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Of reality in order to convince the reader that they represent the Jewish majority He also laughingly attempts to summarize Sharon s re mergence to office and the failed 2000 Camp David Summit It goes without saying

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Platt ignores fact that Arafat walked out on the offer that would have given him Black Heart, Red Ruby everything he wanted and instead turned once again to violence The story of Hebron is at the origins of Israel and at the heart of the current israeli palestinian conflict Some very interesting facts bout the 20th century history of the city such as jewish settlers building new homes directly on archeological ruins toxemplify the continuity of their presence "In The City An Overall "the city An overall factual writing that has not kept me ngage. OF THE THREE GREAT MONOTHEISTIC RELIGIONS OF THE MIDDLE the three great monotheistic religions of the Middle


Do you njoy receiving your news about Israel from NPR the BBC or the New York Times In other words do you blame Israel for all the mayhem in the world If so you ll find yourself right at home reading Edward Platt s drivel about HebronPlatt s obvious disdain for Jews living in Israel is almost as annoying as his ridiculous claim of objectivity He often conflates what Arabs say with statements of his own in order to further his bias Platt writes in the passive of Jews being killed ignoring that they were brutally murdered by Arabs whereas the few instances of Jewish violence are given vivid descriptions and prominence He makes no mention of the reasoning
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Baruch Goldstein actions AND HOW THAT IS TIED TO how that is tied to 1929 riots When. The City of Abraham is a journey to the heart of the Israel. .
He writes of a rabbi describing the 1929 Arab riots he can t help but belittle his manner of speech And somehow maybe Platt has special powers he knows that no one listening to the somehow maybe Platt has special powers he knows that no one listening to the of the savage Arab butchery feels very strongly about it Contrast that with an Arab who Platt says has the physical appearance of a drunkard he then states that the only possible cause is the harsh life he has in this Jew controlled city Platt does not forget to
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in how are constantly poisoning wells going on rampages on Shabbat and shooting Arabs Somehow he seems to have left out the matzah that is baked with Arab blood Of course Platt trots out the usual assortment of hard left Jewish organizations and slurps up their distorted views. I–Palestinian conflict and an account of the shared roots. .
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The City of Abraham