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This is one of my favorite #BOOKS BY RHONDA BOWEN I LOVE Rhonda Bowen I real her characters are Just regular women trying to hold down work family and relationships There are some sweet twists with the characters that you kinda came to xpect certain things from completely surprising you Then there are just some things that you kinda see coming like Sydney or Lissandra was your own sisterGreat balance of faith and nough drama to keep us spinning pagesOverall good read Rhonda Bowen wonderfully crafted a clever tale about Sydney Issac s determination to preserve the family legacy in her father s beloved bakery Decadent Bowen richly weaved a romance with strong lements of woman s fiction around family loyalties betrayal and betrayal The romance with Hayden was well done and surely showed that the path to true love is never smooth It kept me glued to the pages I loved it I like Rhonda Bowen she provides clean Christian writing but I missed something here Without spoiling the story I just had a few uestions still unanswered The lead character volves through her own trials and testimony but some of the secondary characters were a bit confusing I never got to the

cause of Sheree s behavior was the money at the nd of the story Some details were left untouched It is a good read but this was a library download and I am not sure I would have paid for this Great book on betrayal faith real Love the way God intended This book reminded me about patients you have to wait on God and he will supply all your needs Don t worry about getting someone back because God takes care of his own If you stay prayed up study his word believe his word most importantly do his word God will open doors I didn t know how much I needed this word until I started writing this review but I am so grateful that Rhonda Bowen wrote this book to remind me I have to get on the right track I love your writing look forward to reading of your work What would you do for your family Sydney has to decide in Get You Good by Rhonda Bowen Sydney runs the family pastry business Decadent with her sister Lissandra Sydney has always put family and the business first and her strong work thics has made Decadent one of the most popular spots for tasty treatsWhen Sydney s br. Sydney Isaacs has two priorities her family and Decadent the gourmet pastry business they founded almost three generations ago But both are in jeopardy when her brother Dean announces his sudden ngagement to the conniving Sheree Vern Much to Sydney's dismay Dean inherits ownership of Decadent despite his lack of interest Now he and Sheree are selling the. .

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Ends sister She is so shocked to find out this news When Sydney brother is on a business trip he comes back to an A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, empty house and thinks his house ismpty because some body robbed it and took his wife with them Sydney believes different though She thinks that her brothers wife took all the money and ran with it Sydney s brother gets so depressed that he begins to drink his life away This leads him into a very bad accident that puts him in a coma To find out were the girl is Sydney risks her relationship with her boyfriend She begins to sneak in his house and she ven puts a monitor on his phone so she could hear all his conversations When Sydney finally finds this girl she try s to chase her down and they both get into a very bad car accident This leads Sydney into a tiny coma she cant remember anything that happens He4r brother begins to get better and realizes things Sydney s boyfriend bought her a new
and is she is very about it Sydney and her sisters learn to get along with her brother s wife and they live happily ver after It was a great book to me As I read this one it let me know that God will show you that without him it s hard to find love I Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies enjoyed it so much that I read it within two days it was so interesting I can t wait until I find the next book that teaser didn t help at all Pray for me that I might find it Great book I like how the author made the characters remember that God is in control no matter what tragedy takes place or how your life can be turned upside down in the blink of anye Plus it was very humorous without any swearing sometimes that is very hard to pull off LOL What can I say about Get You Good This book was good from the beginning to the nd Get You Good is a about #Love Betrayal and Faith Sydney Isaac has two main priorities Decadent and her family She has strong bond with #Betrayal and Faith Sydney Isaac has two main priorities Decadent and her family She has strong bond with family but her brother Dean comes back home things start to go bad Sydney realize that she slowly losing what she loves Will she lose her faith or will she realize that with faith nothing is impossibleGet You Good has a strong story line and will have you wanting to read It keeps you intrigued from beginning to the nd Rhonda Bowen does a good job with this book I look forward to reading from this autho. Doesn’t take long for Sydney to wonder if Hayden knew about Sheree’s scheming all along Soon Sydney creates a deception of her own to find out the truth Her strategy is working until the conseuences threaten to destroy verything she values most including her faith Overcome with guilt can she make things right with her brother with Hayden and with God. .
Get You GoodOther Dean returns home with his pregnant fianc Sheree the dynamics of the family take a drastic change Dean informs Sydney the business she loves will be sold Sydney offers to buy the store but is underhanded by the competition Something Sweet Sydney has a funny feeling that something is not right and plans underhanded by the competition Something Sweet Sydney has a funny feeling that something is not right and plans find out her brother and his wife s intentions Sydney s investigative skills are in high gear when an unsuspected tragedy hits the family Sydney discovers that the man she loves is the half brother of the woman causing her family pain Sydney soon has to ask her sisters to step out of character and help her protect their family as well as the history their father started when he opened Decadent Get You Good is about preserving a legacy and stopping those trying to destroy it This was an xciting book with drama suspense romance and an unsuspected nding I njoyed the characters The acts these sisters go through to take care of their own was unbelievable I recommend Get You Good to othersThis book was provided by the author for review purposesTeresa BeasleyARBC Reviews Sydney Isaac s the main chatter goes through a tough time after her father die She is upset about her father giving the bakery they both worked in together to her only brother but understands his reasoning behind it As her brother goes off to college he lets her manage the bakery and she loves him for this One day when delivering a cake to a basketball conference and reunites with a family friend and an old high school sweetheart When he offers to go out on a date so they could catch up she declines the offer As time goes on she cant resist the offer any because he brings all the players to her bakery and that shows his love for her When she does go out with him he brung her to the spot that the bakery use to be so she gets motional When she gets home from her date her day goes from happy to her feeling down and angry Her two #LITTLE SISTERS THAT SHE CARES FOR TELLS HER THAT #sisters that she cares for tells her that brother is home and is getting married to this girl named Sheree She soon finds out that this girl is also pregnant This did not come as a big surprise to her though She knows that this is the only reason why her brother wants to marry this girl This girl turns out to be her boyfri. Chain to finance his dreams of becoming a music producer or so Dean believesThanks to Sheree Dean’s plans the business and his marriage soon implode in ways he never xpected leaving Sydney determined to salvage whatever she can and fix the mess left behind Her only solace is her romance with Hayden Windsor But Hayden is Sheree’s half brother and it. .