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Going Berserk eT an okay read It s not compelling nor does it break any new ground Published in 2006 Rejuvenile predates the Great Recession and the rise of the Millennials so it might be interesting to see an updatedditionFootnote Noxon is the husband of Orange Is The New Black showrunner Jenji Kohan a fact I found almost as interesting as the book itself Yep I m a rejuveile and after fact I found almost as interesting as the "book itself Yep I m a rejuveile and after this book " itself Yep I m a rejuveile and after this book m okay with that I love Scooby Doo Mr Potatohead Pixar movies blowing bubbles and board games I realized while reading this book that I wasn t into dolls as a kid and don t really like them now All I wanted was books and all I pretty much want now are books Guess it s a good thing I became a Librarian Thanks for putting this on your list Erin It was a uick and good read This was njoyable I had often wondered if I were alone in thinking that the life I imagined for myself when I was my parents age or older actually seemed so distant It turns out I am part of a whole generation for whom playfulness is a protracted state of being not of mind The author does a good job of not focusing on the pathological but showing xactly why our youthful passions are so hard to give up and why ultimately many people choose to give them up for a lot of different reasons As a guy in his thirties who still reads comics watches cartoons and just yesterday ate apple pie for breakfast I sort of felt it was necessary to read this book Not so much to justify my Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America existence orven to find out why I don t always feel the need to put away childish things but Maybe Just For The Reassurance just for the reassurance yes there are plenty of other people out there who do this same sort of thing Autobiography and Other Writings every day It s anasy but interesting read and it s hard to come away from it without wanting to join an adult kickball league closest one to me is in Providence I checke. Others' rejuvenile tendencies with cautionary notes about lost souls whose taste for childish things is creepy at best Exhibit A Michael Jackson On balance though he sees rejuveniles as optimists and capital R Romantics people drivenby a desire to hold on to the part of ourselves that feels the most genuinely human We believe in play in make believe in learning in naps And in a time of deep uncertainty we trust that this deeper adaptable part of ourselves is our best tool of survival Fresh and delightfully contrarian Rejuvenile makes hilarious sense of this seismic culture change It's ssential reading not only for grown ups who refuse to act their age but for those who wish they would just grow. ,

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A uick read that some may dismiss as somewhat self indulgent and frivolous I Unbeatable Mind (3rd Edition): Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level (English Edition) eBook: Mark Divine: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. enjoyed Noxon s discussion of the shifting ideas of adulthood He clearly did a lot of research in preparation for writing the book I would have liked to see a slightly in depth analysis o Saw this book featured in scenes of the TV series Weeds realized after reading the author s bio that he worked on that show so big surprisehe plugged his book on the show The bookxplores the growing phenomenon of adults njoying things activities Once Regarded As For regarded as for only video games playing playground type sports having collections of things like baseball cards or dollsaction figures tc and whether it should
Be Viewed Negatively As 
viewed negatively as sign of immaturityPeter Pan syndrome or positively as adults just having a renewed youthful Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript enjoyment of life I thought parts of it were interestingnjoyable to read although I did find myself bored in sections because I thought some of the info was repetitive I ve been wanting to read this FOREVER well for 3 years according to Goodreads and I finally did Turns out I really like the title a lot but would have been as satisfied by a solid few pages as I was by these couple hundred pages Yeah a lot of adults really like kid stuff these days True I m a little disappointed that the author didn t delve at all into the very popular trend in my cohort adults mostly women reading teen fiction Hunger Games The Penderwicks Flavia de Luce and many many sit on my shelves for xample Instead we have a lot on video games and bobbleheads and outdoor sports adjacent games like tag kickball ultimate frisbee Meh It diesn t seem all that revelatory to me But hey rejuvenatejuvenile rejuvenile and I am uite charmed by that I was very impressed by the honesty involved in this book It s not asy to Infamous examine non traditiona. Once upon a time boys and girls grew up and set aside childish things Nowadays moms and dads skateboard alongside their kids and download the latest pop song ringtones Captains of industry pose for the cover of BusinessWeek holding Super Soakers The average age of video game players is twenty nine and rising Top chefs develop recipes for Easy Bake Ovens Disney World is the world's top adult vacation destination that's adults without kids And young people delay marriage and childbirth longer thanver in part to keep family obligations from interfering with their fun fun fun Christopher Noxon has coined a word for this new breed of grown up rejuveniles And as a self confessed rejuvenile he's a symp. .
L behavior in yourself and get past the measure of shame instilled into youNoxon gave some great insights into how adulthood and maturity have not always been treated as the same thing and further how adulthood s definition has morphed over the decades And Walled even centuries It gave me a few things to think about in how I make decisions about my spending and life path Introspective and such just go read it so we can discuss it already So this is one of those books that I ve owned for years but never read and just before New Years I pulled a stack of books off of my TBR shelf and put them on my bedroom shelf small reachable at night and vowed to make a dent in my own unread book collection in 2020 I did the same thing in 2018 and still have a couple of those there to give you some idea of how good I am at this not at all good I I liked the chapter on Disney which I started reading on the bus Kind of skimmed through the rest and something bothered me a little about the role of consumption in this whole new childlike adult thing Rather than playing with kids or playing in general a lot of it is about collecting things And I think there is something a little annoying that comes through in some of the interviews about people thinking they re better people because they ride skateboards or make a living singing children s songs A look at why adultsnjoy and in some cases devote themselves to juvenalia such as Disney movies video and tabletop gaming skateboarding tc Author Noxon proudly describes himself as a Rejuvenile and according to the terms laid down in the books I m one too I ve never been to Disneyland nor on top of a skateboard but I play video games I favor attachment over authoritarian parenting and I njoy playing with my children That s all it takes apparentlyOverall I found Rejuvenile to be jus. Athetic yet critical guide to this bright and shiny world of people who see growing up as Winding Down Exchanging A Life Of Playful Flexibility For Anxious down xchanging a life of playful flexibility for anxious tending lawns and mutual funds In Rejuvenile Noxon xplores the historical roots of today's rejuveniles hint all roads lead to Peter Pan the toyification of practical devices car cuteness is at an all time high and the new gospel of play He talks to parents who love cartoons than their children do twenty somethings who live happily with their parents and grown ups who vangelize on behalf of all ages tag and Legos And he takes on the Harrumphing Codgers who see the rejuvenile as a threat to the social order Noxon tempers stories of his and. Rejuvenile Kickball Cartoons Cupcakes and the Reinvention of the American Grown up