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IcherDr Reicher s memoir tells of his xperiences as a Jew in Poland during World War II He relates the most horrific details in a matter of fact voice He his wife and their small daughter all survive the destruction of the Jewish ghetto and the uprising in the city of WarsawFor anyone seeking information about Hitler s dicts and their ffect on Jews and Aryans in Poland this account will be riveting in its details Because this is a translation from the original French and Polish readers will notice some awkward phraseology and construction Book groups might want to also read Anne Frank s diary another account of a German occupied country or ven Leon Uris Mila 18 of a German occupied country or ven Leon Uris Mila 18 watch the movie THE PIANIST in conjunction with this book An interesting memoir by a Jewish doctor who was in both the Lodz and the Warsaw Ghettos Dr Reicher actually got fairly close to the Lodz Ghetto s controversial chairman Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski and his impressions of the man are invaluable to history Beyond that however this memoir doesn t really stand out that much among all the other Holocaust books out thereI got this book for free from LibraryThing Early Reviewers This review is for Country of Ash A Jewish Doctor in Poland 1939 1945 by Edward Reicher This book should have been published in English a long time ago specially given Dr Reicher passed away in 1975 This is a very interesting story about what it was like for Dr Reicher his 1975 This is a very interesting story about what it was like for Dr Reicher his and his daughter to survive the Holocaust This tells the ntire tale of how close they were to capture on than a few occasions I ve read the book and uite frankly I still cannot believe that anyone had the continued luck that this family had to scape with their lives I would recommend this book for larger libraries or individuals who collect Holocaust stories. T and venereal disease specialist both before and after World War II A Jewish survivor of Nazi occupied Poland Reicher appeared at a tribunal in Salzburg to identify Hermann Höfle and give an yewitness account of Höfle’s role in Operation Reinhard which sent hundreds of thousands to their deaths in the Nazi concentration camps of Poland Country of Ash first published posthumously in France was translated from the French by Magda Bogin and includes a foreword by Edward Reicher’s daughter Elisabeth Bizouard Reicher. One of the best accounts of the Holocaust that I ve PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition ever read It was well written and made me feel like I was there with him This was an amazing story of survival and I m grateful to have been given the opportunity to read it I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the Holocaust I have read many other books about living throughsurviving the Holocaust and this is one of the best that I vever readI received this book through LibraryThing s arly reviewer program but that in no way influenced my opinion this was one of the best diaries regarding WWII that I have read The perspective of Edward Reicher was different than other books I read The perspective of Edward Reicher was different than other books I read The ordeal he and his family went through is something we can all learn from The writing style often took my breath away and made me pause This is a fairly uick read but I found myself stopping to reflect fairly often This is an astonishing book This highly recommended book is the memoir of a Jewish doctor in Poland during World War II from 1939 1945 It is hard to believe that Dr Edward Reicher lived to tell his story considering that millions of Jewish people were slaughtered in Poland during the Nazi occupation Even astounding Reicher managed to save his wife and baby daughter from the SS and countless Polish informers who made a living off of other peoples misery Dr Reicher was not a military man He did not carry a gun Yet in his own way he resisted vil and prejudice very day to insure the survival of his family He gives a first hand account of the ill fated Jewish uprising in the Warsaw ghetto There are many lessons to be learned here from Dr There are many lessons to be learned here from Dr The most important is never to give up in the fight against vil until we once again return to The most important is never to give up in the fight against vil until we once again return to I hesitate to call a Holocaust memoir a page turner but Country of. Country of Ash is the starkly compelling original chronicle of a Jewish doctor who miraculously survived near certain death first inside the Lodz and Warsaw ghettoes where he was forced to treat the Gestapo then on the Aryan side of Warsaw where he hid under numerous disguises He clandestinely recorded the terrible vents he witnessed but his manuscript disappeared during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising After the war reunited with his wife and young daughter he rewrote his storyPeopled with historical figures like the contro. Ash reads like a spy novel I finished it in 2 days Dr Reicher was able TO SURVIVE THE HOLOCAUST WITH HIS survive the Holocaust with his and daughter through a series of moves and disguises worthy of a Ken Follet novel He nouters a Jewish doctor charge Very heartbreakingThis story tells of the doctor s life during the German occupation of Poland during ww2 Very shocking and realistic to what happened to them Much moving than any documentary on Poland Very troubling that they kept moving and fears of being caught Explains that many hated the Jews and believed Nazi propaganda Very scary but realistic This man s simple memoir reads like a novel The details of his survival from day to day through the times and trials which killed nearly veryone he knew and left his community The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl empty are often simple and prosaic yet sontirely unlikely that people who meet him after the war literally cannot believe it s him This memoir is heartbreaking in its simplicity and in the nearly Exile and Pilgrim emotionless and so this happened narrative which doesn t much distinguish in tone between the bloodiest and the most mundane occurrences of thexperience in fact it s due to this venness of tone that we are made to realize that these apparent opposites the bloody and the mundane are both in this context the veryday stuff of the same nightmare I won this in a librarything giveaway but that doesn t affect my opinionI never know what to say about Holocaust memoirs I read them because they re like a bright light I feel I have to stare into until I m blind Reicher s book is plain not varnished Hannah Montana: The Movie either withmbellishment or with naturally beautiful prose and for that reason it s painful to read than many books on the subject It s a book that should be read by veryone anyone who does read it won t forget it COUNTRY OF ASH by Dr Edward Re. Versial Chaim Rumkowski who fancied himself a king of the Jews to infamous Nazi commanders and dozens of Jews and non Jews who played cat and mouse with death throughout the war Reicher’s memoir is about a community faced with xtinction and the chance decisions and strokes of luck that kept a few stunned souls aliveEdward Reicher 1900–1975 was born in Lodz Poland He graduated with a degree in medicine from the University of Warsaw later studied dermatology in Paris and Vienna and practiced in Lodz as a dermatologis. ,

W ostrym świetle dnia