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Us operator vs monsters try a Joe Ledger novel With all the breathtaking suspense and action of a summer movie thriller The Savage Dead reads like Under Siege meets Resident Evil With a diverse cast of characters whose internal struggles appropriately establish a sense of dread and "force the reader to watch the events unfold with discomfort The Savage Dead delivers a zombie adventure fans "the reader to watch the events unfold with discomfort The Savage Dead delivers a zombie adventure fans the genre will loveA biological weapon unleashed upon unsuspecting innocents who re enjoying a vacation on a cruise ship the premise is familiar to readers but McKinney s method of delivery brings the story to life Forensics military weaponry politics and zombies a fun read that is both relevant and intelligent While I flipped through this page turner I envisioned a Ridley Scott directed film that would focus on the characters and their place in the world WITH AN ANTAGONIST WHO BEGS FOR READERS TO SYMPATHIZE an antagonist who begs for readers to sympathize her cause McKinney challenges our worldview and gave me pause for thought on several occasions In the real world drug cartels are armed and dangerous and with the war on drugs seemingly reduced to an afterthought in the public eye one is forced to wonder about the capabilities of a wealthy organization whose members have made the battle against the US a personal affair After decades of crippling drug lords and removing them from the power they ve enjoyed at the behest of accommodating governments what s stopping the cartels from becoming terroristsThis is one of the most prominent uestions I found lingering in the pages of McKinney s work and his attention for detail and accuracy add to the story s frightening realism The zombies are Products Of A World of a world mad with greed and derision and maybe even political wastefulness if you want to read the book on a deeper level which McKinney allows you to do The zombies in this book are as fierce and savage as the title implies but this savagery is underscored by the novel s hyperrealism a contrast that makes the zombies all the effective as monsters Zombie fans should be excited for this book You ll read this one than once with characters to cheer for who are thrown into a series of conflicts our society has become all too familiar with the pages are packed with thrills only a master storyteller can provide I finished reading this book instead of watching football I felt like I was sitting in a movie theater and when it was over I wanted to Google to find out when the next installment is comin. Arkest hellholes on earth But he's never seen anything like this an apocalyptic cargo of pure zombie mayhem heading for the coast If Perez and his SEAL team can't stop it America and uickly the entire population of the world are finished The plague years will begi. ,

Nd its leader Ramon Medina have something in mind that will rid "the thorn on his side Senator Sutton rid him of his rivals " thorn on his side Senator Sutton rid him of his rivals give him control of the border towns and the drug trade between Mexico and the United States Ramon Medina has a deadly chemical agent that will turn people into flesh eaters The story begins at break neck speed in Washington DC and continues on the cruise ship in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico where the battle is raging and Juan Perez is desperate to get to the Senator and his Agent Fighting and evading the Z s is only part of the story and this is what makes it so uniue as the story and this is what makes it so uniue as agent Senator and her Aide attempt to flee the horde try to get help and hide from the assassin hot on their heels But really where can you hide when you are on a twenty one story building floating dead in the water in the middle of nowhere and 99% of its occupants are no longer human And of course Joe McKinney does what he does best he humanizes his characters by giving them a backstory to such degree that like or hate them you know them can feel their pain and their reasons for who and what they are even the lessor characters have a spot here that the reader can identify with Battle scenes with the Z s and assassin are aplenty and will satisfy any Z lover but the story behind everything is far frightening The politicians and the Drug Cartels are not that different it s all about power an control with no real winner Kudos to you Mr McKinney for a great adventure that left me drained and gave me nightmares Few authors have that ability you are among them This is the second readthrough of my 45 star books that I wanted to check back in on and see what I thought years later There were some moments that really stuck with me but there were some that I ust groaned over I always love when authors include things like Delta Force Green Berets and Navy Seals into their stories and play them off like superheroes To uote former Navy Seal Jocko Willink I am mortal Agricultural Engineering just like you Iust bleed betterIn the beginning Joe McKinney s heroes were everyday people like patrol cops RadioTV helicopter pilots and ust schlubs like you and me that "Eventually Evolved Into Tom "evolved into Tom Once he got out of the Dead World series and into the newer Deadlands it all went back to where his first protagonist Eddie Hudson started out ust a normal guy dealing with an abnormal situationIf you like simple heroes the first two books are better for you If you want a serio. G couple An undercover agent A beautiful assassin Some will be infected Others will survive But no one will be spared if the outbreak isn't contained and the dead outnumber the livingEnter Delta Force operative Juan Perez He's fought the deadliest killers in the I thought this book was fantastic The day I got it "I started it and then didn t stop reading until I had finished it at 2am The characters were far beyond "started it and then didn t stop reading until I had finished it at 2am The characters were far beyond typical hack and slash heroes Zombies on a cruise ship Sign me up Not for the cruise that is but definitely for the read The Savage Dead was my first encounter with a Joe McKinney book and one that I can honestly say was a very pleasing experience This book is absolutely riddled with non stop page turning goodness McKinney does an exceptional ob of keeping the reader hooked on the story making it particularly difficult to put down I was also very impressed with the author s knowledge of police tactical procedures McKinney s ability to convey this knowledge brings a level of believability to the story that transfixes the imagination Truly you will get lost in this story which is exactly what I hope for in every book that I read And again zombies on a cruise ship hell yes I am very much looking forward to reading of McKinney s work If you are a fan of the Dead World series this book will than hold your interest It is a stand alone book and as far as I can tell is not a part of the Dead seriesMight contain some spoilers Joe McKinney is at his best as we follow Secret Service agent Juan Perez as he and his team are assigned to protect a Senator who has not only declared war on the Mexican drug cartels but has made great strides in shutting them down by hitting them in the pocket book Her laws are designed to stop the flow of not only narcotics but the money as well seizing all bank accounts and funds around the world As one would expect this does not go Over Well With The well with the and her life is now open season as assassination attempts keep those assigned to guard her very busy Agent Perez and his crack team are good at what they do and thus far have thwarted two attempts on her life but now the arrogance of the Senator will put not only her life and the Agent Perez s team in danger but thousands of innocent lives as she decides to thumb her nose at the Cartels by vacationing in Mexico Nothing will distract her and she boards a cruise ship unaware of the assassin that is already on board Juan assigns his best agent to protect the Senator and stays behind because he believes he has uncovered a conspiracy to kill the Senator Following his instinct he is led to a meat packing company in San Antonio Texas What he discovers is beyond imagination as one particularly brutal Cartel It starts in a laboratory A man made strain of flesh eating virus Created by a power hungry cartel Capable of turning victims into brain dead carnivores Smuggled aboard a cruise ship that's about to set sailOne by one the passengers are exposed A US senator A youn.

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