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Endgame Virtual Reality Standalones #1

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The speed limit three times over But I m becoming silly And hyped up So moving onAnother perk of this book hyped up So moving perk of this book
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not stingy her vocabBecause everyone the English language is a beautiful beautiful thing Use it Stop using like whatever and YOLO Use words like moniker Do you know what that word meansIt means a name That s right I know I m speechless tooNenia is a vocab goddessShe makes me want to pursue a career in professional gamingSo use moniker in a sentence today BOOKNUT CHALLENGEJust not at the table During meals In case someone chokes And diesConclusion to my errant rambling Please read mentioned book aka Endgame by Nenia Campbell because it is awesome you will like it and if you don t like it Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller for the plot heroine or vocab just read itor Catan D You could have been a goddess and instead you chose to be a slave Vol lives in a dystopian world She works as a Player in a Game Tower a place where tourists called Marks by the Players come to play virtual reality games gamble in casinos and watch holodramas some of which are recordings of previously played gamesVol s job isn t exactly glamourous but it pays Not well but in a world like this you do what you have toVol s life turns a little topsy turvy when a man she runs into in an elevator treats her in an overly Dogs Behaving Badly familiar manner and all aroundreaks her out She starts having black outs and dreams that are memories she can t uite graspAnd whatever is going on First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There follows her into the gamesVol is struggling toigure out what the hell is going on with her suspecting this strange man Catan of stalking her and messing with he. Deadly games Games that tell a story of profound corruption and massive scale government conspiracies warping the lines between act and ictionThe only clue she has comes in the April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers form of an exceedinglyrustrating and potentially dangerous man named Catan Vareth But like everything else in her world his help will cost herCover design by Louis. Joyed it I was intrigued by Catan s character since the irst Time He AppearedNot Only he appearedNot only was a stalker And Had That Creepy Look had that creepy look the timehe also knew something about Vol s past It s my second book by Nenia Campbelland I love her books or having strong characters and mysterious plotI truly enjoyed this bookAnd apart Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome from the gamesit also had a lot of information about the world and how it workedIt was a short read and I loved it It wasn t until the end that I realized it is a series The lastew chapters were the best part of the bookand now I can t wait to read the next book after that Cliffhanger Umm I think I may be suffering rom cliffhanger shockBecause there is no way that is the end of this bookI mean hyperventilating who would end a book like thatWho would TORTURE their readers in such a wayNenia Of course DTaking readers on a mental and emotional adventure with enough kick ass ery to make a COD Call of Duty an happy Nenia Campbell has created a world unlike any other With twists than Inception ie ALOT Vol s story will make you laugh wince tear up and an yourself repeatedly Catan is one serious rogue ladies It will resonate with you It will have you wanting one serious rogue ladies It will resonate with you It will have you wanting will have you trapped in a deviant game of your own making as you struggle to tell the difference between sanity and insanity bravery and stupidity right and wrong and real and not realThis book made me wish that people like Nenia were in charge of running the worldCan you imagine getting to physically be inside a game Mario Kart would be wicked I would be blue bombing the shit out of everyone and breaking. Ve Regency but by night she is wracked by terrible nightmares that hint at a past she can no longer remember She suspects she might have killed someone and she's afraid that she might do it againAt the same time the games she's playing are growing steadily violent Someone is hacking into the system and creating bootlegged games Dangerous games. .
35 stars For a good while now I have been ollowing GR author Nenia Campbell around the site and yes in a bit stalk ish way lol because of her honest democratic much insightful reviews and I have always been curious about the books she wrote It turned out I did have a good reason to be curious She is undoubtedly a talented writer This is my irst have a good reason to be curious She is undoubtedly a talented writer This is my irst reading a novel about a protagonist who does gaming Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town for a living She actually Karly s Authors Who Rock Challenge Full disclosure Yes I amriends with Nenia Campbell here on Goodreads and no that isn t going to affect my review of this story in any way If you think it would or should back away BACK AWAY VERY UICKLY35 STARSENDGAME READ away VERY uickly35 StarsEndgame read s life Life is the ultimate game and its rules were made to be broken Wow The plot was very different and uniue or me I ve never read a book in which a character plays games and gets paid or itAnd as cool as that soundsthe games were pretty dangerous Vol lived in a dystopian world where the games were much interesting and the players could eel everything when they are playing "The Game As If " game As if dangerous games weren t enoughVol also didn t remember her past and had nightmares in which she used to get Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus flashbacks of her life which she hadorgottenThe story started off in a very interesting wayI liked Vol s character Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse from the beginning she was strong and had an amazing personalityThe games kept getting violent and dangerouswith that Vol was getting curious about her past which she couldn t rememberThere was also a love interestand even though it wasn t the main part of the storyI really en. Volera Magray is a Player she engages with the tourists who come to play the VR gamesor which her district is so Troubled Waters famous She makes her living being pitted against other Players in terrifyingly real virtual reality gamesought or the gratification of a hedonistic audienceFighting is all she knowsBy day she is a normal denizen of the oppressi.