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When you hold Please Don t Come Back from the Moon in your hands you know you A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators re holding something different The premise alone has the ability to off put nearly all whoead it but what Dean Bakopoulos does with it is incredible He creates a surreal world where fathers pick up and leave their families headed for the moon as most of their letters Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival read Theye never seen again never heard from again They fall off the earth What s left then The people left behind to pick up the pieces and carry on In many ways the Moon is like a down to earth version of Robert Charles Wilson s The Harvest The themes are completely original just how much of a mark our parents leave on us How much our inner mythology is built in the people who create us a magical Lifting realist idea becomes socialealism A magical ealist
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becomes social ealism Smolij and his friends navigate a familiar but alien territory in a suburban town in Detroit I love this novel It found me at a time in my life when I needed it and no other novel has affected me like this one has That s why it s my favorite THERE IS A SPOILER IN THIS REVIEW ALSO SORRY I M USING GOODREADS AS The summer Michael Smolij turns seventeen his father disappears One by one other men also vanish from outside Detroit where their fathers before them had lived aised families and in a promising era lived One man props open the door to his. JOURNAL IT IS LATE AND I HAVE FEELINGS AND THIS PLATFORM FEELS KIND OF SAFE IN SOME WAYAccording to U M English Department lore Dean Bakopoulos s subcon thesis was entitled Please Don t Come Back From the MoonTherein lies my only complaint about this book It prevented me from working on my own goddamn thesis for days Because the fucking protagonist is so fucking flawed and earnest it actually hurts and I loved him and ooted for him and was devastated for him and I haven t A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned read a book in SO LONG that managed to inject so much dang humanity into a characterAlso someone please let me know why the New York Times called this magicalealism That s actually crazy to me like sure there s some dream imagery but let s not get carried away and start calling every wacky
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we ead magical Anyways I m sad I M SAD THIS BOOK IS OVER AND THAT THERE sad this book is over and that there t books like it and I m sad for Michael the protagonist I m sad for all of the men in this story who thought their dads were on the moon because went to the moon is palatable than moved to Illinois and every eader knows that I m sad for the dads Shoe Wisconsin store and leaves a note I'm going to the moon it eads I took the store and leaves a note I'm going to the moon it eads I took the The abandoned wives drink brawl and sleep around gradually settling down to make new lives and shaking off the belief in an American dream that like their.
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Ho left because by some work of ACTUAL magic or just pure genius Bakopoulos made me feel that too This book was a gift from a very lovely woman at Harcourt who interviewed me for a position in the publicity department well above my level It became uite clear approximately fourteen seconds into the interview that I wasn t uite ight for the gig and that I only half heartedly wanted the job anyway So we just wound up chatting about novels and as I was leaving she made me wait in Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) reception so that she could find a copy of this book for me It was well worth the wait and a gesture that made mee think how wishy washy I d been about the job If the director of publicity cared that much about
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it probably would been a fantastic place to work I Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl really enjoy when certain aspects of a story are left open for personal interpretation This book has that element and so much There are layers of lightness and darkness and the storytelling is both easy yet heavy I have no idea how to adeuatelyeview this book expect to say I loved it A fantastic ead I could barely put it down Poignant and beautifu. Husbands has proven to be a thing of the past Unable to leave the neighborhood their fathers abandoned Michael and his friends stumble through their twenties until leave the neighborhood their fathers abandoned Michael and his friends stumble through their twenties until estlessness of the fathers blooms in them threatening to carry them aw.