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It s always difficult to review a translated work because when you come across either brilliance or lack of lustre it s difficult to assess whether that boon or bane is attributable to the author or difficult to assess whether that boon or bane is attributable to the author or translatorSuch is the case with The Goddess Chronicle by Natsuo Kirino translated by Rebecca Copeland The story is a retelling of an original Japanese creation story I suspect the original work by Kirino is a charged tight story Copeland s translation by Kirino is a charged tight story Copeland s translation lacks passion and certainly this is a story about passion in act eons of passion as we trace the history of the YinYang gods of Izanami and Izanaki through the mortal lives of Namima and her unscrupulous lover There is much here of sibling rivalry and betrayal of sacred trusts of epic journeys both temporal and spiritual There is a genesis story a parallel to the Greek Persephone myth There is the struggle of the desperately poor serving religious tenets that serve only to embed their poverty It s all there And not a single phrase of elegance or startling insight to lift the reader rom a grey narrative to the chiaroscuro the story demands There is always poison You can be certain of it So long as there is a day there will be night And where there is a yang there is a yin To every ront a back No white without black Everything on earth has its opposite its mate Should you wonder why if there were only one there d be no birth In the beginning there were two and those two were attracted to one another and drew together and rom there we have me. From internationally bestselling crime writer Natsuo Kirino comes a mythical eminist noir about amily secrets broken loyalties and the search rom truth in a deceitful worldIn a place like no other on a mystical island in the shape of tear drop two sisters are born into a amily of oracles Kamikuu is admired ar and wide or her otherworldly beauty; small and headstrong Namima learns to live in. .

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Ow the twin s story is later being related to the tale Of Izanami Originally Mother Izanami originally Mother of All who eventually became the Goddess of the Underworld I especially like how the Goddess eventually became a true goddess view spoilera true destroyer hide spoiler A human life means nothing to a god and can be taken away at will But or you you re human and that makes you hesitate Gods and humans are different My suffering and yours are differentThen Izanami sama why do you suffer I asked without thinkingBecause I am a Female God This Book god This book me under a spell I loved it so much it hurts seriouslyI ordered it The Essential Library for New Moms 4-Book Bundle: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; The Baby Food Bible; Infant Massage; Colic Solved for the English language section of our bookstore which is slowly but surely overtaken by English translations of Japanese authors coughs and then started reading it during a slow evening and it pulled me in and pulled me under and didn t let go It s worth readingor the language alone lush and poetical and just just gorgeous The story itself is based on the Japanese myth of Izanaki and Izanami and The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small focuses on a young girl destinedrom birth to become the priestess of the darkness In a way it was the perfect book or the person I am right
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while the is about many things what stood out most or me was how it captured what it means and meant to be a woman the pain the expectations what happens if women refuse to ulfil the role society read men want them to ulfil It s also a story about what it means to love and what it means to hate and the incredible selfishness of men oh did I love the Caught in an elaborate web of treachery she travels between the land of the living and the Realm of the Dead seeking vengeance and closureAt the heart of this exuisitely dark tale Kirino masterfully reimagines the ancient Japanese creation myth of Izanami and Izanaki A provocative antastical saga The Goddess Chronicle tells a sumptuous story of sex murder gods and goddesses and bittersweet reveng. .
Aning Or so it is said What a enjoyable tale i ound this to be involving tale I The Wrong Side of the Bed found this to be involving loss betrayal hatred and revenge with great storytelling ualities memorable characters an epic and mythical read Whilst amidst this tale you may possiblyorget everything you know a This is a really good retelling of the story of Izanagi and Izanami with a dual thread of story where a young woman retelling of the story of Izanagi and Izanami with a dual thread of story where a young woman life echoes that of the goddess as she The Alvin Ho Super Collection: Books 1-4 finally goes to serve her The translation seems to capture thelavour of the original a sort of tone that seems to be as distinct to Japanese stories as there is one I ind distinct in #RUSSIAN STORIES IT S MOSTLY SIMPLISTIC LANGUAGE WHICH MAINTAINS #stories It s mostly simplistic language which maintains airytale کاروان امید: سرگذشت تری فاکس feelI wasn t a bigan of the narrative voice though Sometimes it s The Cat Who Sang for the Birds (Cat Who... first person sometimes third and it s not always clear wherewhy the switch has happened Ielt like I didn t always Tempting Faith Di Napoli follow the reasoning behind the characters thoughts particularly not in the last page or so and Izanami as a personification of all the sorrows of all women didn t workor me Like she s a woman among women or giving birth and bein It s an outstanding retelling of the Japanese Creation Myth of Izanami and Izanaki The myth of Izanami and Izanaki is a powerful myth it is related strongly to the most primitive human conditions and emotions birth love betrayal grief the death of a beloved wife and mother the struggle of life and death a man s cowardliness before the ear of death etc I like the story of the twin priestesses on the small island and Her sister’s shadow On her sixth birthday Kamikuu is chosen to become the next Oracle serving the realm of light while Namima is The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way forced to serve the realm of darkness destined to spend eternity guiding the spirits of the deceased to the underworldAs the sisters serve oppositeates Namima embarks on a journey that takes her rom the experience of irst love to the aftermath of scalding betrayal. .