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A decide che non vuole abbattersi e lasciarsi andare alla disperazione ma vendicarsi diventando una spia al servizio del proprio paese Inviata a Washington per carpire informazioni utili da passare poi ai comandi dell esercito sudista Suzanne incontra ad un ricevimento un affascinante ammiraglio dell esercito nordista e in un momento di debolezza

"e di passione "
di passione che come spia dovrebbe restare lucida e distaccata e si lascia andare tra le braccia dell ammiraglio Longley Da uesta notte di passione nascer una contrastata storia d a di cui non rivelo il seguito per non togliere ai lettori il piacere di scoprirlo The ne reason I didn t enjoy reading this book was because it was mostly about the heroine s life before during and after the Civil War and not too much Mortimer, Mallory and Allen Taster Collection on the romance I thought this wasne Mustang Wild (Wild, of those books that should have ended tragically forur protagonistheroine Brief summary view spoilerThe prologue begins with her and the hero in his bedchamber some time during the Civil War Then it flashbacks to before the war when she s young and being courted by her brother s friend how they end up engaged how her betrothed and brother leave home to fight in the war The prologue felt The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea outf place The book should have just started with Ch1 She kind f has a sixth sense gets terrible headaches if I recall correctly f when terrible things are going to sense gets terrible headaches if I recall correctly f when terrible things are going to The war took everything from her the lives f her family and her home Thus she becomes a spy for the south She lives in Virginia where everyone appears to be in favor Brief Lives of the north except for a select few She s assigned to seduce and steal important papers from the hero After time passes and the Hh get to know eachther and sleep together than Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas once we re back at the first scene from the prologue She s arrested for being a spy and was about to be hanged until anld auaintance f her father s saves her and marries her leaving her everything when he passes away Time jumps as she travels around Europe and returns to America then finally moves to an island where she is reunited with the hero The hero hasn t forgiven her for spying for the south but he still desires her so she pretty mu. E agiata decide di diventare una spia al servizio dei Confederati Introdotta nell'alta società di Washington la giovane aristocratica usa dunue la propria bellezza per affascinare gli ufficiali nordisti nella speranza di carpire loro informazioni preziose da passare ai coman. ,
Dearest Enemy by Nan Ryan Susanna lives during the Civil War in the confederate south although many f her have gone to the union side She loses everything Deception of importance to her her beloved fianc brother and her family home She vows vengeancen the enemy and becomes a spy for the confederacy She targets Admiral Longley but somewhere along the way falls in love Chiudo piuttosto male uesto 2016 non esaltante dal punto di vista delle letture Una scrittura piatta superficiale frettolosa dilettantesca Totalmente assente ualsivoglia approfondimento psicologico dei personaggi che si comportano in modo assurdo e incoerente Non parliamo poi della dimensione storica Di fronte a tanta pochezza made in USA ben vengano le self nostrane Puah 2 stelline giusto perch sono riuscita ad arrivare alla fine I love reading about the Civil War When ladies were ladies and men were dashing and handsome This book takes you to another side Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß of the Civil War The spying and espionage As the war begins Susanna s fiance and brother are going to enlist They are killed in a battle at Mananas Then Susanna s mother passes away from grief The house and everything that Susanna holds dear is lost She is very bitter about the north taking everything she loves So Susanna decides to become a spy for the confederacy She goes to parties and gathers up little tidbitsf information to pass along Then she meets Rear Admiral Mitchell BLongley But Susanna doesn t realize she s falling for Mitchell Does Susanna get her revenge Does this destroy here life You ll have to read the book to find ut La guerra "civile americana per la sua lunghezza e per la complessit delle sue vicende si adatta bene ad essere lo sfondo per " americana per la sua lunghezza e per la complessit delle sue vicende si adatta bene ad essere lo sfondo per romanzo che mescoli ricostruzione storica e vicende amorose come dimostra bene Via col vento che ha avuto un buon riscontro sia come romanzo sia nella versione cinematografica In uesto testo la protagonista Suzanne La Grande che ha in comune con la Rossella di Via col vento il fatto di essere una donna proveniente da un agiata famiglia di proprietari terrieri del Sud degli Stati Uniti dopo aver perduto tutto dalle ricchezze al fratello caduto in guerr. Stati Uniti Europa 1859 1870L'esercito dell'Unione ha privato Suzanna LaGrande del fidanzato del fratello della madre e della magnifica villa di famiglia sulle rive del fiume Potomac Per uanto irreparabile sia la perdita Suzanna non si lascia abbattere e dopo una vita sicura. ,
Ch becomes his mistress not sure if they used that word exactly She
"almost dies from "
dies from fever r some ther disease recovers and marries the hero I would have preferred a tragic ending for her Not because I don t like her but I just feel it would have made the book all the better to it book all the better to end it a sad ending than with a happy ne hide spoiler audiobook This book could have been so good It had so many elements The Lone Sheriff of a great story love war revenge betrayal loss great historical backdrop But the whole thing was flat The characters were two dimensional reminding mef cardboard dolls that wear clothes with tiny paper tabs Clay mation would have been a step up The female protagonist s efforts at being a spy were pitiful she would have been subtle if she had a neon sign The Bridal Suite on her forehead The two main characters were a matched set though brainless folks making absurd decisions and having a lotf monotonous sex On the The Troublesome Angel other hand the narrator was pretty good I m surprised I liked this book as much as I didprobably because I ve seen it and skippedver it for the last 2 yearsso I wasn t expecting too much But the narrator Gabra Zackman is Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation: Dev Driver Win Driver Fou_p1 eBook: Penny Orwick, Guy Smith: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. onef the better storytellers and she had good material to work with here The heroine after losing her family and home during the Civil War is bent The Desert Princes Proposal on revenge and becomes a spy for the South She meets and seduces the hero a Major for the North and they spend a long week together The author doesn t skimp heren describing their romantic tryst so you get the feel The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho of how their relationship progresses from lust to love nor does it hurt that NR leaves the bedroom door widepen Yet the heroine feels bound to honor the cause and horribly betrays the hero What I didn t like about the story was the lack The Million-Dollar Question of remorse the h had for what she did and the fact that she didn t even have to grovel beyond a few tears Sheeshus females get away with murder It took me a while to really engage in this story but I was glad I stuck itut It s an epic story that spans about a decade not your typical romance that nly spans a few weeks r months I read this book many weeks ago and I tell you the story really has stuck with. Danti sudisti L'incontro con l'Ammiraglio Mitchell B Longley cambia però le cose Tra le sue braccia Suzanna dimentica per una notte che lui è il nemico e gli concede il proprio corpo e il proprio a Ma al suo risveglio dovrà scegliere se tradire il suo cuore i suoi ideali. ,

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