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Franz KafkaIsts on transplanting events into stories and on directly translating Kafka s symbols into their supposed reality and this is something else Friedlander warns against elsewhere But despite all my complaints the writer combines curiosity information and interpretation to great Effect Producing Something Readable And Possibly Inspiring producing something readable and possibly inspiring book is a part of a Jewish Lives series published by Yale University Press and the author Saul Friedlander won the Pulitzer for The Years of Extermination Nazi Germany and the Jews 1939 1945 The book is very academic and although 200 pages long contains 20 pages of references The ote from Marx that I found *INTERESTING WAS WHAT HAVOC LITERATURE CREATES IN CERTAIN HEADS *was what havoc literature creates in certain heads is like monkeys leaping about in the treetops instead of staying firmly on the ground There are a lot of monkeys leaping in this book as there are many theories that his writing expressed conflict between the father and son rejection by family members homoeroticism sadomasochism and Gnosticism Marx seemed to suffer an anxiety disorder as he could not tolerate sounds and was a hypochondriac There is speculation that he was schizoid or had a personality disorder Whatever the case he had a brilliant mind The irony is that he died at age 40 from tuberculosis Although he is considered one of the most influential writers of the 20th century to the point that his name has become an adjective for an oppressive nightmarish style of writing he had no recognition during his lifetime. Rned Max Brod Kafka’s closest friend and literary executor edited and published the author’s novels and other works soon after his death in 1924 Friedländer shows that when reinserted in Kafka’s letters and diaries deleted segments lift the mask of “sainthood” freuently attached *To The Writer And *the writer and restore previously hidden aspects of his individuality.

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Somewhere between literary criticism contextual *History And Uses Kafka *and biography Uses life circumstances in analysis of his work For only 161 pages manages to present a lot of angles Although it focuses way too much on associating Kafka s life events to his work in a shallow strategy to analyze some stories this biography is mandatory to any Kafka s aficionado since it resolves some flaws from the diaries edited by Max Brod by Unforeseen (Kingdom Keepers, using the new German editions and comparing them to whatever Brod had omitted or changed I have always been intrigued by Franz Kafka Learning about how his choices fit into his community was very enlightening The author weave Friedlander is a perceptive and expressive writer There is hardly a dull paragraph here let alone a dull page which is just as well because the book is short andnfortunately it ends in a sort of sudden gasp Yet he picks Nascars Wildest Wrecks up on a great variety of ideas and facets to Kafka s life and anyone who is familiar with the stories should appreciate thatOne facet hints at a very disturbing theory about FK the writer seems correct to include this having noticed some potential evidence for it But it is left hanging somewhat and as such it casts a shadow over the rest of the work In the same chapter there is annconvincing degree of association between physical punishmenttorture and pleasure Kafka s interest in the former could easily be explained by his fear of itThe section on Judaism is superb This is not surprising when you look at the From the prizewinning Jewish Lives series a highly original and engaging appraisal of Kafka’s life work legacy and thoughtFranz Kafka was the poet of his own disorder Throughout his life he struggled with a pervasive sense of shame and guilt that left traces in his daily existence in his many letters in his extensive diaries and especially in his fiction This stim. ,