to boarding school too but Ed would not agree to it until Bertie was in grade 10Lily May wanted for her daughter the life that she had given up to marry Ed she had been in 2nd year medical school when her first husband a doctor had died during the war in Italy and Lily May decided then not to continue with her medical training but now regretted that decision So here we have a mother who wants her daughter to get really good marks at school when all Bertie wanted to really do was paint Her mother tried to take all this away from her but it did not really workI have ust gone though a marriage breakup myself and it really had me reflecting on my own circumstances It s all very well to stay in the marriage because of the children but children grow up and leave home to live thier own lives though Ed decided to stay with Lily May because of the children as they were only young at the time and she had threatened to take them back to Canada it was Helen who finished their relationship because she had become friends with Bertie through their love of art and could see that time was not right for them Lucky for Ed Helen was still there there and eventually they were able. Ing passion her mother will not let art get in the way of the future she wishes for her only daughterIn 1955 the family moves to post colonial Port Moresby a sometimes violent frontier town where Bertie determined to be the master of her own life canvas rebels against her mother's strict control In this tropical landscape Bertie thrives amid the lush pallette of colours and abundance secretly learning the techniues of drawing and painting under the tutelage of her mother's arch rivalBut Roberta is not the only one deceiving. .
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