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R write something that ets my high expectations down Well not this time that is for sureI ove the universe Sanderson has created for the majority of his Fantasy of which this world is a part of This time the magic system depends on the human breath which is something ike the spark of our soul though not the soul itself which gives us the joy and true vision of our ives Without it we can still The Accidental Beauty Queen live normalives only duller ess colorful ess joyful ess alive The people who give their breath away to the maggi who are called Awakeners here have to do so willingly and are usually well paid thus most of those who choose to give their breath away are poor and by their act secure some help for their families They become Drabs The Awakeners use the gathered breath to awaken or infuse object with parts of it and in combination with well crafted commands makes those alivened object perform desired tasks The breath a person acuires the onger they ive the healthier they are and the higher status they achieve There is one component to make the magic work color For the transfer of breath to work it uses the color from objects around it but for best results a bright cloth seems to work best And on top of the food chain and social eather are the G ds those who have died but somehow awaken spontaneously and start needing a breath a week just to stay alive However they become whatever their view of perfection is and are treated as gods their every move followed by their dedicated priests their every word recorded and carefully interpreted as a guide for the future These gods are ed by the G d King a Returned as a baby and gifted with an inordinate amount of breaths making him a singularly powerful individualThis is kind of the set up for the story and where things begin The G D King needs an heir thus he needs a wife The neighboring kingdom has promised one of its princesses for a wife mostly as a diplomatic guarantee against war and sends the youngest daughter to perform her duties Political intrigues ensue and unrest is brewing in the streets The pantheon of gods are forming factions and we are plunged into a variety of different conflicts always kept wondering who is going to do what and what are their motivations This is a very dry way of me explaining the vibrant and dynamic range of storytelling Sanderson gifts us with in this story but it does give the basics which I hope sounds ike something you guys would ike to check out Because it is not only about the Fantasy it is also about the human relationships the banter the things that make us heroes in the eyes of the ones around us our self awareness and the way we perceive the world around us It is a story of human experience I will whole heartedly recommend this to all reading fans regardless of age or genre preference It is worth the read and is a perfect gateway to Sanderson s work Let s make you one of the Sandersonian LegionI wish you all Happy Reading and may you et your imagination reach for new heights A man cannot claim to be a fantasy fan if a man hasn t read Brandon Sanderson at This Forsaken Earth least once in hisifetime My The Summer Palace: A Captive Prince Short Story (Captive Prince Short Stories Book 2) life to yours My Breath become yours I feelike I was dormant Before An inanimate object patiently awaiting until Brandon Sanderson infused my molecules with Breath until he Awakened me and gave me senses feelings purpose Ever since I finished Warbreaker my mind floats and wanders around Cosmere and I can t seem to find the courage nor the will to come backIt s unsettling but it feels right Every man is a hero of his own story Three centuries ago the and of Hallandren was united Until the Manywar erupted the religion of the Iridescent Tones was founded and the royal ine fled creating the kingdom of Idris Idris and Hallandren have been on the brink of armed conflict for years but now the future of Nalthis Campfire lies in the hands of four individuals A god who doesn t believe in his own divinity A princess whoseife goal was taken away from her An immortal wielding a sword that eaks shadows A princess ocked in a gilded cage And in the middle of chaos conspiracies backstabbings and schemes the God King himself A person knows when they re in darkness even when they can t see I read The Final Empire many years ago and even though I don t remember much I cannot forget the ingrained belief that Brandon Sanderson crafts the most intricate and imaginative worlds concerning religion magic system governmental structure and setting Warbreaker is no exception Nalthis was masterfully woven the author spun fibers into elaborate threads the threads turned into colorful dazzling tapestries that stole your Breath but instead of Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars leaving you a Drab you ended up absorbing and Breath until your senses were hightened your perception widened and separating yourself from the story demanded huge physical effort While adjusting to the surroundings of Idris and Hallandren as well as grasping the meaning of Breath and Awakening was a timely prodecure thus the 45 stars the fact that Brandon Sanderson s talent is unrivaled remains undisputed The pantheon of Hallandren the foggy events and discoveries thated to the Manywar the story of the Five Scholars the subtle differencies between matter which is able to be Awakened the prerogatives and Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life limitations of being a Returned they were not served on a silver platter there were tidbits scattered throughout the story keeping you alert showing up when you needed them guiding you to theabyrinth of the politics and hidden agendas of the Court of Gods It was a marvelous experienceThe flow of the narration wasn t particularly fast but it paved the road for

The Climax That Dominated The 
climax that dominated the 100 pages and rendered you speechless gasping Crazy Love like fish out of water The plot consisted of complicated schemes power bids and war preparations you followed Vivenna s journey to undermine the ability of her opponents to conduct war and save herittle sister Siri on her uest to survive in a court that only needed her womb and Lightsong the Bold on his efforts to prove that he is not worthy that no one should depend on him that he is a joke of a god The plot twists were unrelenting #and occasionally painful a moment of silence for the souls that were crushed after The Basement #occasionally painful a moment of silence for the souls that were crushed after The Basement the revelations shocking to say the Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society least and the characters a rainbow of flaws mistakes and determination My dear did you just try to prove the existence of God through the use of your cleavage Lightsong the Bold truly was a multiayered hero and a personal favorite His conversations with his priest Llarimar put a permanent smile on my face they sounded ike a couple married for years while his exchanges with Blushweaver and the other Returned gave me headaches unlike Lightsong I can suffer from headaches but those were of the good kind He imbued the story with mirth and his existential uestions found their answers in the most astonishing manner Siri the reckless princess that found herself in a position of importance and great peril had a strong arc that transformed her into a ueen her willingness to give a chance to a culture she d earned to hate her compassion towards Susebron and her attempts at manipulation made her a refreshing and endearing character I came to root for Vivenna s development was also well portrayed most of the time she was the pious stiff and judgemental princess that hated being unimportant after being trained otherwise but the struggles and heartache she faced changed her to the core made her resilient and open minded and I oved the person she became Vasher had the martyr uality and the redemption arc I always cherish and even though his past was hidden and the side he worked for was a mystery for a great while he was one of the main reasons this book was so so good The addition of Nightblood the sword to destroy evil but doesn t recognize evil was a product of pure ingenuity As for Susebron I m just going to say two words soft marshmallowWarbreaker is an epic all encompassing fantasy tale that features politics religion magic and romance and confirms what is already established that Brandon Sanderson is a master of the genreThe Way of Kings you re next Review also posted on BookNest 45 I always have a hard time reviewing Brandon Sanderson s books As always the world building and the magic system is what makes this book amazing I really iked the story and the twist I didn t see coming I would totally recommend this books and cannot wait for the seuel since the title is the name of one of my favorite character a talking sword P This is not on the same Black Heart, Red Ruby level for me as Mistborn but I do have a feeling that Il appreciate this one even as time goes on and I m ooking forward to discussing it in detail during with my gush vide. I principesse mercenari esuberanti divinità svogliate altezzosi sacerdoti soldati Senzavita oschi figuri e spade parlanti cercheranno di fomentare una guerra o di sventarla prima che sia troppo tardiBrandon Sanderson dimostra ancorauna volta di essere un maestro nell’inventare mondi dominati dalla magia e dal mito Una ettura altamente consigliata a tutti gli appassionati del fantasy epi. ,

AHHHWHAT JUSTI need the next book Now And I don t have it What do I do Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey lets play six degrees of brandon sanderson i will go first i recently found out that my dads brothers wifes brother is childhood best friends with brandon and they still are close to this day so much so that my cousins have met him got books signed etc after hearing about this i felt obligated that my next read should be one of his novels i mean we are practically familyol after elantris its so amazing to see how much sanderson has developed as a writer and author since his debut novel the incredible creativity is still present but it just feels refined in this story i thought the magic system and fantasy elements were much fully explored and developed with all the court politics and war strategising as a support for the plot and not the other way around this just feels ike a much stronger story and one i really enjoyed im still not sure im a fan of his pacing which seems to be a constant for his books or so i have heard i understand the slow buildup simmering until everything culminates into one giant explosion of action towards the end but similar to his debut it makes the ending feel rushed to me its not necessarily disruptive but it definitely is a ot to take in all at once and even though i felt ЯED like everything was rushed i actually really appreciate that the story was nicely wrapped up but that the epilogue also provided a segue for a seuel i hate cliffhangers with a passion so sanderson gets a gold star in my book for the conclusion not necessarily how he concluded but just that everything was concluded in generalive been putting off the mistborn series for a while now so i guess its now finally time to pick it up 45 stars What can I say I really really enjoyed this Brandon Sanderson proves once again that he is the master of world building It is no easy task to create a whole world complete with a well developed magic system different cultures opposing religions and political intrigue not to mention brilliant three dimensional complex characters to bootYet again Sanderson has created realistic characters that almost burst from the page Told from four different perspectives you really feel immersed in the story and each character s thought process You understand the motives behind their actions yet also see the bigger picture This allows you to care for them to worry about their plans and cheer them on The writing doesn t feel rushed nor is the world building too descriptive or slow and the ending is satisfying yet simultaneouslyeaves the characters open for a seuelIn romana gasiti impresia mea aici 455 starsA colorful vibrant and highly character driven standalone fantasyIf you haven t seen the tenth anniversary eatherbound edition of Warbreaker I suggest you take a ook now by clicking here I don t have one I simply can t afford it However staring at how gorgeous it is it certainly solidified my decision to reread Warbreaker this time with the annotated edition which I haven t done before and I will recommend reading this edition only if you ve read the book before It s terrifying how fast time flies I can t believe that it has been three years since I first read this book Warbreaker was the first book by Brandon Sanderson that I read after I finished his brilliant Mistborn trilogy Back then I didn t even realize how important this standalone would become in the overarching magnitude of Sanderson s Cosmere universe Having read all of Sanderson s Cosmere books and going back to this made me realize how much Sanderson has improved as an author and how beneficial it would be to read Warbreaker first before you dive into The Stormlight Archives Seriously do itPicture Siri and God King by Dan dos SantosTaking place in the world of Nalthis Warbreaker is a standalone novel within Sanderson s Cosmere universe since its publication and for many years to come it will remain standalone The story in Warbreaker follows the tale of two sisters princesses from Idris Siri and Vivenna Idris is on the brink of war with Hallandren and to prevent war from happening the king of Idris decides to send Vivenna who has practiced and The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs learned the culture and religion in Hallandran for years to marry the God King The king couldn t go through with it at theast minute and send his other daughter Siri to marry the God King instead Other than Siri Vivenna and Susebron we also follow two other main characters the reluctant god of bravery Lightsong the Bold and a mysterious swordsman #with a sentient sword Vasher and NightbloodPicture Vasher and Vivenna by Dan dos SantosSanderson takes his #a sentient sword Vasher and NightbloodPicture Vasher and Vivenna by Dan dos SantosSanderson takes his here Warbreaker is mostly paced ike the second book of Mistborn trilogy The Well of Ascension It s slow paced and I thank Sanderson for it Sanderson slowly and gradually builds up the tension of the storyline while making sure each main characters receive proper development of the storyline while making sure each main characters receive proper development distinctive voices first Contrast and differences in perspectives are a very huge driving factor of the story here Sanderson himself has mentioned that Warbreaker is a book with many tone this is also what made Warbreaker so good to read An event even when they re witnessed together can be perceived very differently depending on where you stand everyone justifies their actions through the belief that they re truly doing what s best for themselves and society The clash of opinions and beliefs the kind of theme constantly explored in this book and it also made the characters colorful in personality Every man is a hero of his own story I have always oved Sanderson s characterizations and Warbreaker contained in my opinion some of his most distinctive characters so far Siri Vivenna Lightsong Vasher Nightblood Susebron and Denth respectively differ in key personality and I enjoyed reading their progression immensely Almost all of the chemistry between the characters in this novel comes in two Siri with Susebron Vivenna with Denth or Vasher Lightsong with Blushweaver or Larimar and Vasher with Nightblood The development and the interactions of these characters made the book for me they felt so natural The romance development between Siri and God King in particular was endearing and it felt very genuine Warbreaker is a very heavily character driven book which Monsieur Pain luckily is my favorite type of narrative to read and these characters have so much toove and for me to feel invested in I honestly wish the seuel would be published already because I want to know about them Picture Blushweaver and Lightsong by Miranda MeeksAlso I would A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author like to give a suggestion If you haven t read any of Sanderson s book in his Cosmere universe Warbreaker would be a great book for you to start your adventure I usually recommend readers to start with Mistborn trilogy but if you find the idea of going through a 1500 pagesong series daunting Warbreaker should be a safer choice I don t think you should worry too much about it though Sanderson has one of the most accessible prose in the genre and he knows how to write impactful scenes without relying on beautiful writing style His prose allows him to tell a high fantasy story that s accessible to many readers around the world and I believe this is one of the many reasons why his books are so damn successful The internal thoughts of characters were always well delivered the dialogues and banter were incredibly entertaining and fun to read More than any other book in the Cosmere universe Warbreaker is most What If likely the one that relies on banter and dialogues the most Pretty much every appearance that involved Lightsong was utterly delightful to read I swear my dear Sometimes our conversations remind me of a broken swordShe raised an eyebrowSharp as hell Lightsong said butacking a point Excluding the vivid and cinematic uality that came from the writing one of the most important aspects and enhancement that came from Sanderson s accessible prose would be the ease delivery of the staple hard magic system that s clearly in play here Designing an intricate and uniue magic system is one of Sanderson s main talents as an author and storyteller I won t even bother to explain to you the in depths complexity of the magic system in Warbreaker that is called Awakening The basic explanation for how it works is that Awakeners are capable of combining colors BioChromatic Breath and a Command to animate an object This however doesn t begin to touch the surface of the complexity and intricacies of the magic system Sanderson ramp up the intensity of the story progressively eventually The Exhaustion Breakthrough leading it all towards the staple Brandon Avalanche conclusion in the final ten percent of the bookPicture Vasher and Nightblood by Micah EpsteinIoved Warbreaker not a surprise there I would. Da ormai trecento anni il regno di Hallandren è governato dagli dèi Ritornati uomini morti in modo esemplare e tornati a nuova vita dall’aldilà e dal The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good loro sovrano assoluto il Re Dio La vecchia dinastia reale fuggita durantea Pluriguerra si è ritirata nell’enclave di Idris un territorio impervio e montagnoso che però consente Supplemental Book loro di controllare i valichi settentrionali Per ricompo. Devour its seuel currently Nightblood is the title immediately when it s out From what I ve gathered in the most recent State of Sanderson in 2019 there s a good chance that we won t see any continuation to this novel until ateast 2025 that s sixteen years since Warbreaker was first published it sounds ridiculously Hark! The Herald Angels Scream long but that s just how things work in Sanderson s multi volume Cosmere universe Not only Warbreaker is a wonderful standalone but it s also filled with well realized characters that made the multitude of story elements such as mystery politics actions romance and intricate magic systems worked Color me impressed once again Sanderson Your bookeft me breathless on my first read and it continues to be breathtaking on reread Yes I Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners llet myself out nowYou can order the book from Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions My ife to yours My Breath become yours Buddy read with my homies at fantasy buddy reads some of my favorite people 1 Mary2 Patty3Celeste 4Choko HOLY SHITSLAP MY ASS AND CALL ME SUE WHAT IN GODS NAME DID I JUST READ ILL TELL YOU WHAT A FUCKING MASTERPIECE Every man is a hero of his own story This book was absolutely mind blowing good it took my breath away now I m a drab I am once again at a oss for words after another Sanderson book Seriously how does he manage to do it Like honestly how does this genius think of such complex magic systems and pull them off everytime How does he fit so much talent into one brain I feel Bidadari yang Mengembara like Sanderson isn t even a real person I have never ever been so mind blown before can t believe he manages to shock excite me with every single book he writes All his books are just so intense and fantastic Iiterally Red River Girl loved every second spent reading thisI kinda wished I read this before Stormlight Archive I know it isn t in the right order to read Warbreaker first but I feel I wouldn t have missed a few connections if I had read this first and I certainly would have understood Nightblood and Zahel aot Do not Google these characters if you plan on reading Sandersons other series This book was just so good La strada delle croci like all of Sandersons works it is a slow burner and doesn t get action packed until about halfway through This is one of my favorite things about Sandersons writing style Iove the slow burn the build up I feel ike I might die of a heart attack everytime the build up starts its just intense to say the east I m always on the edge of my seat because his stories are so full of twists and are the The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth least predictable books I ve read Whenever I pick up something from his Cosmere works I find myself trying to work everything out from the beginning I feelike a detective I m always on the ookout for his world hoppers especially Hoid It s ike playing Where s Wally only in a book And I feel I can never trust anyone because the bad guy is always who you don t expect Sandersons books should come with a warning Pretty Reckless (All Saints High, label expect the unexpected This book had such a fantastic ending that I almost jumped out of my seat cheering for the characters Ioved I was so shocked to find out who the bad guy was et me just say I never expected it to be that person I read 50% of this book in three hours I couldn t put it down Everytime I turned a page I felt sick with anticipation The almost sex scenes in this book shocked and surprised me I oved it I know Sanderson is a practicing Mormon and doesn t write sex scenes but it was awesome to have a The West Transformed little passion in this bookOkay that s enough raving this story is set in the Shardworld of Nathlis It s about two sister Siri and Vivienne who are from Idris basically Vivienne has been trained her wholeife to be the God Kings wife to form a treaty between Idris Hallandren The king of Idris decides to send his youngest daughter Siri instead Vivienne goes on a rescue mission to save her sister because a war is brewing between the two countries In Hallandren there are iving gods called the returned and basically shit turns sour and the girls gods go on one hell of a ride The magic in this story is in their breath Yep in their fucking breath What will he think of next Another precaution In order to Awaken the man would need three things Breath color and a Command I absolutely oved Siri I thought she was the sweetest buttercup ever she is kind caring opinionated extremely naive but she s still clever She reminded me of Shallan from WoK I enjoyed Siri s character development and by the end was so obsessed with her I wanted to defend and protect her she s so bloody sweet Vivienne impressed me so much ike wow Her character at the end was so badass A few times in this book I thought she was just a pompous princess who iked tooting her own horn but she turned my opinion around and I actually ended up Paper Chasers liking her then Siri I wish I could grow my hair change colorike the princess s can I d never have to see a hairdresser ever again You re a very difficult person to manipulate you can I d never have to see a hairdresser ever again You re a very difficult person to manipulate you he said You just have to promise me that I won t have to do a thing and then I The Complete Polly and the Wolf ll do anything you wantAnythingAnything that doesn t reuire doing anythingThat s nothing thenIs itYesWell that s something Lightsong Ahh where do I begin From the start Ioved Lightsong his description #was so sexy he made me augh everytime #so sexy He made me augh everytime was his POV but he did end up annoying me a tad I A Riesling to Die loved his priest and the reveal at the end made me cry so much he is truly a wonderful person and a horribleiar I swear my dear Sometimes our conversations remind me of a broken sword She raised an eyebrowSharp as hell Lightsong said remind me of a broken sword She raised an eyebrowSharp as hell Lightsong said Pookie-Pie: A Sweet Bedtime Story lacking a point Blushweaver is a character that I couldn t stand I do notike the bitchy pretty characters that are ike ook I ve got a great set of tits and no how to use them I did however enjoy her flirtiness and enjoyed even seeing her get rejected I do feel bad for blushweaver because she wasn t that bad Susebron the God King Awesome terrible holy majestic He had been stillborn but had Returned The GOD KING wow Wow WOW totally not what I expected and I oved him so much seriously what a precious ittle cinnamon roll he is so bloody A Warlocks Dance (The Cursed Princes, lovely What a fantastic character what a great twist at the end Nightblood a talking sword that s a creep and a smart ass without even noticing Ioved his blood thirstiness he just wants to kill everyone haha oh and I also oved when he was ike DESTROY wow wow wow it gave me tingles He was rough He was brutal He had a terrible temper But he was a good man VASHER Oh me oh my Where have you been my whole existence Obviously not created haha but my god I My First Kitten love him Thanks Sanderson for once again making one of the most awesomeoveable badass character ever He was so GRUMPY I Seeds of the Spirit 2000 loved it He is my grumble bum3 also when he drew Nightblood I had goosebumps HOLY FUCKING SHIT That was such an incredible fight sceneI really wish I could say and write down all my theoriesdiscoveries but I want everyone to enjoy a spoiler free review I m happy to keep my other secrets safe in my brain haha Unknowing ignorance is preferable to informed stupidity I recommend this book to every single person go READ IT NOW or Il DESTROY you with nightbloodFor people who have read this book my only theory that was right was view spoilershipping Vivienne Vasher 33 hide spoiler Reviewed by Rabid ReadsI ve been had I m simultaneously impressed and infuriated by this knowledge It s not that I consider myself to be exceptionally smart so that nothing ever gets by me or that I m super sneaky and thus able to suss out super sneakiness in others but you know how it is when you ve read enough books you become cynical If a character does even a single eyebrow raising thing you ve got their number Anything that ualifies as uestionable behavior a suspect makesTake that well developed cynicism and combine it with my OCD detail orientedness and well it s not often that I don t at Pin-Up least speculate when something s amissAnd so I say again I ve Been HADgrumblesview spoilerIn hindsight I feelike an idiot The only thing keeping me from throwing myself off a cliff bc SHAME is that so far and don t you dare be the first no one else saw it coming either I told someone in a comment on one of my status updates that I felt ike that Stupid Girl who thinks she can change the mind of Bad Boy who tells her up front that he s not interested in a relationship Bc THEY TOLD US And the WHOLE TIME I m sitting there chuckling thinking Those guys sooooo funneh Not funny Not funny at ALL hide spoiler 5 Wow Another spellbinding mind blowing fast talking action packed Sanderson hit I have gotten so used to his brilliance already that it doesn t surprise me any I have come to expect it from him and wonder if he will eve. Rre e differenze e riunificare i due stati una principessa idrisiana dovrà andare in sposa al Re Dio e generare con ui un erede; ma nella Corte degli Dèi uogo di intrighi complotti e sotterfugi ualcuno sta tramando nell’ombraNella cornice della variopinta città di T’Telir dove colori e Soffio vitale possono donare vita agli oggetti inanimati un gruppo composito di personaggi giovan. .

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