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Thrilled with the positive message that stayed throughout the book Pollyanna unwaveringly assumed the best of people which is something very few do It was so powerful seeing how the GROWNUPS IN THIS BOOK REACTED TO in this book eacted to falsely assuming their intentions were usually better than they were What a great little book Even if Pollyanna seemed larger than life sometimes I don t think it was a bad thing I know I ll be playing the glad game long after putting this book down Written April 2 201542 Stars Enchanting sweet loved every single minuteA classics girl novel by Eleanor H Porter 1868 1920 FROM 1913 I VE BEEN LISTENING 1913 I ve been listening this fantastic 1 audiobook 540 hrs very well narrated by Rebecca Burns these two last day Oddly enough I think I might like this young girl book even now as an grownup than as a girl long ago These characters and especially this sweet sunshine girl Pollyanna made me just smiling in nearly six hours Absolutely charming and lovely I wish I myself could emember and live after Pollyanna s Glad Game strategy every cloudy day If we followed her idea would probably life and
"Everyday Life Become So Much "
life become so much for everyone Pollyanna Whittier is a young orphan who goes to live in Beldingsville Vermont with her spinster Aunt Polly Unfortunately doesn t Miss Polly want to take in young Pollyanna but feels it is her duty to her late sister It doesn t start that well But Pollyanna is a brave little girl and her philosophy of life is what she calls The Glad Game she just has to find something to be glad about Omba in casa la nipote Pollyanna una agazzina allegra e esuberante L'ottimismo e la gioia di vivere della piccola contagiano tutto il paese ma uando perfino la zia comincia ad. .
N every Oh yes the game was to just find something about everything to be glad about no matter what twas there is something about everything that you can be glad about if you keep hunting long enough to find it I LIKE fantastic audiobooks for just a single Pollyanna is an interesting book It was published only four years after Anne of Green Gables and both stories have a similar storyline a plucky young girl of eleven or so is orphaned and has nowhere to go Both Pollyanna and Anne struggle with their appearance and both are eceived in a lackluster way has nowhere to go Both Pollyanna and Anne struggle with their appearance and both are Twilight of the Idols received in a lackluster way new caregivers who aren t sure theyeally want themBoth girls also work their magic by having a sort of unflagging optimism that turns the stingy hearts of others around themBut after about three chapters in my 11 year old turned to me and said Mom did this author copy Anne of Green Gables And I must admit I was wondering the same thing There are some differences in the storylines Pollyanna is known for her optimistic thinking and her Just Be Glad game where you uickly try to improve negative thinking by using the mindset that you should just be glad that Anne is better known for her poetic proclamations of natural beauty and her imaginationThe middle of the story finally won us over and we stopped making comparisons to Anne but then the tidy ending irked me and we settled on a 354My daughter summed up this middle grades Ninth City Burning (War of the Realms, readather nicely by saying in her new prepubescent tone Mom I m glad we Der Ritter und die Bastardtochter read it but Anne of Green Gables is way better than this on. Addolcirsi un crudele scherzo del destino sembra sopraffare Pollyanna cheischia di non iuscire più a giocare al suo amato gioco della contentezza Età di lettura da 10 ann. ,